Where To Experience The True Spirit Of Ukraine?

The country is an abode to fairytale castles, grandeur architecture, rich history, bewitching landscapes, and mouthwatering food.  If you want to explore the gorgeous country, you need to know: what are the different places, which are worth traveling and worth your precious time in a foreign land.

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Detailed Itinerary

Here is an itinerary to provide you an insight into the enchanting culture, history, scenic beauty and adventures of Ukraine vacation:

1. Feel at peace at the Sofiyivka Botanical Park- One day

The botanical park looks gorgeous all throughout the year. The park is named after the beloved wife of Count Pototskiy, Zofia Pototskiy. The park has everything from stunning monuments to enchanting waterfalls. No matter which side you enter through, the park looks gorgeous from every side. If you are looking for peace far away from the city noise, Sofiyivka Botanical Park is the best place to gain tranquility. Tourists either visit with their close ones or at times even alone.

2. Stroll on the streets of Lviv- Three days

The city of Lviv is full of surprises at all times. The beautiful cathedrals and unique museums of Lviv attract the tourists. You can walk on the cobbled streets of the stunning city with your better half to capture the view of the architecture of the city. The coffee in the coffee houses of Lviv has the best coffee to pacify your cravings for caffeine.  There are plenty of chocolate manufacturing units in the city that make rich chocolate from the best cocoa. The city is home to the Polish architecture and has plenty of places to visit such as the High Castle Park, the Lviv Opera House, and Rynok Square.

3. Party and enjoy swimming at Odessa- Two days

Odessa is well known because the locals love to swim in the waters of the Black Sea. The catchy beach clubs at Odessa is the hotspot place for partying and clubbing. There is a stunning historical center located at Odessa which has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. The city is also known for holding film festivals and workshops. 

4. Gaze at the Carpathian Mountains- One day

The Carpathian Mountains are considered as the must-visit place in the literature of the tourists. The stunning mountains take away your breath with its scenic beauty. The atmosphere near the mountains is very cool and clean. The flora and fauna at the mountains are exotic and similar to the plants and animals of the Alps Mountain. You would not believe that the mountains were formed due to an earthquake and the center of attraction of that area is the national park. 

5. Lurk in the Tunnel of Love- Half day

The green tunnel in Kleven is officially the most romantic place in the entire Ukraine. The weaving of the branches and bushes in Western Europe in no small measure gathers a lot of attention from the tourists. People in love from all across the globe come especially to this place to exchange a kiss under the perfect tunnel and wish for their happy married life. You can visit this place with your better half and talk a walk holding hands in the Tunnel of Love. There is belief related to the tunnel which says that performing such a ritual will strengthen your bond of love. Some couples even click pictures under the tunnel on their wedding day, all decked up to remember their day of love.

6. Click portraits at the sunflower field- One Hour 

Tourists never miss the golden opportunity to click pictures for their perfect Instagram handle. Ukraine is the largest exporter of sunflowers and this is because of a strong reason. Most of the country has sunflower fields across the county. When in Ukraine do not miss the golden opportunity and click portraits in the gorgeous fields with your loved ones. While taking a road trip do not forget to stop whenever you see a sunflower field. Keep one thing in mind that the sunflowers only bloom in July. 

7. Eat the Ukrainian cuisine- Two hours

The two main and delicious dishes of the country’s cuisine are Borscht and Salo. The Borscht is an amazing mix of tomatoes, beet, cabbage, potatoes, and meat which tastes amazing. Salo dish is made of juicy pork and is best served with vodka and bread. The ideal place to try the signature dishes is Tsarskoe Selo restaurant which serves the best food in all of Ukraine. After having the perfect meal you can stroll near the lane to satisfy your day during the Ukraine vacation.

8. Watch the perfect sunset over the river in Kyiv- Three Hours

The place is best suited to watch the perfect sunset with your pack.  Over the river, you can also watch the lights of the Arch of Diversity. For the ones who want to experience the adrenaline rushes are advised to visit the place without fail because the breathtaking view will definitely make you fall in love. 

9. Admire the mosaics of Saint Sophia's Cathedral- Half Day

Saint Sophia’s Cathedral has one of the best architecture throughout the world.  There are a number of monuments and informative museums at the National Sanctuary. Talking about the interior of the stunning cathedral it has one hundred and seventy-seven palette shades. The authentic mosaics of the cathedral have been preserved since the 11th century. The gorgeous bell tower has a wide platform to capture the stunning view of Kyiv. 

10. Visit the caves in Bakota- Half day

Bakota is very well known for the cave monastery.  The monastery which is located deep inside the cool caves has a lot of stunning paintings in the inner walls of the caves. Around the caves, there is a lot of exotic flora and fauna. It is a lovely idea to admire the beauty of nature with your family during Ukraine vacation 

The perfect itinerary penned down for you is the best reason to take leaves and travel around Ukraine during Ukraine vacation to explore the beautiful country. 

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