Cheap Travel Europe Package: Spend Some Quality And Laid-Back Days in Montenegro

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jan 20,2019

Montenegro is a compact country, known for its gorgeous coastline and majestic towering mountains. Having a population of just under 700,000 people, the country might not be on your travel radar yet but that is all about to change. Nestled along the Balkan Peninsula along the Adriatic Sea, Montenegro is the perfect place to spend some quiet and relaxing time while experiencing some beautiful places in Europe with our itinerary. Given the remote nature of most cities this country has, there’s still not much crowd of tourists on this land and so this happens to be a cheap travel Europe package.


A Brief Look at the Montenegro Tour


(Day 2): BUDVA


(Day 4): PIVA

(Day 5): PLUZINE


(Day 7): KOTOR

(Day 8): TIVAT



Places To Visit

Durmitor National Park, Budva, Sveti Stefan, Piva, Pluzine, Skadar Lake, Kotor, Tivat, Podgorica


Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary


When we talk about the natural beauty that can be found in Montenegro, we don't think you are going to discover something more fascinating and gorgeous than the mountainous landscape in Durmitor National Park. You’ll be in complete awe the whole time while driving through this area. The fresh mountain air blended with natural beauty is truly breathtaking. This place will be the highlight of your time in Montenegro. While most people who come to this wonderful country stick to the coastline, It is recommended for you to get up to the North, and witness this gorgeous landscape for yourself.


Day 2: BUDVA

Montenegro isn't exactly famous for its lively nightlife, and it is far from being Europe’s top 'party destination'. With that being said, you’ll be thoroughly impressed with the vibrant bar and music scene that can be discovered in Old Town, Budva. On Friday night, the streets are usually packed with amazing people, and you could feel the positive energy all around you. There will be a solid blend of locals and visitors that are all dressed in their finest attire and are out looking for a good time. After having a few drinks at a couple different hotspots, head out to the mega-club 'Top Hill'. You’ll be in shock upon arrival because the venue is absolutely huge and could easily fit thousands of people. There was quality house music, modestly affordable drinks, and a friendly atmosphere.



If you're looking for one of the most scenic areas in Montenegro to spend a good day and relax on the beach, there is no better option than the quaint coastal village of Sveti Stefan. There is not really too much to do, but that's what is the point. Discover a spot on the beach, grapple yourself a cold beverage, and just relish your time. This is also one of the best spots to observe the sunset while visiting Montenegro. The manner in which the sun slowly plunges behind the mountains in the distance is enthralling. You'll surely want your camera to capture this amazing moment.


Day 4: PIVA

Situated in the north of Montenegro, close to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, the region of Piva will awe you with its splendid landscapes. The Piva river cuts through the limestone mountains, creating massive lakes and magnificent canyons. The water is just so clear that you can see through it even when standing more than 1000 meters above it. Follow the road turning up north from Pluzine for about 15 kilometers and stop at pretty much every possible viewpoint, you just couldn't get enough of it. Other possible activities include camping or rafting down the river. You’ll love this area because there is a surprise behind every turn. Each and every viewpoint is different and the further north you go, the more sensational the views.



On the road that lead from the South of Montenegro towards Piva right next to one of the lakes, the Pluzine town, and its surroundings offer spectacular views of the river. Make sure to reach there before sunset, have a stay in one of the bungalows near the lake, connect with the locals over coffee and get up early to witness the beautiful sunrise. Entirely off the beaten path, this place is ideal for getting away from the associated world for a couple of days.



On your way to Albania, venture around the beautiful Skadar Lake, the biggest lake of the Balkan peninsula situated right on the border between Montenegro and Albania. This visit’s highlight is absolutely the horseshoe bend and if you're lucky enough, you'll get the views all to yourself! If you wish to extend the fun, have a stay in one of the villages around the lake for a couple of days.


Day 7: KOTOR

The quaint city of Kotor which sits next to the spectacular blue bay of Kotor was so rightly voted as one of Lonely Planets 'Best in Travel' winners for the year 2016. Inside the protected walls of the old city lies a maze of tiny lanes, quaint coffee houses, boutique shops, and restaurants appealing you in with both local as well as international flavors. A famous destination for cruise boats to dock, we highly recommend visiting early morning or in the later afternoon to try and avoid the crowds. Head out for the hike to the fortress in the mid-day heat for the bird’s-eye views of the bay from below. Moreover, keep an eye out for all the cute stray cats that this city is home to, you won't be able to miss noticing them.


Day 8: TIVAT

The contemporary and lavish waters of Tivat are home to luxury yachts, high rise apartments and compact stretches of beach lined by restaurants that deserve a bit of dressing up for the evening. The azures of the water with the white boats bouncing up and down making it an ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle of the Kotor old town and just sip on a coffee and do some people watching before beating up your tan on the sand hardly meters away.



At first glance, the capital city of Podgorica could be missed quite easily. Huddled in the flatter lands between the sun-kissed coast and the majestic mountains, this underestimated city doesn't really attract the crowds that its rival beaches do. Howsoever, take a stroll along the river and notice how the modern architecture of the malls and central bridge mix against the worn older houses, some ruined architecture and abandoned trains. Here, you’ll get a feeling of both old and new all at once. It is also the ideal place to stop and recharge your batteries before you carry on from coast to the mountains.

If you have any queries regarding traveling in Montenegro or planning a visit to the country, you can fill out the inquiry form or contact us at and we’ll try to answer them for you as soon as possible. For more travel inspiration, read all our articles for some amazing trips around the world. 

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