Immerse Yourself in the Coastal Beauty Of Italy on a 10-Day Tour

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Explore Italy's magnificence along the  Adriatic coast, and in rocky mountains, quiet canals, and hidden tunnels. Your custom-tailored tour of  Italy connects you to the beauty and history of Italy while delivering unlimited enjoyment.


Tour Highlights

  • Take lessons at Rome's Gladiator School
  • Explore Grotte di Castellana's natural caverns
  • Learn how to pilot a gondola on Venice's Grand Canal 
  • Discover Venice's Doge's Palace, which has secret corridors and halls
  • Explore the labyrinthine underground chambers of the Colosseum

A tour at a glance

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Venetian Family

Arrive at Venice Marco Polo Airport, where your private transfer will be waiting for you. Take a water taxi over the famous Venetian Lagoon to your luxurious lodging.


At a canal-side restaurant, dine with a glass of wine. See Ponte Rialto, the current stone bridge replaced the original wooden bridge, was built in the 16th century. Watch as gondolas and boats pass beneath the 24-foot-high structural arch. Return to your opulent hotel to unwind.

Day 2: The Islands of Venice

After breakfast, meet your guide for a spectacular tour of the Venetian Lagoon. Your journey takes you away from the typical Venice pathways.

The largest island in the lagoon is Sant'Erasmo. Since the 16th century, vineyards and gardens have covered Sant'Erasmo. The soil's sand and clay composition have contributed to the excellent nutritional content of the farmed products. The superb quality of the fruit, vegetables, and wine earned Sant'Erasmo the moniker "Venice's Vegetable Garden." Proceed to Burano, a beautiful island in the lagoon's northern part known for its colorful buildings that dot the landscape and its lace-making tradition.

Day 3: The Ways of the Gondolier

Check out the spectacular display of octopus, squid, and soft-shell crabs that fill the stalls near the vegetable stands, highlighting the locally grown artichokes and radicchio.


After breakfast, your guide will take you to Saint Mark's Square to see the magnificent underground tunnels of the Doge's Palace, built in the 14th century. The facade is dominated by Gothic architecture. Your guide walks you through the stone passages, echoing the previous Republic's strength. Later, board a gondola for a ride in one of the iconic boats that have crossed the canals since the 12th century

Day 4: The Richness of Puglia

Your last stop in Venice is the Wagner Museum along the Grand Canal. In the late 1800s, the famous German composer Richard Wagner spent his last days in the mansion. Then, your guide will take you to Venice Marco Polo Airport for your flight to Brindisi, a city in the Puglia region. On arrival, your local guide will transfer you to your hotel, and then take you on an introductory tour.  


The Adriatic Sea shimmers turquoise against the city's old structures. See the Dolphin's Fountain, built in the nineteenth century and adorns the center of Vittorio Emanuele Square. End the tour at Torre Santa Sabina's beach. 

Day 5: Caves and Fairytales

Travel to Grotte di Castellana after breakfast. The journey takes you through a natural cave network. The first cave is more than half a mile long and approximately 230 feet below ground level. The heat is kept at bay by the limestone rock. Stalactites dangle from the ceiling; in the light, precious crystals glitter. The caverns captivate the imagination and provide stories about the evolution of the terrain over millions of years. At the Grotta Bianca (or White Cave), the alabaster walls give the grotto the appearance of being carved from ice. Continue to Alberobello, a tiny village famous for its Trulli, typical dry stone cottages with conical roofs. You'll leave for supper and your luxurious stay at Palazzo Virgilio.

Day 6: Pearls of the South


Your guide will transfer you to the sparkling city of Ostuni after breakfast. The ancient alleys twist and snake their way through the undulating terrain. Historic structures divide at street corners to allow spectacular views of the horizon. After meandering through the town's mountainous streets, proceed to the Torre Guaceto Nature Sanctuary to discover the four-mile stretch of coastline. Go to your hotel for a well-deserved break and dinner.

Day 7: Above and Below Matera

After breakfast, go to Matera to spend the day seeing the medieval city's unique features. Matera, located in Basilicata, just north of Puglia, has significant cave homes. Explore the first cave district, Sasso Barisano. Small paths and alleyways lead to earthen stairwells. 

Day 8: Gladiators by Night

Transfer to the airport after breakfast for the flight to Rome. Your private transfer will take you from Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport to your magnificent hotel in the city's center. When you arrive in Rome, your guide will take you to the Gruppo Storico Romano Museum, where the youngsters will want to practice like gladiators. The museum is filled with ancient relics, weaponry, and clothing. Visit the Colosseum in the evening on a special night tour. Your guide will lead you into the archaeological site's depths to follow in the footsteps of ancient gladiators.

Day 9: Rome as it Was

In the morning, visit the waters of the Trevi Fountain that trickle into the lavish pool. Then, continue to Palazzo Valentini, a 16th-century mansion built on the foundations of a former ancient Roman site.


Descend under the floors of Palazzo Valentini and into Rome's magnificent villas with your guide. Take note of the heating system for the private baths and the layers of ash from a previous fire that ripped through the house. Inside the rebuilt Roman home, experience Rome as it was 2,000 years ago. Return to the hotel for a lovely final dinner in Italy.

Day 10: Departure from Rome

Your guide will take you to Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino International Airport for your trip home.


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