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Author: Priyanka Saxena on Sep 21,2018

Alongside Germany, Poland is the other country which caters the wanderlust. It is not hard to kick-start what to explore and do in Poland. Ranging from the Gdansk’s Hanseatic seaside grace to the Krakow’s show-stopping architectural prowess, the country Poland comprises of the best collection of the urban gems in an entire world. So, explore the best Europe vacation packages in 2018 that would help you plan out the perfect Europe vacation.

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Detailed Itinerary

An epic Poland Itinerary is much easier than you think. Hence, begin your peaceful journey from here with an idea of the best Europe vacation packages in 2018.

Day 1: Warsaw

The perfect place to begin in Warsaw is the towering Palace of Culture and Science. Ranging from the city center a small walk will take you to the Noway and a lot of elegant buildings and historic palaces.

The best places to visit Warsaw is:

- The grand Presidential Palace

- Stately churches and monuments

- The seat of Poland’s president

- Castle Square

- Old Town Market Square

- Mermaid of Warsaw statue (which is the city’s symbol)

- Mamaison Residence Diana

- Warsaw Marriott Hotel

- Rattner Apartamenty

So, capture the moment and generate memories in Warsaw.

Day 2: Torun

Make sure to explore the stunning brick buildings beginning from the Artus Court’s old post office. Its center enlightens the city museum including the stunning views of the city. Other noteworthy landmarks comprise of the Copernicus House and a number of cathedrals churches.

The noticeable places to visit in Torun is:

- Cezara Gate

- Leaning Tower of Torun

- Teutonic Castle

- Hotel Gotyk

- Hotel Filmar

- Hotel Petite Fleur

After visiting and exploring all such places, it is much more suggested to taste the Polish dumplings, especially at the Pierogarnia Stary Torun.

Day 3: Gdansk

The best specialty of Gdansk is the Baltic coast. The most stunning assets of this city are its oldest district. The prominent place to begin is with the picturesque Long Lane which spans the center of the city. The city’s streets would fill you with the stunning and scenic landmarks where both the Green and Golden Gate are highly fledged with pure artwork where every house seems like a Long Market.

The best places to visit in Gdansk is:

- Beer Street

- Ulica Mariacka

- Amber Street

- Basilica of St. Mary

- Gdansk Crane (city icon)

- Amber Sky Wheel

- Puro Gdansk Stare Miasto

- Hotel Liberum

- Hotel Almond Business & SPA

- Beautiful Ulica Piwna

After all, this, delve into the potato at Pyra Bar where you will be getting a lot of potato-centric dishes.

Day 4: Gdansk

The northern part of the Gdansk is highly blessed with varied places. Some of which are mentioned below:

1) War History of Gdansk: It is the Free City of Gdansk which is also known as the first city the Nazi’s and have had seized at the beginning of World War II. Taking a cruise from the Gdansk to Westerplatte, it will take you to the Gdansk WWII Museum.

2) Beaches of Sopot and Gdynia: Collectively with the Sopot and Gdynia, Gdansk is known for the Three Cities. It is greatly fledged with the wide sandy beaches. Here, you will be having an opportunity to swim and to sunbathe in a pool of varied beaches.

3) Malbork Castle: Built-in 13th century, A colossal Teutonic castle will be stunned by the building’s sheer including its halls and chambers.

Day 5: Wroclaw

Say farewell to the elegant city of Wroclaw i.e. Vroczwav. It is a home to most of the kitsch attractions.

The best places to visit in Wroclaw is:

- Gothic Town Hall

- Royal Palace of 


- Opera House

- Corpus Christi Church

- Ibis Styles Wroclaw Centrum

- Apartment 24

- PURO Wroclaw Stare Miasto

- Buka Masem pub

Last but not least, end up your trip by having a traditional dinner at Stara Pczkarnia and don't forget to taste the traditional Polish donut. Hope this itinerary allures you to book a trip and Europe vacation packages in 2018 will force you to make it now. 

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