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Welcome to Ireland, the Emerald Isle that promises a trip filled with natural beauty, captivating history, and warm hospitality. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable vacation as you explore the enchanting landscapes and immerse yourself in the rich culture of Ireland. Our Ireland tours offer the perfect opportunity to discover the hidden gems and iconic destinations that make this island nation so special.


One of the highlights of our tours is the mesmerizing Kingdon of Kerry, a place of unrivaled beauty where dramatic cliffs, rolling green hills, and pristine lakes converge. Prepare to be awestruck as you drive along the famous Ring of Kerry, a scenic route that unveils breathtaking vistas at every turn. Marvel at the rugged coastline of the Wild Atlantic Way, dotted with charming villages and ancient ruins. Explore the Gap of Dunloe, a stunning mountain pass that showcases the raw beauty of the Irish countryside.


Beyond its awe-inspiring landscapes, Ireland is renowned for its rich culture and heritage. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of Dublin, the capital city, where you can stroll along the cobbled streets of Temple Bar, visit iconic landmarks like Trinity College and Dublin Castle, and experience the vibrant music scene in traditional pubs. Discover the legends and folklore of Ireland as you explore ancient sites like the Rock of Cashel and Newgrange, where history comes alive.


Experience the warmth and friendliness of the Irish people as you engage with locals who are always ready to share a story or two. Indulge in traditional Irish cuisine, from hearty stews and freshly caught seafood to creamy pints of Guinness. Don't forget to participate in a lively Irish dance or music session, where the rhythm and energy will have you tapping your feet and clapping your hands. 


Prepare for an extraordinary trip as you journey through the breathtaking landscapes and immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Ireland. Book your Ireland tour today and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Know Everything About Luxury Ireland Tours 2022


Traveler’s influx to Ireland is growing every year tremendously! There is no dearth of the charismatic charm in this part of Europe. But, before planning the most wonderful trip to Ireland one must be aware of the nitty-gritty of the country. We thought of organizing the needed information about the Ireland tours in a single place. Let’s read everything about planning a trip to Ireland.

Knowing the Ireland Geography

It’s quite important to be aware of the important geographical fact about Ireland that it is divided into two different parts. One of the two parts of Ireland is called the North (the UK) and the southern part is the Republic. One should keep in mind this fact before embarking on the incredible trip to Ireland. Both of these countries have different rules, different transport systems, and a few differences in terms of money requirements.

Knowing about Airports & Flights in Ireland

Ireland provides its visitors a lot of choices for airports! Most probably, for those who are arriving here in Ireland from an international airport, Belfast, Shannon, and Dublin are the most preferred airports for landing. Those who are coming from Europe may be landing at the Belfast City Airport. One can also catch up on flights into Knocka and Cork, but they can be considerably costly.

Dublin airport in Ireland is the most commonly preferred and it is conveniently connected to most parts of the country by bus. It is quite small and one just has to walk through the terminal, cross the road and at the other end catch the buses to travel anywhere in the country.

It's quite a simple and convenient landing at Belfast Airport. It's small and would be not that tough even for the first-timers. One can easily catch up buses from the Translink bus system and land up into the center of the city.

The Shannon airport is located in the vicinity of Limerick at the western coast of the country. This airport is particularly common among those who are aiming to explore the Atlantic and the western part of Ireland.

How is Driving in Ireland?

Don't be scared! Driving in Ireland is not that intimidating. Ireland also offers flexibility for its visitors to rent a car. And, people can also find here automatic cars, but that could be really expensive. Therefore, most Ireland tour agents suggest not renting an automatic car or vehicle. The majority of the cars in Ireland are manual and they are easy to drive. It's even easier perfect drive through the left in Ireland.

Electronic money or Cash on Ireland Tours

The currency is different in both parts of Ireland (North and south). None of the two will accept the wrong currency. In the North, £ pounds or Sterling will be required, while in South Euros € will be required. Those who have been to Ireland and some experienced Ireland tour agents say that there are ATMs all across the country. But, it's important that we make all the needed arrangements with our bank back home, so as to be able to withdraw money without paying any extra charges. Visa and Master cards are accepted everywhere in Ireland, but Discover and American Express cards are not in use.

