Latin America Journey - Explore The Wonderful Atacama & Mysterious Easter Island

Chile boasts of both it’s natural and historical wonders. This wonderful country bordering the Pacific Ocean has something for everyone. In this Latin America journey explore the most captivating landscape of Chile, the Atacama desert, visit Moon Valley and "Las Tres Marias and Immerse yourself in the magic of Easter Island's.

Tour Highlights

A trip to the Moon Valley

Travel to the Tatio Geysers

Diving in the Salt Lagoon

Accommodation in San Pedro de Atacama

Visit The temple of Orongo

Explore the magic of Easter Island

Tour Description

This Latin America journey will start in Calama the gateway to the desert Atacama. Explore the wonders of Chile's most captivating landscape, the Atacama desert! Discover the beautiful desert landscape and visit sights like the great Moon Valley and "Las Tres Marias", as you let the awe-inspiring view impress you. Travel to the majestic Atacama Salt Flats, where you can view wonderful flamingos in their natural habitat. Spend time in villages like Toconao, where you can explore the San Lucas Church, and Machuca, renowned for its Andean handicrafts. Enjoy the salty waters of the Cejar Lagoon and the thermal pools at El Tatio Geyser. Spend your days viewing the sunrise over geysers and set over huge sand dunes while enjoying a comfortable stay in the charming village of San Pedro de Atacama. There is so much to explore the unique views of the Atacama Desert!

Even though the myths of Easter Island are ingrained in the collective unconscious beliefs, truth is that nobody really knows much about this remote island's secrets. This Latin America journey allows you to explore and make your own mind up about this one-of-a-kind destination. You'll be introduced to the mysterious guardians of Rapa Nui, the wonderfully impassive moai, who have guarded their secrets for a century. There's no place like this anywhere on earth, and you will spend five heady days exploring ancient quarries, hidden cave paintings, and, of course, interrogating those massive heads themselves. Go ahead: do something truly unique. Immerse yourself in the magic of Easter Island.

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 - Explore The Magical Desert

Be prepared for adventure, our team will greet you at the El Loa airport in Calama, then it's off to begin exploring the most beautiful desert in the world! You will travel along the Domeyko Mountain Range to the village of San Pedro de Atacama, gateway to the desert. In the afternoon, you will pass through the Salt Mountain Range and head straight to one of the famous place of the desert,  Moon Valley. The valley has wonderfully exceptional lunar landscapes and is considered one of the driest places in the world. Cycling towards Valle de la Luna in time to view a dramatic sunset, feel the vastness of the desert stretching out all around you. Spend time exploring the vast sand dunes, the amphitheater, and the natural salt monument "Las Tres Marias". Bring the day to an end by watching the sunset over the glowing sand, with your own special view of the impressive valley. a white boundless salt flat with flamingos nesting in the lagoons. Geological research studies recommend this vast salt flat is the most significant lithium reserve in the world.

Visit a neighboring village with ancient architecture and welcoming locals who make fine wool knit products. In the afternoon visit the Altiplano lagoons, Miscanit, and Monique, placed at 4,500m above sea level.

Day 2 - Beset Yourself With Nature - And Flamingos

Begin your day off with a delightful breakfast in the hotel. You will then set out to experience the high plain lagoons of Miscanti and Miniques, before savoring your lunch in the town of Socaire. In the afternoon, you will head to the Atacama Salt Flats and visit the spectacular Chaxa Lagoon and Flamingos National Reserve, where you can watch three of the six different kinds of flamingos, all here in Chile! Proceed with your journey to the town of Toconao and visit the San Lucas Church and Campanario Tower. In the evening, you will return to San Pedro for a relaxing night and a delicious dinner in your hotel.

Day 3 - Swim In Lagoon Waters

Start your day with breakfast at your hotel. Enjoy your morning with a visit to Cejar Lagoon. Settled in the middle of the Atacama Salt Flat, this lagoon has a higher floating level than the Dead Sea, due to its high density of salt and lithium! Be prepared with your bathing suit, you can enjoy the waters yourself with relaxing swimming. Afterward, you will return to the comfort of your hotel to relax for the rest of the evening.

Day 4 - View Geysers Shoot Into The Sky

Welcome the sunrise with an excursion to the world's highest geyser field! El Tatio Geysers erupt stunningly each day at dawn, creating unusual mineral formations and emitting high clouds of steam. From almost 900 meters below the earth, boiling steam rushes up to 40 meters over the surface of these dramatic geysers. Then go for an exciting trek to witness more geothermal activities of the area. After that, you will be served a light breakfast before you take the opportunity to soak in the thermal waters that surround you. Before returning to San Pedro, you will be escorted to the village of Machuca. Formerly known for grazing llamas, the town is renowned today for its adobe, cactus wood, straw buildings, and its Andean handicrafts. In the afternoon you will be transferred back to the airport to continue your Latin America journey to Easter Island.

Day 5 - Adventure In The Land Of Mystery

Today, you'll set your feet on the soil of one of the world's truly unique places. Easter Island's timeless wind of mystery will surround itself around you as soon as you step off the plane, as will a welcoming flower lei. We will then transfer you to the hotel where you'll lay your head down tonight.

Day 6 - Wander Among Giants

After your breakfast with a delicious dish, you will be invited to walk among the giants. Today’s first stop is over on the west side of the island at Tahai, where there are three ahu, the stone platforms from which the huge heads of the moai jut out their ancient questions. Then we will head to Rano Raraku, a dead volcano, and the quarry, where these moai were created hundreds of years ago, which lies in its shadow. The Tongariki ahu is Polynesia's largest, and is, understandably, not far from the quarry. This is also the home to Easter Island's largest moai, which is currently taking a rest on its side. The Energy rock, with its palpable magnetism, executes its presence known near Tongariki as well. Anakena beach's appeal is no less attractive, as you'll soon work out as you relax on it, a fitting end to a dramatic day.

Day 7 - Explore Volcano, Temple, And Cave Paintings

Get ready after breakfast this morning, like yesterday, you'll be off on another thrilling excursion. You'll be off to the feet of the dormant volcano, Rano Kau, and then, really, reach within it. Don't worry, though, the magma of past centuries has been replaced by a leaf-fringed lake. The village of Orongo will be your next destination, where you'll visit the temple where once the Birdman Chief of the island was selected.  Later on, you'll be visited another secret, the cave paintings at Ana Kai Tangata, and the exciting cliffs that shelter them from the wild ocean's spray.

Day 8 - Visit An Ancient Hat Workshop

For centuries, seven huge heads have fixed their eyes over the ocean at Ahuh Akiva's altar. Be prepared after finishing your breakfast in the hotel, you'll get to fix your eyes on this awe-inspiring sight. Next, we will visit a once-inhabited cave, and the quarry where fetching red hats for the overwhelming old statues were once sculpted.

Day 9 - Back to Reality

Soak up Easter Island's aura a little more this morning after breakfast, because after that it's time to head back to reality, as you board the plane back to Santiago, content in what you have seen and learned, that you'll be the envy of all the folk back home.

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