A Bosnia Tour With The Best Bosnia Itinerary

This Bosnia itinerary will get into the skin of Bosnia & Herzegovina tour which is the most diverse, beautiful country in Europe. This Bosnia itinerary allows you to start the tour in two of the main coastal hubs of Croatia: Split and Dubrovnik. Therefore, it is suggested to follow this itinerary to reveal the best of the tours in Bosnia.

Trip Highlights

  • Rafting is one of the most picked adventure activities that tourist picks during their visit to Konjic.

  • Visit Visoko- the first man-made pyramid in the continent was found by the archaeologist Semir Osmanagic.

  • Discover the pyramid complex, which consists of five pyramids he named Sun, Moon, Dragon, Mother of Earth and Love.

Trip Glances

Day 1 & 2: Split or Dubrovnik to Kravica Waterfalls and Mostar

Day 3 & 4: Mostar to Konjic to Sarajevo

Day 5 & 6: Travnik - Jajce – Biha?

Day 7: Bosnian Pyramid - Visoko

Day 8: Waterfalls - Kravice and Jajce

Day 9: Departure 


Day 1 & 2: Split or Dubrovnik to Kravica Waterfalls and Mostar

The Bosnia tour will start in Split or Dubrovnik and Kravica Waterfalls will be the meeting point for the travelers. From there, you move onto Mostar and the stunning Turkish Old Town. While traveling to Sarajevo, you will get the opportunity to go rafting on the famous Neretva River. Once you have enjoyed doing the water activity, you will proceed to the Sarajevo, a city full of surprises and great nightlife. Afterward, the tour will demand to visit the famous War Tunnel Museum to discover the hand-made tunnel dug by the soldiers during the war. This will be continued to exploring the Olympic mountains of Bosnia-Herzegovina that features Lukomir, an unspoiled highland village. The departure from Split will happen on the first day of the tour and you will be reaching in the midday at the airport. From there, you will be provided a cab to your hotel where you will have your midday meal. After making yourself comfortable in the hotel, you will move to the first destination of the Bosnia tour- Kravica Waterfalls. Here, you can have a lot of fun in the amidst of waterfalls, and after have a good time there, you can have a light lunch to satisfy your hunger pangs. In the late afternoon, you leave for Mostar and after checking in to your accomodation, have a quick orientation walk to the place. The next day of the tour according to Bosnia itinerary is reserved for exploring Mostar and do not forget to have to enjoy the nightlife of the city apart from the top attractions like the Old bridge museum, where you can choose to actually get inside the famous bridge. Stay a day over here.

Day 3 & 4: Mostar to Konjic to Sarajevo

Leave Mostar early in the morning for Konjic that is just an hour away from Mostar. Konjic is famous for its adventurous life as it offers many adventure activities to travelers. Rafting is one of the most picked adventure activities that tourist picks during their visit to Konjic. This adventure water activity is perfect for both first-timers and those who have rafted before. Invest your day in this water activity and in the evening come back to your hotel. After having your night meal and having your meal go straight to your room to take sleep so that you will wake up fresh next day. The next destination on Bosnia itinerary is Sarajevo, a beautiful city which is tucked inside a long, thin valley surrounded by forested mountains. This place offers a glimpse of an idyllic picture-postcard backdrop. Spend a day in exploring the beauty of the place and while admiring the beauty of the city and do not forget to turn back some pages of its history to get some glimpses of wartime. Take a walk to your hotel in the late evening and if you don’t feel like having dinner at the hotel, do grab a bite at the nearest food place.

Day 5 & 6: Jajce – Bihac

Start your fifth day with Jajce, leaving Sarajevo in the early morning to be able to reach your next destination on time. This will keep some time in-spare to explore the place in a vast way. To start your Bosnia fifth day tour, Bosnian Kings - Jajce is the perfect place to explore the royalty of the city. Once you are done exploring the residence of the Bosnian Kings - Jajce. Make sure to visit the natural waterfall in the city center. This will give you some serene vibes and washes away your stress and keep you calm throughout the days that are left on the Bosnia itinerary. Afterward, you will proceed to explore the Old Mills and amazing Lakes of Pliva, where you can go for a delightful lunch. Later afternoon, you can leave for your accommodation and after having your meal, take rest in your room. Next day, leave for Biha? early in the morning and organize the easy city walking tour. Bihac offers lots of interesting sporting activities such as rafting and kayaking. Rafting above the Una River is not way too expensive, depending on how much time you want to spend on the tour. The total would usually include transportation to the rafting place. This is how you can enjoy your sixth day of Bosnia tour in Bihac and do not forget to buy some souvenirs for friends and family. Take your night meal at the nearest food street if you are willing to take your meal at the hotel.

Day 7: Waterfalls - Kravice

Gearing up for the seventh day on Bosnia and Herzegovina itinerary, which unfolds to heading towards the east of Sarajevo, you will come across not only the beautiful town of Visegrad but also the stunning Kravice Waterfall that lies not very away from there. This is a popular spot for swimming in surrounding pools. There’s no public transportation to Kravice waterfall but you can hitchhike or go by car there. Many hostels and travel agencies in Mostar organize trips to here. Another worth checking highlight is the stunning 20-meter high Pliva waterfall in Jajce. There are several bus connections between Jajce and Sarajevo, and also with the closest big town of Travnik.

Day 8: Bosnian Pyramid - Visoko

Your eighth day according to Bosnia And Herzegovina Itinerary is for Bosnian Pyramid - Visoko. If you have a keen interest in the famous Egyptian pyramids and cannot travel far outside of Europe, look no further than in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Located in Visoko, the first man-made pyramid in the continent was found by the archaeologist Semir Osmanagic. He claimed to have discovered the pyramid complex, which consists of five pyramids he named Sun, Moon, Dragon, Mother of Earth and Love. Lots of secret tunnels and chambers can be found beneath. To get here from the capital of Sarajevo, buses take about half an hour. This is how you wrap up the last day of Bosnia tour. Take some souvenirs from the nearby market if you haven’t bought any of them for your friends and family. In the evening, come back to your hotel. Stay overnight and leave early in the morning for the airport. 

Day 9: Departure

On the ninth day of Bosnia itinerary, it is time to leave this beautiful country. After having your breakfast, call the private cab that will drop you to the airport. Hope you had a good time here in Bosnia and Herzegovina through Bosnia itinerary.


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