May You Conquer Your Travel Dreams with this France Tour

Gustav Flaubert once said, “Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” After a little contemplation, anyone can understand the deeply hidden fact that his statement is all about. One can’t even imagine what positive effect traveling could have on the perspective of life. Traveling heals and makes you Feel!

The world is inundated with artistry locations. All it needs is that impulse motivation to get out of your cocoon and conquer the dream that you have been hiding inside. France is one of those dreamy locations that need to be on the Bucket List. to help you out we have designed this itinerary which will enable you to discover fascinating France with France Tour Agents.

France tantalizes travelers from around the globe with its impeccably enticing culture. It’s the village-square markets, lace-curtained bistros, and cafes terraces that gravitate masses. You could have spent a lifetime of vacation in France and still not convinced if it’s over. It’s one of the most visited tourist destinations on the planet and there are enough reasons to justify that fact. The infinite historical treasures, cultural peculiarities, and the dreamy landscapes are enough to explain why France tours have made it on top of any traveler’s choices. For its immense beauty and glory, there are an assortment of France tour agents who are willing to proffer the perfect travel experience.

This is truly a world-class tourist destination with incredible architecture and art. France houses some of the iconic landmarks making it a star that everyone wants to seek in the arena of tourism. The cultural galore in the country is tremendously amazing, in terms of diversity as well as volume. One can gauge the level of tourism in the country from its staggering 89 million visitors coming from around the world. There’s a perennial wealth of galleries, cultural experiences, museums, history, art, natural landscape, and modern day tourist spots that make this land wonderful tourist destinations.

In addition to all this, this place is a real heaven for the foodies! The French love to try different and delicious dishes. Inevitably, you are going to discover a lot of new cuisines to satiate your Foodlust. Gastronomy finds a special place in France. That makes out that foodies can have a great time on France tours. Also, France provides a wonderful opportunity for those who love outdoor activities. There’s something for everyone who are thrilled with outdoor actions. From walking along the wave-rippled sand barefoot to cartwheeling down, along the highest sand dunes of Europe to riding a cable car, everything is deeply enjoyable. The endless opportunity beaming with many new and old ways of bringing out the adventure will never disappoint anyone.


(Day 1): Paris - Welcome to France!

This France itinerary assumes that you have landed in the country early in the morning and are ready for sightseeing in the second half of the day. You can’t even imagine how overwhelmingly, this city of lights, will be welcoming you. Paris finds a commendable place in the list of “the most visited locations in the world”. From the gratifying food to world-class architecture, and incredible pieces of art, Paris beams with perennial charm. There’s something for everyone to explore here in Paris.

Best things to see in Paris: Eiffel Tower, Arc Du Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, The Louvre, Montmartre & Sacre Coeur, Cruise the Seine, Palace of Versailles, and the Gardens.

The great idea would be to being with the Eiffel Tower! Its architecture is something to admire, which also was considered the tallest edifices in the world. You are going to enjoy a dreamy view of the city’s background from the Eiffel Tower. This is where it’s worth spending an entire day.

(Day 2): Paris - Arc Du Triomphe & Notre Dame Cathedral

The next spot according to this itinerary, as designed by France tour agents, would be the Arc Du Triomphe that you are going to visit on the second day of the trip. This place has been built to honor those who died fighting for France. After enjoying your lunch, you will be moving towards Notre Dame Cathedral. This is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world for its incredible French Gothic architecture. It’s popularly known for the gargoyles guarding the cathedral and unbelievable stained glass windows. At the end of the day, move towards the Louvre, where you’ll get to see the most visited museums in the world, the popular Mona Lisa. the museum has eight different departments that spread through three wings. Also, the museum showcases 35,000 art displays. At this place, you’ll certainly feel like planning another trip into this European heaven.

(Day 3): Paris - Montmartre & Sacre Coeur

This is the third day of the trip and you must be ready to explore more of Paris! Start off a little earlier because today you are going to cover three to four sites. Early in the morning, after breakfast and everything your France tour agents will be accompanying you for trip of the day. The first spot of the day is going to be Montmartre. Thousands of artists from around the globe come here to bask in its beauty. Today, you will get to see more of the high-spirited environment here with idiosyncratic nightlife. And, you can’t forget visiting the wonderful Sacre Coeur Basilica where services for locals are held on a daily basis. Moving on, your personal guide/France travel agents will be taking you next to Cruise the Seine. The best time to do it is at night hoping the Bateaux Mouches on an open top boat that will be taking you through all of the popular bridges.

(Day 4): Paris - Palace of Versailles & the Gardens

This is your last day in Paris and it’s absolutely fine to act a little lazy & relaxed. Just relax, enjoy your breakfast and then call upon your Luxury France tour agents asking them to do the arrangements. Your first spot today, according to this itinerary is going to be the Palace of Versailles. This edifice, which ones used to be the Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette home is absolutely beautiful. It’s worth spending an entire day here! The incredible art pieces, antiquities, beautiful gardens, and grand rooms, are breathtakingly bewitching. You have all the time today to explore every part of this great tourist location. At the end of the day, it’s time to explore the beautiful gardens. There are a few really beautiful gardens in the country that offer the perfect opportunity to find peace. Some of these spectacular gardens you will be visiting include the Jardin des Tuileries, the Place de la Concorde, and the Jardin du Luxembourg.

(Day 5): The Normandy Region

The Normandy Region is along the Seine River. It boasts of its rich medieval history and people from across the globe come to discover more about it. Normandy is considered a treasure trove, hidden in the heart of France. The France travel agents have designed this day in a way to take you through the regions of orchids, cheese, delve deeper into the history of the war, and explore the charismatic coastal towns.

This day trip is going to start from the Arromanches beach. It’s one of those locations, where during World War II, the allied troops were believed to have stormed through. You can see here the remnants of the time and can head up to the cliff to get a feel of the war. Other tourist spots to visit in the area include American Cemetery at Colleville, Bayeux Tapestry, and Camembert. At the end of the day, go back to your hotel room and catch up on some rest to get ready for the next day journey back home.

(Day 6): Say Goodbye to France

This is the end of this France tour. Today morning, you are going to wake up, pack your bags and head for the airport. You'll be guided by your Luxury France tour agents till the end of the trip. So, don’t worry all the arrangements have already been done. We hope you have enjoyed the trip!


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