It is Fine to Stay at one of the Castles in Ireland

There is a variety of choices to stay and visit in Ireland. There are hotels or B&B, but the bathrooms are shared here. Apart from that, there are castles, camping rentals, hostels, and caravan rentals. There is a huge range of accommodation types to make the stay the best journey forever.

It's surprising to discover the prices that 5-star hotels charge in north Ireland. Even though, Dublin is one of the most expensive cities in Ireland, staying here is cheap. On top of it, one can easily negotiate on the rates, when it has been booked directly.

Clothes to pack on Ireland Tours

People in Ireland often say that “we have four seasons in a day”! This is absolutely true about Ireland. From rain to fierce wind to snow and scorching sun, all of that can be experienced in a day in Ireland. So, that can give an idea about what to pack for Ireland tours, when there are chances to experience all four seasons in one day.  

On Ireland tours, a pair of some strong walking or hiking shoes are a must! As one will have to move up the muddy pathways, rain-stricken, and cool sites. On a particular day, it might become extremely hot. Though that rarely happens, it can be possible. Most Ireland Tour agents suggest carrying as light luggage as it could be possible. Keeping along the lighter clothes would also give an option to layer them up on a colder day.

Discover the Undiscovered on Ireland Tours

Ireland is Europe's one travel destination that is on the Wish List of most ardent travelers. It's indeed an awesome country where there's a chance to discover a lot of awesome things. This wonderfully enchanting destination with an abundance of picturesque views, friendly & warm people, greenery all through, and quaint beautiful towns makes for one of the most interesting trips. Ireland is small, however, there is a lot one can discover here. Let's read about some of the cherry-picked experiences on Ireland tours.

The Cliffs of Moher

One of the most interesting tourist attractions in Ireland are the cliffs of Moher. Its grand grandeur gravitates thousands of travelers from across the globe. Looking at the craze for visiting the site has given it a place in the “list of top listed tourist attractions in Ireland”. It’s also possible to take a sneak peek into the grand cliffs from the center built for visitors. And, walking along the 14 km stretch of trailing pathway can be way more interesting.

Enjoying Irish Pub Music

Going to an Irish pub, experiencing live music, enjoying the company of locals can be really interesting. Experienced Ireland travel agents suggest that Irish pub music must be, on every traveler wish list, who plans a trip to this part of Europe. Most pubs in Ireland organize live Irish music during the nights. This is a delightfully unique experience enjoying Irish music with locals in a pub and drinking beer. Irish whiskey is also a great idea.

The Dingle Peninsula

Ireland will show the best of it on the car! Dingle peninsula is also one of the most sought after tourist spots in the country. While the location is not that famous like that of the Ring of Kerry, but we ensure, the sites here are amazingly wonderful for that matter. And, the least number of visitors here make the perfect tourist destinations. Crow will be lesser and one can get time to peacefully enjoy its sight. From exploring the beautifully built town of Dingle to driving along the Slea Head loop, and exploring the Inch Beach, every part of it is charismatic.

Discovering the Past by Visiting the Rock of Cashel

Want to discover Ireland’s past? The Rock of Cashel is one of the historical locations that will narrate history silently. The Rock of Cashel used to be the place where  St. Patrick baptized King Aengus, the ancient kings of Ireland used to sit during the 450 AD. Today it has become a tourist location attracting visitors from around the globe to visit the building complexes.

Hore Abbey & Ireland

And, the Hore Abbey in Ireland is just down the hill. The Hore Abbey is a widely known tourist attraction and is one of the ancient monasteries belonging to the 13th century. During the peak season, plenty of visitors can be seen along. Not many people know about this tourist destination in Ireland, but during the high season hoards of visitors can be seen. When on Ireland tours, don’t miss going to this place. It’s interesting knowing about the ancient ruins and for many, it could be more interesting than Rock of Cashel.

