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Indulge in an extraordinary adventure through the breathtaking landscapes and captivating cultural heritage of Latvia with our exquisite Latvia tours. Situated in the heart of the Baltic region, this hidden gem beckons you to immerse yourself in a realm of unparalleled beauty and timeless allure. Our Latvia vacation packages present a harmonious blend of luxurious travel and immersive experiences, guaranteeing a truly unforgettable journey of discovery.


Latvia's cultural heritage is equally captivating, offering a tapestry of traditions, art, and history waiting to be explored. Wander through the charming streets of Riga, the vibrant capital city, where Gothic spires rise alongside elegant Baroque facades. Discover the UNESCO-listed Riga Old Town, a treasure trove of medieval architecture and cobblestone streets that narrate stories of a bygone era. Immerse yourself in the artistic ambiance of the Latvian National Opera or delve into the rich folklore and ancient customs that still thrive in the rural regions.


Luxury travel in Latvia means experiencing the finest accommodations, impeccable service, and exclusive access to the country's hidden gems. From luxurious boutique hotels in the heart of Riga to charming countryside manors nestled amidst rolling hills, every aspect of your journey is designed to provide the utmost comfort and sophistication.


Discover the splendor of Latvia's diverse landscapes, where verdant forests give way to pristine lakes, and charming coastal towns meet golden sandy beaches. Embark on scenic hikes through the picturesque Gauja National Park, where ancient castles and picturesque valleys transport you to a bygone era of knights and legends. Marvel at the serene beauty of Jurmala, a coastal paradise renowned for its healing mineral springs and exquisite Art Nouveau architecture.


Uncover the splendor of Latvia, a Baltic gem that embodies the essence of luxury and cultural richness. Book your Lativia trip now and embark on an unforgettable adventure that will create cherished memories to last a lifetime.

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Explore Latvia

Jaw-dropping, jolting, flabbergasting, whatever you call this beautiful land, you are going to feel it as a lacking expression to describe the aesthetics of this beautiful land. The beauty of Latvia cannot be expressed in words. Time in Latvia is unquestionably going to the best moment of your life with this gorgeous land surrounded by Russia, Lithuania, Estonia and the Baltic Sea. Delve a little deeper and you will find why it ought to be listed on your "Travel Destination List"!

Know Everything about Luxury Latvia Tours


With Latvia tours, undoubtedly there’s a reservoir of the peerless beauty of nature to be discovered. This part of Europe is real magic on Earth! Exploring the Baltic country of Latvia is a one-of-its-kind special experience. Beginning this delicious trip from the capital city Riga is without any doubt the most interesting experience ever. However, there’s a lot more to explore than the capital city on Latvia tours. This European destination is a must-have on your Bucket List. On top of the incredible beauty of the country, it’s easy to get around the country. And, there are plenty of reasons that make Latvia one of the most sought-after vacation destinations. Hiring experienced Latvia tour agents will help you dive deeper and get around every part of the beautiful country. Read more about the country.


Riga: The Grand Beginning

Riga, the capital city of Latvia is the best thing to start with. But it’s not a great idea to just visit Riga and go back home. There’s a lot more than just Riga, just be patient and give it some time. But, it’s undoubtedly great to emphasize here that the beautiful city of Riga will give a Great start to this perfect vacation. Riga with its charm and a really great number of tourist spots is definitely going to attract tourists from across the globe. Many Latvia tour agents and expert travelers say that this is the perfect transport hub in Latvia. It’s easy to reach most of the tourist sites from Riga. One just needs to travel a couple of hours to travel to Sigulda and most of the popular castles that lie along the Gauja Valley. One can get to see the mesmerizing CÄ“sis, moving further along the valley. The tour through CÄ“sis makes it even more interesting with its delighting castles and wonderful streets. Turning in the other direction there’s the superb Venta Rapids and KuldÄ«ga. And, further, there’s galore of beaches to keep anyone’s heart engaged.


