A 6-Day Trip To The England Tour 2018

England has a great amount of history and culture which is overwhelming, from the mysteries of the middle ages. When it comes to the history of England, it is rich, diverse, and full of culture. To capture the unforgettable experiences, one can travel around the city and capture the romantic moments from the exotic places of the city.

A 6-day trip will cover all the highlights and give you all European vacation ideas from the sights, from the shores of the River Thames to the graceful sweep of the Royal Crescent. With friendly and engaging people, you can be sure that your first visit to England will be one you remember for the rest of your life.


  • Get a personalized tour of London by a friendly, engaging and knowledgeable guide, who will show you all the ins and outs of this truly majestic world capital

  • Visit impressive Windsor Castle, one of the great royal palaces in Europe, and the mysterious ruins of Stonehenge, the most famous prehistoric burial grounds in the world

  • Witness the amazing juxtaposition of Roman and Georgian architecture in beautiful Bath, the oldest resort town in the United Kingdom

  • Walk the grounds and gardens of some of the most spectacular estates in England, like the Arts and Crafts Garden at Hidcote Manor and the ancestral home of the Churchills at Blenheim Palace

  • Stroll the college green at Oxford, where you can visit some of the historic sites of the town and get a tour of the oldest university in the English-speaking world



(Day 1): London – Arrive in the Capital city

(Day 2): London – A Private Tour in London  

(Day 3): South England – The Seat of Kings and Enigmatic Stonehenge  

(Day 4): Bath – A Day in Breathtaking Bath  

(Day 5): South England – The Castles of the English Countryside  

(Day 6): London – Bidding Goodbye to Jolly England


Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: London – Arrive in the Capital city

On the first day of the trip, you can enjoy the beautiful sights of Europe and the history of the city through the window of the mighty Tower of London to the majestic facade of Westminster Abbey. After landing in the city, your personal transfer will escort you to your luxurious hotel in London. After dropping your bags and settling down in the environment, you can begin your trip by hitting London’s famous streets for shopping. While wandering along the streets of London, you can check out the fashion brands and do some shopping from the best stores. Once you have explored the city, you can then make a way to Trafalgar Square to gaze upon Nelson’s Column. In the evening, you can grab some bites from the street or by your hotel before signing off for the day.

Day 2: London –  A Private Tour in London  

Start your second day with the delicious delicacies available in the city. After having an exotic breakfast at the luxurious hotel, you will then be escorted to the best sites in London that represents a wide array of remarkable events and ancient history. Gear Up for the iconic clock tower Big Ben, the world’s most famous bell. Moving further to the Thames, you will find two impressive structures that dominate the cityscape. You can then spend the whole day in exploring the beautiful art, and culture of the city. Getting your hands on some traditional cuisines while wrapping up your day.

Day 3: South England –  The Seat of Kings and Enigmatic Stonehenge  

You can start off your journey to the English countryside with Windsor Castle that was built by William the Conqueror in the 11th century. The charming beauty of castles can’t be ignored, so make sure to add some picturesque views of castles when you visit the most popular Windsor Castle. Afterward, you can capture the charm of the St. George’s Cathedral, a 15th-century structure that addresses the remains of  King Henry VIII and serves as the official chapel for England’s most prestigious order of chivalry. In the evening, you can have some delicious bites from the traditional house of England. 

Day 4: Bath – A Day in Breathtaking Bath  

The famous Roman Baths can be your starting spot on the fourth day of your trip. This is a place where you will get to know about the city’s imperial roots, before visiting Bath Abbey. With its history preserved in the various buildings and the romanticism of Jane Austen’s works leaving its mark in every corner, we explore this English city, a renowned World Heritage Site, located a mere hour and a half away from London by train. Bath’s name aptly came from the Roman Baths, originally built in 1897, and serves as its main tourist attraction. The water comes from aquifers located in the hills near the city and it is perfect for the cold and wet days. In fact, it was during Austen’s time that these waters were prescribed as a cure for certain illnesses. Jane Austen’s brother came to the bath to cure gout, so this attraction still has ties to our favorite female author. The water comes out almost green and is surrounded by the various statues of prominent Romans from years past. 

Day 5: South England – The Castles of The English Countryside

On the fifth day of the trip, you can hit Hidcote Manor, whose gardens are the first and best-known examples of the Arts and Crafts movement in the country. Located in the beautiful Cotswold countryside, Hidcote is one of the most beautiful and inspiring gardens in England. It has a collection of beautiful linked garden rooms and one room is only occupied by a circular raised pool. You can conclude your day by making a way into Oxford, which is the most famous universities in the country.    

Day 6: London – Bidding Goodbye to Jolly England  

After having a delicious breakfast at your hotel and a leisurely morning in the city, a private transfer will pick you up from your hotel and drop you off at the airport. On the way, you can recall some good memories that you have made in the city. 

With the 6-day trip itinerary and European vacation ideas, you can make your trip exceptionally marvelous. 

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