Titanic Belfast

The gigantic building with world-class architecture will not allow one to take their eyes off from the site. It's amazing with sail-shaped structure and glittering charm. This place is one of the favorite destinations for many travelers out there. With a scope of clanking shipyard rides and the Atlantic wreckage site, every bit of it will bring about that real traveler from inside. Many Ireland travel agents suggest, not missing on visiting this site on their Ireland tours.

Cruit Island, County Donegal

Cruit Island is a place that is going to satiate every traveler’s wanderlust with its rugged, but beautiful part of the land. One can’t even imagine how a place can be as beautiful as this. This hidden part of Europe is the icing on the cake for the travelers who actually are keen to discover the world. This paradise has many wonderful beaches, a small population, and the horses along the shores are really enchanting.

Game of Thrones Experience in Ireland

For those who have loved Game of Thrones would undoubtedly enjoy this part of the trip. The major reason to plan this trip, for many, could be their love for the Game of Thrones. It feels exhilarating here, wandering through the amazingly exciting landscape. A sudden feeling of being in and around Westeros is typically “awesome”! Those who are interested can also take up archery lessons also in the Castle Ward Estate. This is the place where Bran was given archery lessons and tips.

Discover the Secret at St. Michan’s Church

While vacationing through Irelands, one cannot forget going to St. Michan Church. The church is a creation of 1095, which was last renovated during 1686 (the building that stands today). Entering through the gloomy vault and the metal doorway is the perfect experience ever. Peeping through the gloom, one can realize that many of the coffins are on the verge of destruction and have suffered cracks. Through these cracks, it's easy to take a glimpse of the mummy remains. Some of the most interesting displays at the church are, one woman and two men mummies. One of the men mummies is called as the Crusader and no one knows why. In Ireland, touching the fingers of the Crusader can make you fortunate. Most Ireland tour agents also recommend not missing this important site here.

Here’s the Best Time to Plan Ireland Tours

The best time when one can a wonderful trip to Ireland is autumn and spring season. The little cool weather adds to the fact that it does not belong to the high tourist season. There's a great deal on saving a lot of money, as one gets affordable hotels, airfare, and car rentals.

Summer (June to August): Summer is the high tourist season in Ireland with a great influx of tourists from around the globe. Prices are high during this part of the year. Ireland is all occupied with festivals and temperature ranging between 09 to 18 Degrees Celsius.

Autumn (September to November): Temperature ranges from 09 to 16 Degrees Celsius. During this season, there is a much smaller number of tourists. Hotel prices, car rentals, and airfare are quite low. It's a great time to plan Ireland tours for those who are tight on their budget. Rain during this season is inevitable, but it does not last long.

Winter (December to February): Traveling during this season is going to be demanding. The temperature can make it look frozen and some thick jackets are very important. But, other than the weather everything else is perfect. The crowd is very less and the prices are also very low.

Spring (March to May): According to the weather standards of Ireland, the temperature during spring is comparatively high and reaching around 12 Degree Celsius. There is a great deal of sunshine during the season with very less crowd. On some days, there would also be showers of rain, but they won’t last for long.

How to Choose the Best Accommodation on Ireland Tours

After mulling on the perfect time to travel to a place, the next thing is finding out where to stay. Finding accommodations on Ireland tours is also an important aspect of planning a trip. Choosing accommodation in Ireland is real fun with a huge number of options available for accommodations in Ireland. It's up to the traveler how he/she wants to see the country.

Hotels: There are all types of hotels in Ireland from budget hotels to luxury 5-star hotels. The basic facilities in every hotel would be a bed, a bathroom, a small table, and a cupboard. Other additional features like television, telephone, a safe, and a small bar with drinks and snacks are also included.

