An 8-Day Luxury Tour Of Namibia To Fill Your Senses

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jan 16,2023

Namibia is one of those nations where you can enjoy a wonderful road trip to catch all the top attractions present here. Tourists can go atop ancient dunes in Sossusvlei at dawn. They can also examine German-colonial architecture in the coastal area of Swakopmund. Visitors can also hike the huge landscapes of Damaraland before going on a safari in Etosha National Park. The park is the top location on the planet to view the endangered black rhino. Find out more in this 8-day luxury tour of Namibia.

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Day 1: Welcome to Namibia

Meet your private guide at Hosea Kutako International airport, who will transfer you to your hotel. Set off with your guide on an introductory tour of the city. The city has a very continental environment and combines German colonial architecture with the usual tempos of a modern city of the continent. Browse through the vibrant display of woodcarvings and African drums that are present here on the pavement. Visit the elegant shops that give Namibian gemstones and premium Swakara garments. Experience the sidewalk cafes that give breakfast in Namibian style. Enjoy it with a lovely glass of locally brewed draught beer or sparkling wine. Apart from the coffee bars and the steak houses that serve snacks, the city also has a broad range of eateries that give everything from Taiwanese to French cuisine.

Day 2: Stunning Namib Desert

Today, your guide will drive you in a private vehicle from Windhoek to the lovely Namib Desert. Halt in the outpost of Solitaire is decorated with vibrantly painted vehicles from an era gone by. Find a small caf, convenience store, and filling station here. After refueling your vehicle, go south on a road that runs alongside the Namib Naukluft Park for a lot of the way except for a single corridor, which joins the plains of the stunning Namib Desert to the lofty Naukluft Mountains. This serves as a major migratory corridor for the oryx antelope present here. They migrate between their winter and summer feeding grounds.

Day 3: Famous Sossusvlei

Today, go to the Namib Sand Sea, which includes the popular Sossusvlei dune belt. This location has some of the highest dunes on the entire planet. Sossusvlei is located at the end of the river Tsauchab. It is a dry riverbed that only flows when there is a lot of rainfall. Sossusvlei has been named to mean a place with many endings. Several tourists to this nation say that no part of the desert is more beautiful than Sossusvlei. Enjoy the views of the incredibly high dunes, which cast giant shadows as the sun rises and sets. The sand has warm tints ranging from deep red, brick orange, and pale apricot. It contrasts a lot with the vibrantly white surfaces of the clay pans at some of the bases. Then, go on a visit to the Sesriem Canyon. It is a picturesque and tiny canyon formed millions of years into the River Tsauchab.

Day 4: Coastal Swakopmund

Today, visit the coastal city of Swakopmund. The road goes through the gravel plains present in the Namib Desert through the gorgeous Kuiseb and Gaub Canyons before crossing the Namib Desert. Halt at the Walvis Bay lagoon is a vital wetland known for the seasonal flocking of flamingos. Here, go to the main route, which lies between the dune belt and the coast, to reach the coastal resort location of Swakopmund. This place has served as the main harbor of the nation for many years after it was founded during the period of German rule. This serene city located between the ocean and the desert is enhanced by carefully tended gardens, palm trees, and lush green lawns. There is also a great selection of coffee shops and eateries that sell traditional German pastries and cakes. The desert and coastline give a lot of choices for relaxation and adventure.

Day 5: Seaside Swakopmund

Stroll through the city at your own speed. Go on some shopping in the open-air curio market. Enjoy the pleasant stoppage of a great stretch of beach here and enjoy the cold air of the Atlantic that accompanies it. The place is also the home of the Namibian National Marine Aquarium and a great museum. There is a lot of adventure that you can enjoy outside of the city if you want to be involved in something more active. You can take a bird-watching tour, ride an exciting quad bike over the sand dunes, enjoy a fishing trip right from the beach or in the water, and take a flight over the desert if your heart desires. If you seek more thrill, you can go sky-diving.

Day 6: Transfer to Damaraland

Today, enjoy an early breakfast before your guide drives you in a private vehicle to the south of the nation to Damaraland. You can also visit the seal colony that is present at Cape Cross. At some times of the year, you can find more than a hundred thousand seals getting together in the area. Upon reaching, your guide will transfer you to your resort to rest for the night.

Day 7: Explore Damaraland

Explore the unspoiled and huge wilderness in Southern Damaraland between the Huab and the Ugab Rivers. Enjoy the views of the great variety of desert flora and fauna, archaeological sites, stunning geological formations, and stunning desert scenery. You can also view the desert-adapted elephant and the rare black rhino because it is the roaming ground for these animals. You can also visit the Twyfelfontein Rock Engravings in this area. It is one of the country's richest locations of Bushmen paintings and rock engravings. There are also dolomite columns called Organ Pipes and the geological formations of Burnt Mountain.

Day 8: Departure

Today, your private guide will transfer you to the airport for your international departure.

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