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Whenever one hears the word ‘Iceland’, the images of splendid natural beauty, lost castles, hauntingly quiet lakes and deliciously prepared fish dishes evoke up in the thoughts. However, there is much more to discover in Iceland! From geothermal springs and active volcanoes to awe-inspiring glaciers, Iceland is one such place where nature takes center stage. Isolated from the rest of Europe for many centuries, this land of ice and fire has a unique cultural heritage of literature, cuisine, and music that you’ll find enthralling as well. Illuminated by the Northern Lights in the winter and the midnight sun in the summer, Iceland shines in any season, offering you a travel experience unlike anywhere else on the planet!


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The Best 9-Day Iceland Tour With Iceland Itinerary
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Impressive Places To Visit in Iceland With Iceland Itinerary
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Unlocking The Natural Grandeur of Iceland's Hot Springs With Iceland Itinerary
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Wonderful Discovery Of Iceland With Iceland Itinerary
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Iceland Itinerary: Explore the Beauty and Magnificence of Iceland
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Iceland Itinerary: A Week-Long Vacation In Iceland
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Stay Calm And Relief With Iceland Travel Itinerary
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Immerse in the marvelous landscapes of Games of Thrones in this 7-Days Iceland Itinerary
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One Week Complete Suitcase With A Wonderful Iceland Itinerary
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Uncovering The Majestic Beauty Of East Iceland Tours
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Rejoice the Northern Lights at Your Exquisite 5-Day Iceland Tour


Discover the Undiscovered on Iceland Tours

Iceland tours are undoubtedly the perfect decisions for those who like discovering the undiscovered. Sitting in the lap of North Atlantic ocean, Iceland has some real heart-captivating sites and landscapes. This absolutely secluded place is all packed with plenty of dramatic landscapes.

There is an assortment of undiscovered aspects of the magical world that one can get on to discover. There are lava fields, elves, geysers,  geysers, lava fields, and green fjords to be discovered in on the trip. Let’s discover the pleasantly peculiar things about Iceland.

Iceland Beautiful Cities & Towns

Apart from wild nature, there is much more to discover on this European charm. From charming cities to small towns, Iceland is a full-fledged vacation package. Beginning with Reykjavik keep aside at least two days to explore this city, which is popularly known for its vibrant seaside location.

Another Icelandic city that is going to make the trip special is Akureyri. Known popularly as the capital of North Iceland, it is located on the opposite side of Reykjavik. Set among the range of some beautiful mountains, Akureyri is where whale watching is famous for whale watching.

Another piece of beauty in Iceland is Hvammstangi town. It is built only with 580 people and is one of the most fascinating to stop by along the way to the Ring Road. It is the impeccably beautiful location with perfectly appealing hills on one side and the perfectly appealing hills on another that makes this place a must-visit on Iceland tours.

The Volcanoes

Throughout the world, Iceland is believed to have the most numbers of active volcanoes. This is the result of the country's location situated between two tectonic plates. Every five years, there is one volcanic eruption in the country with 30 volcanoes active throughout the year. Don't worry, they won't cause any harm in most cases! Most Icelandians call them “the tourist eruptions” and they cause no harm to humans. Indeed, they provide plenty of opportunities for clicking pictures on the trip. But, in a few cases, there has been destruction causing disruptions in air travel throughout the world. The best of all the volcanoes to be visited on the trip are Helka, Öræfajökull, and Eyjafjallajökull. Apart from this, Snæfell is also another volcano covered with a gigantic glacier that can't be missed on the trip.

National Parks in Iceland

Three National parks are famous in this part of Europe! The biggest of the three has been built from five separate parks.

Þingvellir National Park: The National park has the longest history. It was recognized as UNESCO World Heritage sites for being the place where the oldest existing Parliament was built. The park also houses the largest lakes in the country. Adventurers get an opportunity to scuba dive and snorkel here between the two tectonic plates.