Discover the Fascinating History of Latvia

For history buffs, this place has an assortment of things to discover. There are some really wonderful historical places of the past to discover. It was when the German Crusaders came during the 12th and 13th centuries with an aim to convert the pagan locals that the grand change took place. Riga founded by Germans later occupied the country. During their reign, the Germans found Turaida, CÄ“sis, and Sigulda. Later they left the country with some really incredible fortresses. In 1710, the country was once again occupied by Russia and until the Russian Revolution, the country was under the Rule of Russia. There was some chaos going on in Russia, which gave a chance to Latvians to fight for their independence. In 1920, two years after the commencement of the fight of independence Latvia became an independent nation. In CÄ“is at the New Castle travelers can get an overview of this whole time period. However, this independence was only short-lived, and soon the country was under the control of the Soviets and again to the Soviets. Latvia regained independence in 1991, after 50 years of Soviet rule.


Language Spoken in Latvia

The language spoken in Latvia is called Latvian. It is one of the two Baltic languages with the other being Lithuanian that is spoken today. The other cousin of the Baltic language is the Slavic languages which include Polish, Czech, and Russia. Our Latvia tour agents also say that there are also that group of people who speak English, and German, and the ones who will converse in Russian. While there are people who can converse in English yet it can be of great advantage if one can learn a few common words to be used on the trip. Some of these words may include:


Sveiki - ‘Hello’

Paldies - ‘Thank you’

LÅ«dzu - ‘Please’

Jā and NÄ“ - ‘Yes’ and ‘No’


The Wonderful Architecture of Latvia

Exploring the amazing architecture during the Latvia tours is going to be an amazing experience. Those couple of blocks with pristine Art Nouveau buildings are something great to notice on the trip. Wandering through the cities one can get to see some wonderfully designed buildings that catch everyone's heart. These are some of the most elegantly majestic parts of the architecture that is the proof of its magnificent architecture. Every part of the country has one or the other edifices standing magnificently as proof of its charm. Be it Jurmala's seaside houses or the CÄ“sis's wood and brick panel building architecture, in essence, is present here in perfect combination with the natural beauty. And, a trip organized by Latvia tour agents and experienced specialists will make it a full-fledged vacation.


Some Interesting Experiences on Latvia Tours

The tourist wealth that Latvia has is all such incredible. Though it is one of the least explored countries in the world, gradually people have started noticing the world of dreams this land is. The plethora of activities and tourist destinations are gradually coming out to make this place one of the most sought-after tourist destinations. In the beginning, Latvia was considered a pagan country. This can still be seen in the celebrations, traditions, and other rituals followed by the country. In Latvia, there are many amazing tourist destinations including the open-air museum that will give a whiff of the historical facts here. Here are a few most interesting worked-out unique experiences in Latvia. Read below:


Walking through the Town Hall Square

The Town Hall in Riga has been considered the city's business center. Over the years, it has been restored and opened to tourists and interested people. Most of the popular building like the Latvian Occupation Museum, the Baroque Clock Tower, and the House of the Blackheads, are perched on the Square. For those who are planning their trip during the winter, they have an added advantage of enjoying the beauty of the well-embellished Christmas tree, which is one of the annual charms here at the Square. Most online trip planning sites and experienced people advise hiring Latvia travel agents who are experts and guides in the most perfect and sorted way.


Ventspils - Seaside Open Air Museum

Traveling through the open-air Museum is a must when on Latvia tours! The seaside Open Air Museum of Ventspils is the most popular tourist attraction in Latvia having perfect scope for boating and fishing. And, this open museum has around 24,000 artifacts on display surrounding the outdoor as well as indoor areas. The outer part of the museum is dedicated to educating people on ancient fishing techniques. There are also some replicas of the 18th-century replicas of the traditional homes of fishermen. One can also get to see plenty of farmhouses that have all windmills, barns, and smokehouses. Also, a bunch of blacksmiths, weavers, and craftsmen can be found in the area who can be seen showcasing amazing crafts of the ancient era.


