Best Bulgaria Itinerary To Consider When Traveling To Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a lot of riveting stories and legends to narrate and Bulgaria travel itinerary would cover the historic attractions that are to be found in and around the capital feature an admission fee. However, Sofia has no scarcity in great and free attractions as well, which also reveal so much about Bulgaria’s heritage and rich culture. All in all, the gorgeous capital is so fascinating, that you’d surely change your mind. So read below to unfold the best places to visit in Bulgaria.

Trip Highlights

  • Explore the scenic beauty of Saint Sofia Church

  • Enjoy the sound and light show

  • Explore the incredible historical legacy

  • Experience the rural hiking

  • Enjoy the paragliding in Sofia

Trip At A Glance

Day 1: Arrival and Sofia tour

Day 2: Enjoy Paragliding in Sofia

Day 3: Rural hiking: become one with nature

Day 4: Zoo Sofia

Day 5: Rejoice in rafting and kayaking

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival and Sofia tour

What better way to explore the inexhaustible riches and beauties of Sofia, Bulgaria, than with a lovely sightseeing tour? And with that, the good news just keeps on rolling. The best part of the tour is that it’s completely free of charge as it’s organized by a non-profit organization. The tour occurs twice a day and it covers the city’s top highlights, such as the Palace of Justice - being the starting point - renowned churches, statues, mosques, as well as many other noteworthy attractions. This way, you can wrap up the first day of your Bulgaria itinerary.

Day 2: Enjoy Paragliding in Sofia

What would you say to glide across the vast sky? Would it not be simply wonderful? Feel like a bird thanks to the Sky Camp paragliding courses in Sofia! Take advantage of the great professional paragliding courses, which feature 3 levels in total. Naturally, you’d fly alongside a professional. By doing this, you’ll feel the freedom of the birds while flying high up in the sky!

Day 3: Rural Hiking 

There’s a great narrative behind the organized tourism around here. It actually started with a famous writer A. Konstantinov, who got to push more than 300 locals to leave the cozy cafes, dusty boulevards, and streets and go out for a breezy walk. And, Voila! Today a stone marks the beginning of this curious adventure. Provided that you’re a nature-lover at heart, keep in mind that a few bus lines can take you right to the foothill of Vitosha Mountain.

Day 4: Zoo Sofia

Come inside the city’s zoo park and meet incredible animals including carnivores, primates, and herbivores. Also, Sofia’s Zoo Park is home to a wide diversity of exotic species and birds. What’s more, while strolling through the zoo park, don’t miss the great aquarium that features a whole lot of fish species, such as the yellow tank, green swordtail, catfish and so on and so forth.

Day 5: Rejoice in Rafting and Kayaking

Don’t think that we’re done with the good news. The shiny capital of Bulgaria does not only offer you unique landmarks and landscapes, but it also invites you on a high-adrenaline kayak and rafting adventure! How amazing! Indulge in a wonderful experience across rivers and seas operated outside the country’s borders as well!

Day 6: Fly over Sofia

Take your best pals with you and get ready to experience a memorable adventure high up in the sky! As engrossing as it is, newcomers may enjoy flying over the capital’s top features including the best landmarks, city views, and greatest attractions!

Day 7: Cathedral Saint Alexandar Nevski

Perhaps there is a whole myriad of interesting facts surrounding this colossal attraction and landmark. True enough, there’s one certain detail that brings a touch of greatness and sublimity to it. The breathtaking cathedral features room for more than 10 thousand people. Naturally, this turns it into one of the largest cathedrals worldwide and the 2nd in the Balkans.

Day 8: Departure

Last day on your Bulgaria itinerary calls for buying some souvenirs shopping. So, relax and enjoy the last day of your tour of the city.

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