The second one is the Snæfellsjökull National Park is the only park in the country that is located around the coastline. This park offers a landscape where it's great to spend time on the beach, visit the lava cave and enjoy being in the glaciers.

The last one is the Vatnajökull National Park and it is the biggest parks in entire Europe. From here one can visit the highest Iceland mountain and also many waterfalls including Svartifoss, and Dettifoss.

Waterfalls in Iceland

It would be hard to cut down on the list of waterfalls to visit here in Iceland. With some lovely mountains and rainfall ranging from 20 to 80 inches, it's best to visit the beautiful waterfalls in Iceland tours.

The beautiful waterfalls offer a great many scenic charms! The glacial falls that come out from the canyons and fall beautifully into the lap of the sandy beaches are the best parts of visiting the waterfalls here.

Some of the best waterfalls include Selfoss, and Godafoss. While Dettifoss is the largest of all Selfoss is horseshoe-shaped and Godafoss also known as “the Waterfall of the Gods”.

The Northern Lights

Those who are visiting Iceland dusting winters, the northern lights are the perfect things for them. The Northern lights can be seen throughout the country from early April to late September. But, it's not sure that one can actually see them or not. Of those, who wish to see the southern lights must give a few days here in the country to witness this charismatic thing. Most of Iceland travel agents suggest going far-off from the city where there's only least light pollution. This can give the best view of the northern lights. One of the places that offer the perfect view of these lights is the Pingvellir National Park.

Hiking: An Important Part of Iceland Tours

Hiking is recommended particularly for those who wish to see a significant part of the exciting landscape of the country. There are plenty of walking trails that go along some of the most incredible ecosystems. Some of these hiking trails can lead to glacial ice fields, black sand deserts, and lava fields. There’s an incredibly great number of hiking terrains in the country. And, these hikes can take a few hours to weeks. So, most expert Iceland travel agents recommend researching in advance about the hiking trail one is going to undertake.

Drive Around the Ring Road

Road tripping is one of the best ways to discover Iceland's natural beauty, and you can easily take in most of the country by following one road.The Ring Road will be your main route. But, there are many secondary roads that break off from the highway leading to local villages and attractions worth taking in along the way.

Here’s the Best time to Plan Iceland Tours

For its location by the side of oceans, Iceland makes one European country where the weather fluctuates drastically. While the best time to visit Iceland apt for all types of travelers is; May to September, the weather conditions for different types of travelers are different. Let's see how.

A Brief Description of the Best Time to Visit Iceland

Iceland’s Best Weather

July & August (Summer)

Iceland’s Best Weather for Whale Watching June & July
Iceland’s Best weather to Enjoy the Hot Springs September & October first-half
Iceland’s Best Time for Watching the Northern Lights Mid-October to March
  1. For some people, winters may be good to visit Iceland. But, the temperature can go even below -30 Degree, particularly between December to February being the most chilly months.

  2. For those who want to see the Great Northern lights on their Luxury, Iceland tours must visit the country between September to April.

  3. The months falling between December to January lack considerably in daylight; it's not a problem for the aurora seekers. But, the lack of light could be a problem for the outdoor adventurer and keen photographers.

  4. In the months of June&July, midnight Sun appears and it can be fun for many. But, only for a few earlier days until one needs an eye mask.

  5. August is the time when night starts taking a darker turn. From September to June most of the roads are closed because of ice and snow.

  6. Also, note that during the months of February&March many organizations offer wildlife photography excursion and run boat tours. So, this is the best time of the year for those who want to dive a little deeper into the magic this place is.

Best Tips to find Accommodations in Iceland

There are numerous types of accommodations in Iceland one can choose from according to their convenience. From cheap hostels and camping grounds to budget breakfast and beds to luxurious hotel apartments and 4-star hotels, there is no dearth of options to choose from. But, don't look for 5-star hotels because there's none in this part of Europe. Let's discuss in brief on how to find the best accommodations on Iceland vacation.