Jauniela - The Most Impeccably Made Street

In the entire Latvia, Jauniela is considered the most fascinating street. With beautiful buildings situated charmingly across the street that are built of perfect cobblestones, Jauniela is something of the sort that's one of the gems for travelers. Most of the buildings in Latvia are built following the style of the Art Nouveau that makes them look perfectly beautiful. Also, the charming colorful flowers pouring from the window boxes are an interesting aspect of the Jauniela - The Most Impeccably Made Street. And, walking through the streets one can get to find some of the best shops, museums, and eateries on the way. Hiring Latvia Travel agents to make this journey of diving a little deeper into the beauty of Jauniela, the most fascinating streets become way easier.


The Naval Port Prison

Throughout Europe, there is only one military prison that is open to people. This prison based in Karosta was built during 1900 and it was built for the purpose of housing military inmates. It was in 1997 that the last set of prisoners lived here and from then this prison was opened to the public. Now from the solitary confinement to the cells and everything is open for the public. Also, the museum section that provides a scope to travel through some of the important historical phases like the Soviet regimen and WWII. This place is perfect for adventurers who really want to get some real time experiences. A show called 'Extreme Night Show is also organized. In this show, visitors can live for a day into the prison and eat the food that is provided in the prison canteen.


The Ligatne Bunker

The Ligatne Bunker was built initially for Latvia’s communist party. It’s located in the Ligatne town and was built with the purpose of using during the nuclear attacks. These days the Government of Latvia has opened this bunker for the public and they can easily come to see it. The original exhibits including gas masks and ration (that were used during emergencies) are kept here for public display. The Ligatne Bunker has also become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Latvia and there’s also a provision to eat here a proper Latvian kind of meal.  


Old Sigulda Castle

Old Sigulda Castle is one of the star attractions of Latvia! Built by the popular Livonian Brothers of the Sword, in the 13th century, gradually it has transformed itself into a favorite tourist location. Livonian Brothers were one-of-its-kind ‘warrior monks' with their own peculiar style. Another grand introduction to the Old Sigulda Castle is that it was the first castle of stone that was built in a country other than that in Riga. The aim of building this castle was the protection of the Gauja River from the enemy attack. The castle has also been restored from the wear and tear and now people can climb up through North Tower to enjoy the perfect view. Getting in touch with reliable Latvia travel agents make this entire journey a trip to remember.

Best time to Plan Latvia Tours

There is a drastic variation in the temperature of Latvia. For about half of the year, there’s humidity and cold weather. However, the overall temperature is an idea for traveling with only a few centimeters of precipitation. Let’s see a big picture of the best time to travel to Latvia as per the traveler’s needs.


Best time to visit Latvia - (Avoiding Crowd Season) - January


Most Crowded Season in Latvia - June


Least-Crowded Season in Latvia - January


Best season to plan Budget Latvia Tours - February


July is the best time to plan Latvia tours. The temperature in the country during this time of the year is warm and the hotel prices are low. Sounds perfect!


In July, one has to pay $75 per night for a one-bedroom accommodation. And, during this time one will have to pay $20 less than before.


And, the high tourist season to plan Latvia tours is summer, but the hotel rates and accommodations are very high during this time of the year.


For those who don’t like traveling around places with high crowd should avoid New York week that is the period between the 29th of December and the 8th of January.


For those who are visiting from November to April, there’s going to be some short spells of snowfall.

Find Best Accommodations on Latvia Tours

It’s always prudent to make Riga, the capital city the base of the trip! Everything from here is quite reachable. Choose the best hotels in Riga Latvia to stay. There are a number of aspects one has to consider before selecting an accommodation for their trip. In this regard, experienced Luxury tour agents are specialists who are sure to guide in the most perfect way. Let’s see how to find out the best accommodation on Latvia tours.


At every step in Latvia, one gets the chance to stay in a palace-like accommodation. In the old Riga, there are old buildings and palaces and buildings that have been renovated and transformed into five-star hotels.


Without requiring one to make a lot of spending, the accommodations here are simply going to win visitors’ hearts.


Riga, the capital city is the number one choice for most visitors to stay because of its wide array of choices, royal treatment, location, and affordable charges.