B&B (Bed&Breakfast): In Ireland B&B are tiny accommodations that include just breakfast and bed. Unlike many hotels, B&B accommodations are quite comfortable and cozy. In Ireland, these types of accommodations are quite common and the owners would give a warm welcome with a gigantic delicious breakfast.

Self-Catering: With Self-catering accommodations, travelers can get about the option of being in a sweet home. Going to this type of accommodation is perfect for families. This kind of accommodation can be perfect for catering to family needs. Ireland is a one-of-its-kind tourist destination where such accommodation services are available.

Castles Stays: There are plenty of castles in Ireland and we know that. And, choosing castles to stay on the trip can be a wonderful experience. But, accommodations in castles are generally costly. So, one can choose to stay for a night here and then shift to some other cheaper locations.

Caravans & Camping parks: Such accommodations are particularly great options for those who enjoy the outdoors.

Ireland Travel Tips to Know Before Planning a Trip

Don't get deceived looking at the area that Ireland covers on the map! Underestimating and dedicating less time for the visit can result in missing on many key tourist attractions. So, once the thought of planning a trip, one should make sure to certain things. Let's discuss some important things to know before planning a trip.

  1. Know that the weather can be notoriously unpredictable. Rain is common in Ireland and this is the reason that the country looks this lush and green.

  2. One can't imagine the drastically changing weather condition in Ireland. There's sunny outside at this moment and it can start raining heavily the other time.

  3. The most perfect way to explore the country would be renting a car. This way one can keep a complete check on their time schedule. Renting a car can give the freedom to move around with the self-created pace.

  4. Most Luxury travel agents advise having someone who can navigate. The signs and lights here are quite confusing and unlike that in North America.

  5. During the summer, the daylight in Ireland can last for longer than usual. For sometimes there won't be darkness even at 9 PM at night. And, even when it gets darker that won't last for long.

Knowing the Customs and Behaviour followed in Ireland

Meeting Etiquette & Customs

  1. Irish people like handshaking when meeting someone for the first time in the day. They can choose between hello or other forms of salutation to greet friends and acquaintances.

  2. One should make sure to maintain eye contact while talking to the other person. Eye contact in Ireland indicates honesty and trust.

  3. Greeting in Ireland should be friendly and warm that should result in a normal conversation. Older children should be met with warm handshakes.

Gifting Etiquette & Customs

  1. The Irish culture includes exchanging gifts and wishes on birthdays and Christmas. The cost of the gift won’t actually matter.

  2. For those who are like gifting flowers should make sure that they are not choosing lilies as these flowers are used for religious ceremonies.

  3. Gifting white flowers in Ireland is not considered a good idea, as white flowers are used during funerals in Ireland.

Etiquette & Customs when Visiting Home

  1. People in Ireland if hosting a party at home would like their guests to be on time. They prepare food and everything advance and it may lose their taste if not eaten on time.

  2. Bringing a box of delicious chocolates or some wonderful bottle of wine is considered a part of showcasing etiquette.

  3. The guest should act friendly and help the host in cleaning dishes and wrapping up everything after it's over.

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Bes Informed! Health & Safety on Ireland tours

  1. Don't hesitate drinking water or trying out the food here. The food and water supply standards here are similar to those of in the USA. Many experienced Luxury tour agents say that there is no need to take any special type of precaution eating or drinking.

  2. While traveling through the rural areas in Ireland, to be on the safer side, one should know that there can be an issue in the quality of water. Particularly if the water is coming from any unregulated sources like Wells.

  3. Therefore, it is advised that those traveling to rural areas must know the source it is coming from and take needed precautions.

  4. Bug bites in Ireland can result in catching diseases. Do take precautions while moving outside because bug bites in Ireland can be dangerous.

  5. Make a point to adjust the plan for the day according to the weather condition. Wear the right kind of clothes according to the weather condition and also use protecting items like sunscreen, first aid box, and bug spray.

  6. While most animals won't come closer to humans, but they can attack and can cause harm if they feel they are being threatened. Animal scratches and bites and leads to dangerous diseases.

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