  1. Mostly in the countryside, there are only boutique hotels which are quite small. These are particularly located in the areas where the population is only around a few hundred. And, obviously, these hotels are not made to fit in large groups of people. So, these hotels are not meant for those who are looking out for group stays.

  2. Irrespective of the size of the population (small) of the country, tourism in the country is flourishing with visitors influx increasing every year. Consequently, the number of hotels are also increasing with each passing year.

  3. All this makes out that the mid-sized hotels get filled up very quickly. Our luxury tour agents advise that those who are looking out to travel in groups should book hotels a year in advance. Particularly if the plans are to travel during the Summers.

  4. The other way out is to split into smaller groups and choose old-fashioned or luxurious, but expensive accommodation.

  5. Most Luxury Iceland travel agents suggest not leaving it for the end moment because the closer it gets nearer to summer the chances of finding better accommodations diminishes.

An Iceland vacation makes the perfect long-weekend holiday. With icy glaciers to volcanic deserts to the black sand beaches, every part of the country is beautiful. It's an apt location and the cheap flights that Iceland tours are great to have great fun. But, before planning a trip to Iceland know these important things about the country.

  • The cost of food here may move about unbelievably high. It’s is more expensive than in cities like New York. Even a simple dinner can cost more than lavish & luxurious dinner in many of the countries.

  • One may feel that the water is smelling quite gross, but don't worry it's safe to drink. Sometimes the water will smell like rotten eggs, but the taste is absolutely normal and consuming the water won't cause any harm.

  • There are buses that travel through different Iceland tourist sites. At every site, one can see big crowds all of which come here to see the natural wonders of the place.

  • Don't get confused by seeing a bunch of cranes at every part of the country. This is because of the incessant growth of tourism in the country resulting in construction sites at every corner of the country.

  • There are only a few bathrooms and they may also charge a little high to use them. Most of the top tourist attractions are located too far away from each other. So, make sure planning out pee breaks.

Travel healthy! Travel Safe!

Health on Iceland Tours

  1. Most Luxury tour agents recommend having knowledge of available vaccines. But, don't worry, there's a need to get immunized before traveling to Iceland.

  2. The Great thing about the country is that the air is clean with almost no bacteria in the air. Water here is also the cleanest in the world. But, one should make sure that the water is coming from a clean source.

  3. Health issues are going to be minimum. And, one is safer as he ascends up.

  4. One must wear good quality boots to be safe from getting blisters. And, be vigilant while moving through the high cliffs and rough paths. Lip balms and lotion are significant items for fighting dryness.

Safety on Iceland Tours

  1. Ask anyone who is an experienced traveler about the safest country on the Earth to travel. The answer is undoubtedly going to be in Iceland. No pick-pocketing, no kidnappings, no attacks of any type, nothing.

  2. But, there's another kind of threat here and that's because of the volcanic eruptions. This makes out that it is one of the most unsafe places in the world.

  3. Apart from volcanoes, tidal waves, earthquakes, blizzards, glacier outbursts, and an avalanche can be the possible threats on Iceland tours.

Know People Before planning Iceland Tours

  1. According to the tradition of Icelanders, there is a hidden group of people who are known as huldufólk. In Reykjavík, there is a museum built to celebrate these hidden people. This belief is entrenched in the traditions of Iceland from last many years.

  2. Don't get mistaken! While the first impression that comes about the people of Island is rude and unfriendly, but that's not actually true. Majority Icelanders are helpful and friendly.

  3. According to the general etiquette in Island, a person requires taking off his/her shoes before entering someone's home.

  4. The country does not follow the system of tipping. While a few hotels and organizations have started keeping a tipping jar near the cash register, people don't actually bother about it.

  5. Unlike in other parts of Europe, people in the country are not that punctual. They won't come for a meeting or party before 15 minutes past the actual time.

  6. Be vigilant before starting any discussion on a global crisis or something because that's a very emotionally upheaving issue for Islanders. The banking crisis has been on high in Iceland and people have suffered a lot.

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