In Riga, Latvia one has a huge choice of staying in a building of World Heritage status or in one of the art pieces of the nouveau buildings.

Helpful Tips to Follow Before Planning Latvia Tours


Visa & Entry Requirements

 There is no hassle entering Latvia like most of the Schengen Zone and European Union countries.


Traveling from a Schengen Zone country to Latvia is easy as it’s easy to move around through the member countries including Lithuania and Estonia.


It’s going to be extremely easy to enter Latvia for those who have a European passport.


These countries enjoy 90 days of stay without a visa. And, if this journey is being extended for more than 90 days official rules need to be followed then.


Other than EU countries must fulfill all the visa requirements before planning their trip.


Money Requirements

Latvia recently adopted the Euro as its currency. On the 1st of January, it became the official currency of the country.

This is one of the reasons that make traveling to Latvia one of the easiest affairs. The one does not have to go through the hassle of currency exchanges.


Latvia is way cheaper than Central and Western Europe, it is not as cheap as other Balkan countries.

Fees for entering any of the castles, cable cars, and others are going to be under an average European expense.

Staying Healthy & Safe on Latvia Tours!

Latvia is a safe place to plan a trip! Previous data has shown that there have been no cases of theft or pickpocketing reported by travelers. While one should be conscious of traveling to a foreign country no matter what.



Like most Baltic countries, one can very safely wander around Latvia. Apart from in Riga, people in most parts of the country it’s safe to keep the house doors opened and sleep. It won’t be dangerous to do so.


One should make sure to take care of their bicycle because in most cases, this is the thing that goes missing. Drinking in Riga late at night is not safe. So be careful.


In Latvia, there are local bars and scammers who work together. And, they can deceive tourists (especially the bachelor parties ) in a way to double the bill. So, being alert and careful is important.



The standard of medical facilities in Latvia is quite good. At the time of visiting the doctor, one has to pay the basic fees, which would later be covered by travel insurance.


Most doctors in Riga speak English and it’s not required to actually find a translator. It’s easy to communicate here with doctors.

But, there won’t be English-speaking doctors in rural areas. So, it’s important to hire Luxury Latvia tour agents.


Air evacuation helicopters and other medical services are not available. Trained Latvia travel agents have all the skills and they can help with emergency assistance.

Customs And Etiquette In Latvia

Latvians are quiet and reserved people, happy in their own space. Do not think that the lack of a beaming smile makes them unfriendly though. It is more a reflection of their bashfulness. The people are quite happy being on their own, as you may expect in a country with so much space. However, despite being reserved they are not overly conservative. It is pretty difficult to offend a Latvian – the only off-topic is the Soviet occupation – and even if you did cause offense it is unlikely to lead to confrontation.  Their reserved nature goes out of the window somewhat during summer, when festivities and folklore mark the country. It is June to July when Latvians best celebrate their heritage, wearing traditional dress as they attend music and folk festivals. Look out for festivities on the beach, a great way to see how the locals do things. The Jani summer solstice celebration extends across the whole country and makes mid-June the ultimate time to travel. Christmas markets are when traditional crafts are best advertised and those in Latvia make a low-key less touristy change from others in Europe.


Latvian is a difficult language to understand and there are not many visitors who learn anything beyond a basic greeting. Still, it does use the Latin alphabet so you can read street signs and at least attempt a few words, always a good way to start a conversation. By traveling with a guide you will start to learn a lot more about the country. Guides will open up to your questions and help you delve beneath the surface.  The food is intriguing. There is good seafood on the coast, including salted herring, just one example of Scandinavian influence. Typical Eastern European staples like grains and dumplings are prominent, along with warming soups. Many visitors love the dark rye bread, dipped into soup as an appetizer. Pork and potato are accredited coming from Germany although the Latvians have always had their own way of preparing meat. Fatty smoked pork is very common, a little like Spanish chorizo but less refined. Wash it down with a glass of Riga’s Black Balsam, an herbal alcoholic drink that’s been around since 1700.

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