Why Choose Ukraine Vacations As Your Next Trip?

In recent times, Ukraine vacations have become a popular budget option for a trip. While it might not seem to get the usual tourism in Western Europe, it makes up for it with fewer crowds, historical monuments, gorgeous landscapes, and low prices. You may not have many expectations from Ukraine vacations, but you will love your time there. It is a ton of fun, affordable, and different. The citizens are very welcoming, the nation is not pricey, and there is a great sense of going back in time as you explore the countryside and cities. We cannot recommend Ukraine vacations enough. This travel guide to Ukraine vacations can assist you in planning a tour there while staying within budget.


How to Get Around on Your Ukraine vacations



The country has a mix of outdated and crowded small buses and bigger and more modern coaches. Flixbus is a great option because their buses are cheap, reliable, and clean. Tourists can take a bus nearly anywhere in the nation for under 15 dollars. Trains are great for lengthier journeys around the nation. Most of the trains have an old feeling, but they are cheap, reliable, and safe. There are also a lot of overnight options. Tourists can take an overnight train to save a night of accommodation. Regular seats are shared, and private sleepers and first-class couchettes are all present. Most of the clerks do not speak enough English, so you can purchase your tickets online or have the hotel note down what you require and where you will go. The tour from Odesa to Kyiv can cost less than 30 dollars. The trip from Lviv to Kyiv costs nearly the same, while the trip from Loskutivka to Kyiv costs less than 20 dollars.


The main domestic carrier which you will get during your Ukraine vacations is Ukraine International airlines. The flights are very affordable, and many domestic flights cost less than a hundred dollars. Car rentals during your Ukraine vacations can be obtained for as little as over twenty dollars per day. It goes double that amount if you book for only a couple of days, though. The streets are in rough shape, so you will have to drive carefully. Also, you will require an international driving permit to rent any car here. Hitchhiking during your Ukraine vacation has become quite difficult because of the Crimean conflict with Russia. You can do it, but we will not recommend it based on the current scenario. But you can be adventurous and try the activity out anyway.


When to Go on Your Ukraine Vacation


The summer is the best time to go on your Ukraine vacation. The months from June to August will give you many warm and sunny days, with the temperatures hovering between 65-76 Fahrenheit. This is also the busiest period of the year. But, Ukrainian vacations only see around 15 million tourists every year. This is way less than the nearly hundred million visitors a famous destination such as France gets. So, do not think that you will get massive crowds on your Ukraine vacations. You may also want to avoid the peak season of summer. You can try to go on your Ukraine vacation in May or October. It will not be as warm, but you will be able to see the flowers bloom or notice the leaves change color in the autumn. It can get quite cold at night, but the days are great for hiking and sightseeing. The winters in the nation are quite cold, with temperatures going below 32 Fahrenheit. Unless you are going there to do winter sports or ski, avoid going on your Ukraine vacations in the winter.


How to Stay Safe During Your Ukraine Vacations


Petty theft and crime in the nation are on par with the rest of Europe. Many of them are crimes of opportunity, so as long as the valuables are kept out of reach when on public transportation and in crowded areas, you will avoid this common issue. Do not flash your valuables when in public, and avoid walking alone during the late hours of the night in bigger cities. Credit card fraud is also a concern in the nation. So stick to utilizing the ATMs in banks. Do not use random ATMs on the road. The streets are in quite terrible shape, so be very careful when you rent a vehicle. Wear a seatbelt, adhere to the speed limits, and follow the guidelines of the road. The drivers in the nation are pretty aggressive, and you have to be prepared for that. With the growth of the far-right and the increasing Russian interference, there have been attacks against people of color. 


Travelers of color should take extra precautions and not try to travel alone at night.


The war in Crimea with Russia is localized to that region, so you do not have to worry. Also, it would help if you had a special permit to travel to that region. It is possible to get to Crimea and experience many things there. But many governments have issued warnings and will not give assistance should an issue occur. So, avoid going to that region for now. It is important to trust your gut instinct. If a taxi driver looks shady, stop the car and get out. If the hotel is shadier than what you had imagined, move out. Make copies of all the personal documents, including your ID and passport. Forward your schedule to your loved ones so that they know where you are. An important point to remember is that if you would not do an activity in your home country, avoid doing it in Ukraine.


The most vital piece of advice for you is to buy good travel insurance. This will safeguard against cancellations, theft, injury, and illness. So, it is comprehensive protection. Never go on any tour without it, as it has come in handy to innumerable passengers in the past.


Other Things to See and Do During Your Ukraine Vacations



You can visit Chernivtsi University. The university was founded in 1875 and is one of the most exciting pieces of architecture in Chernivtsi, a town in western Ukraine. It has been constructed from well-laid red bricks and has been decorated with thousands of colored tiles. A Byzantine style influenced the design of the monument. You can get guided tours for the university for under four dollars. You can even opt to relax at Arcadia Beach. It is the most famous beach in the nation. The beach is situated in Odessa and was developed to be the nation’s main summer getaway spot. So, there are many cafes, resorts, clubs, and bars here. This makes it a great place to go during the warmer summer months, from May to September. The main beach also has a waterside and much space to lounge and swim. But remember to arrive early to gain a good spot because it gets very crowded in the summer.


Wandering among the Odessa catacombs is also a great choice. It is the biggest catacomb system on the planet. There are over 2,000 kilometers of catacombs under the town. They had developed nearly 400 years ago and expanded when the town mined for limestone nearly 200 years ago. The limestone was utilized to create the town. Soviet rebels utilized the catacombs during World War II after the Germans forced the rebels to retreat. People can get lost and die here, so it is dangerous to go alone to explore it. But you can get a guide for under eleven dollars to show you around. The Bohdan and Varvara Khanenko Arts Museum is situated in Kyiv. This museum has a great collection of European art. The interior has priceless antique furniture, intricately-carved woodwork, and frescoes.


There is also much masterful art. You can easily expect to see paintings from the western side of Europe. This includes works by Luis de Morales, Jacob Jordaens, Gentile Bellini, and Peter Paul Rubens. There are also Chinese paintings, Persian Ceramics, and Greek and Egyptian antiquity. The admission is only over a dollar.




Ukraine vacations are a great and incredibly safe way to explore this country. Despite the nation being considered a little dangerous by several people due to the war in Crimea. There are even more affordable flights available for your Ukraine vacations now. There are also train and bus services within the European Union now connecting to major towns such as Kyiv and Lviv. So, Ukraine vacations are sure to pick up among the tourists in the coming years.


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