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Albania has natural beauty and a history that goes back centuries. Luxury Albania tours have become a huge favorite for people looking for a little unconventional destination. Tourists will really like their time touring this nation. Nature lovers can also participate in all the hiking found here. Beach enthusiasts will like the Albanian Riviera present along the Ionian coast. History fanatics can wander around the UNESCO locations such as Gjirokaster, Berat, and Butrint, an ancient Roman city. Luxury Albania tours are getting more popular, with more travelers opting for them every year. It can rapidly become as costly and popular as Croatia in the following years. So, we recommend you visit now before the crowds start thronging the place. This guide will assist you in chalking out the best tour to Albania without incurring unnecessary expenses.


Best Time to Go on Luxury Albania Tours


The country has a Mediterranean climate. This means that it has super-hot summers. The daily temperatures range around eighty-nine degrees Fahrenheit. The mountains experience cold winters, and the coast has mild winters. The best time to go to the country is during the fall or spring season. During this season, the weather is moderate. The average daily temperatures are around sixty-nine degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it great for outdoor activities such as hiking. Suppose you would also like to experience the incredible coastlines of the nation during your tour. In that case, the best time to go is during the summer. The country does not get a huge number of tourists yet. So, it is unusual to get attractions and sites that are too crowded. The crowds also do not rise much during the peak season. But be ready to experience hot weather because it will be sweltering.


How to Remain Safe During Luxury Albania Tours



The nation is usually a very safe place to visit for tourists. But like nearly anywhere else on the globe, there is little crime present. Do not flaunt any of the possessions that you take with you. Also, ensure that your valuables are out of reach while traveling on crowded buses. If you are planning to go out to party at night, try to find some mode of transport instead of walking home alone if you are in an inebriated condition. The locals here take great pride in their nation. The nation's culture has a long tradition of great hospitality to their guests, even if they are their enemies. They never treat guests poorly. Thus, there is very little crime against tourists. Also, the citizens stay out late, and it is a night-time nation. So, people are always walking on the streets, which keeps major crimes at bay. For this reason, female travelers will not feel very insecure when walking around at night.


The primary risk in the country is reckless driving. The nation has some of the top road fatality rates per capita in the continent. Thus, pay more attention when walking or driving near busy streets. Also, a few landmines are still active near the border with Kosovo. You should try to avoid hiking off the marked trails present there. Also, keep an eye for warnings and signs. Scams are not very common here, but they do happen sometimes. We will advise you to trust your instincts and not try to do anything untoward that you would not do in your home nation.


How to Move Around During Luxury Albania Tours


Tourists can travel almost anywhere by walking in most cities and towns. They can also take the bus, priced around thirty to forty cents per ride. The most effective way to go from the airport to the city of Tirana is to use the shuttle at the airport. It operates twelve hours a day and drops passengers off near the National Museum of Tirana. The shuttle costs less than forty dollars for a one-way trip and takes about half an hour. Also, passengers can take a cab for $250. Taxis are also readily present in all of the major towns. You will have to pay $25 to turn the meter on plus another $25 for each kilometer to use a cab. Many cabs will quote you a cost, but that will be very inflated. Ensure that the cab puts on the meter. The country also has a small rail network. But not many people avail of the facility in the nation. The citizens say that it is quite slow and unreliable.


You can try to take the bus network instead. It is more reliable, cheaper, faster, and has a bigger reach. Buses go to all the locations in the country and are the major form of transportation. They also follow a loose timetable. The buses tend to leave on schedule from major towns and starting points. But be ready to add an hour of buffer time to be on the safe side while reaching your destination. The streets are always filled with traffic and do not keep in great shape, so arrivals on time are very rare. The cost of buses ranges from $30 to over $100 depending on how far they travel. A bus trip from Tirana to Saranda costs around $130, while Tirana to Berat costs $40. For international bus travel, passengers will get buses from and to Sofia for $300 on the slow bus that takes about half a day or $750 on the fast bus that takes less than nine hours. The bus journey to Montenegro costs about $200 and takes less than four hours. There is no requirement to pre-book the bus. You can just turn up at the bus station and get your ticket for the ride.


There are also car rentals that start at $200 daily. The streets are usually in bad shape, so ensure that you drive around carefully. All tourists who intend to drive require an International Driving Permit to rent a vehicle here. Tourists can easily go hitchhiking in the country. It is quite common, and there are lots of tourists who opt for it. It is quite simple to get a ride here.


Some Things to See During Luxury Albania Tours



Tourists can relax on the Albanian Riviera present on the Albanian coast. It has great seafood and white beaches. It has the prettiness of the top European tourist destinations without the sizable crowds and the high costs. Ksamil and Dhermi are seen to have the top beaches in the nation. There are miles of comfy beachfront. If you need a beach destination with more crowds, you can go to the Himare. It has a beach with a promenade lined with bars and cafes. For something more offbeat, you can get to Gjipe Beach. You can also visit Saranda for a developed and bustling beach town. It is packed with nightlife, restaurants, and hotels.


You can also go to Rozafa Castle and soak in the view there. It is located near Shkoder. The castle has a great view of the entire area, including a couple of rivers. The historical fortifications present here go a long way back by more than ten centuries. This was when the Illyrians lived in the location. There were fortifications present that were replaced by the castles. 




Luxury Albania tours are one of the most undiscovered places on the European continent. The tour increases in popularity as the years go by. Luxury Albania tours are ignored by most travelers. They think that it is still a backwater. But the world has changed a lot in the past three decades, and the country has also seen a lot of development over the years. It is a place replete with welcoming people and good food. In fact, you may enjoy it so much that you might extend your trip.



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