Enjoy Beach & Water Sports In An Amazing Trip To Bora Bora

Bora Bora is one of the enchanting islands that make up French Polynesia in the South Pacific. This lush tiny natural carpet of land rests in a guarded lagoon bordered by fine white sandy beaches, the best located at Matira Point. The remote beaches, luxury hotels, and a calm atmosphere welcome visitors, also make them love their trip to Bora Bora and visit again. There are also plenty of activities for adventure-seekers, such as snorkeling, lagoon water sports or hiking to the past including Maraes, US canons installed during World War II, and pearl farms.

Tour Highlights

  • Luxury Beach Accommodation

  • Guided Lagoon Watersports

  • Full-day island cruising with snorkeling and buffet lunch

  • Postcard-perfect photo opportunity throughout the trip

Tour Description

Your trip to Bora Bora will start from your luxury beach hotel at Matira point. Matira beach, the only beach open for public, is a jewel of Bora Bora Island. Many travel journals have cited Matira as the best beach in the world.

No doubt, this pristine beach with white sand smooching the waters with various shades of blue owes a mandatory trip. After you have had enough of enjoy on the white sand, get ready for a guided adventure. There are lots of activities open at Matira Beach, including good snorkeling.

Bora Bora allows a wide variety of water and underwater sports, such as speed boating, jet ski, canoeing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and deep sea fishing. This tour will take you to Lagoonarium, a great spot for such activities which also include stingray and shark feeding.

The tour also includes an interesting walking trail, beginning from the eastern side of Matira Beach, allows you to hike up to a vital area where coastal defense guns were set by the US military during WWII. They never had to be fired. From here you have a beautiful view across the lagoon to Mount Otemanu and Motu Toopua.

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 - Relaxing on Matira Beach

We will greet you at the on the Motu Mute and transfer you to your luxury beach bungalow at Maitra point. It is about half an hour drive. Once you reach your bungalow, immerse in the surprising beauty of nature. Spend your day just by relaxing in the comfort of your accommodation with a view of the blue ocean water and relishing yummy food, or you can take a sunbath lying on the white sandy beach. The white sand of fantastic Matira beach slopes smoothly into a shallow, sandy-bottomed lagoon. As it's on the Circle Island path you can readily get there without a boat. You can also visit the restaurants around to have a taste of special cuisine of Bora Bora.

Day 2 - Watersports in Matira Beach and nearby lagoons

Today after breakfast get ready for some adventure and water sports in the coral garden. Set out for the Bora Bora lagoons during a remarkable day of snorkeling. We will provide you with the equipment required for snorkeling. The main island is encircled by a lagoon, a barrier reef, and small islets that help keep the water quiet most of the time. On Bora Bora across from the central island, you'll find the charming Coral Gardens. This coral reef is not far beneath the surface of the water, so it creates for smooth and enjoyable snorkeling. Your guide will take you to Lagoonarium the best spot considered for water sports. The clear pristine water in the lagoon justifies being explored. Sink down the water to get a magical experience of being so close to the vivid aquatic life. Spend your time with a snorkeling, diving or other sports while your guide will take care of your safety. If you are a keen adventure lover you can enjoy a jet ski here.

Day 3 - Full day water cruising

Today after breakfast get ready for a full day cruising. You will be driven to the dock. Board your ship and cruise over blue-green waters decorated by the lush coastline, and immerse in remarkable views en route to your first lagoon. Skip into the shallow water and slide on the given snorkel and mask to start your stingray adventure. Your guide explains to you how to associate with the gentle stingrays, which have adapted fine to human feedings in the area. Get a closer view or even touch the elegant rays as they swim right up to you! On the way to your next stop, explore the crystal-clear waters for manta rays floating past. You’ll reach a prime snorkeling spot above a bright coral garden where you can witness the marine life from the boat or wonder at the abundance of fish through your snorkel mask. Once you’ve finished up an appetite, your guide will take you to a private Motu (small island) for a freshly cooked buffet lunch. Have a bite into grilled steak, chicken, fish, salads and fruit.  Thereafter, follow your guide on a quick hike to the island's top for scenic views, and reward yourself with a plunge in the sea or a stroll along the coastline. When you hear the distinct sound of a conch shell being blown, you'll be delighted by a coconut husking show and live music before you start back for your hotel in Maitra point.

Day 4 - Travel to past including Maraes and pearl farms

Today we will take you will get an opportunity to visit the archaeological sites in Bora Bora, including is a Tahitian religious site, US canons set during World War II, and pearl farms. You will travel in a specially designed range rover to explore the sites. The maraes were spots of sacred worship and open-air temples of old pagan culture. Today also, the “maraes” fascinate and attract the visitors. History buffs will experience a wealth of World War II memories from the days when Bora Bora served as an active base for American soldiers. A coastal defense gun setting is visible from Matira Point and a driving trip around the island reveals military landmarks and hotspots from the ancient days. Devoted shoppers can hunt for the perfect black pearl through town before you move back for your beach hotel.

Day 5 - Departure

Today is the last day of your trip to Bora Bora. After warm greetings and breakfast, we will transfer you to the airport.

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