Discover Best Latvia Vacation Spots with this Planned 3-Days Itinerary!

Most of the Latvia Vacation Spots are so idyllic, that you will like abandoning everything and beginning a new life here. This 3-Days planned itinerary will take you through some of the most beautiful historical and architectural beauty of the place. You will discover some of the interesting places in Riga, and this is really going to be an enthralling experience.


Trip at a Glance

Day 1: Riga Old Town, Freedom Monument, Museum of Occupation

Day 2: Rundale Palace, Latvia Sauna

Day 3: Riga Central Market, Turaida Castle & Gauja River Valley


Trip Highlights

  • Discover the beauty of Riga, the capital city of Latvia! Here, you can begin your trip by discovering the charm of the old town of Riga and then proceed towards Freedom Monument and Museum of Occupation.

  • On the second day of your trip, you will be exploring some of the best Latvia vacation spots like Rundale Palace and experience the Latvia Sauna.

  • Riga Central Market will be the first interesting places in Riga that you will be seeing on the third day of your trip. And, then move towards Turaida Castle & Gauja River Valley.


Day 1: Riga Old Town, Freedom Monument, Museum of Occupation

This is your first day in Latvia, and you will be discovering the best of the Riga Latvia travel destinations with this 3-days perfectly planned itinerary.

Riga Old Town: Riga is the capital city of Latvia! Here, you can begin your trip by discovering the charm of the old town of Riga. That picture-perfect panorama of surrounding will surely take away your breath, and make you fall in love with the place. From picturesque cobblestone streets to impeccably built medieval buildings, there is no dearth of beauty here. You will also see here Dome Cathedral and Ratslaukums.

Freedom Monument: After you have had enough of a stroll around the Old Town, you can head towards the tranquil Bastejkalns Park. It was in the 1800s that this park was created and it lies on the historical defensive fortifications of the Old Town. Then you can move towards Brivibas Bulvaris which houses a plethora of iconic Freedom Monument of Latvia. In 1935, this memorial was constructed. The most famous attraction here is the statue of Peter. And, you can also enhance your general knowledge with the sculpture depicting the history and culture of Latvia. This is one of the most known remains depicting the independence of Latvia.

Museum of Occupation: This is one of those historical places in Latvia that will make you understand why the Freedom Monuments are considered one of the best Riga Latvia tourist attractions and why people here are so much attached to this place. Between the period of 1940 to 1991, it was Nazis or the USSR which occupied Latvia. And, the Museum of Occupation proffers a wonderfully fascinating glimpse of the vociferous history of Latvia under the rule of these two giants.


Day 2: Rundale Palace, Latvia Sauna

Rundale Palace: This pleasingly beautiful Palace is situated in the Southern part, and is one of the most beautiful Latvia vacation spots. It’s a mansion built in the eighteenth century, by the great architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli. He has contributed to building many such edifices including some of the royal & swanky residences of Russia. Some of which were the Winter Palace, Catherine's Palace, and Peterhof. This is your second-day of time in Latvia, and this tour to the Rundale Palace will make most of it. This place was interestingly home to two of the most potent men, Ernst Johann von Biron and Prince Platon Zubov. And, after you are done with enough exploration, you can now head towards the basement to enjoy some cheap and delicious meal.

Latvia Sauna: It’s amazing to enjoy the rejuvenating combination of ice-cold pool, sauna, and shower. The bathhouse or Sauna tradition in Latvia is unique of the place. During the 19th century, there used to be a bathhouse in every farmstead. But, these days, there’s a shift in the purpose of the sauna. It is believed that the bath ritual can help in getting rid of the stress, troubles and other negativities from life.


Day 3: Riga Central Market, Turaida Castle & Gauja River Valley

Riga Central Market: This will be the first interesting places in Riga that you will be seeing on the third day of your trip. Riga Central Market is the biggest market in Latvia. Located in one of the five German Zeppelin hangars, this will one of your perfect Latvia vacation spots. It’s a great place to catch a couple of pastries and spend some quality time haggling around with the vendors for creamy local cheeses, handmade wool socks, and freshly picked mushrooms. One interesting thing to note, when you are here is Soviets have declared this as the world’s best markets, and this is probably the only thing they did right.

Turaida Castle & Gauja River Valley: Shop til you drop; that is the one thing you must have kept in your mind when at Riga Central Market. But, now is the time to move to your next location. Take a bus and head towards the Sigulda town. All you have to do here is to enjoy the picturesque scene and the calmness. When moving towards the fourteenth century Krimulda Castle, from over the ancient Gauja River Valley, you must take a cable car. And, on the way, there are plenty of things you can enjoy!

You have here, Gutmanis Cave to stop by! This is believed to be the largest caves in the Baltics and is the house of Latvia’s legend The Rose of Turaida. The Gutmanis Cave is one of the most interesting places in Riga. And, there’s also the serpentine road, where you can enjoy the leisurely walk. The variety of inscriptions on the walls is very interesting to note. And, then there’s Turaida Castle which was built in the year 1214, beautifully situated on the river. The castle that stands currently has been restored. You can a fantabulous view of the city from the top of the tower.


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