Experience Real Fear In Orlando This Halloween Day 2022

Author: Megha Agarwal on Oct 22,2021

If you are wondering how to spend your Halloween Day 2022, this one’s for you! Spend your Halloween Day 2022 doing the things the day truly deserves - getting the biggest scare of your lives. And how can you get the same?


By driving down the haunted road for the authentic Halloween experience. Spend this Halloween Day 2022 with your friends or family doing spooky things and celebrating the holiday in the right way. 


What is the haunted road?



The Haunted Road in Central Florida is a seasonal drive-thru, also one of the last remaining haunted roads in the region. After launching in 2020, the organizers realized that everything was really not how it seemed at first. Rumors quickly spread that tortured souls who had earlier died on the land were materializing after sunset. This regularly resulted in the paranormal phenomenon and various eerie occurrences. 


The haunted road experience will be primarily contactless, where you will drive until you reach a ghost sighting area. You can simply park your vehicles in one of the designated areas to spot all the ghosts. Through trial and error, the organizers have learned how to disrupt the spirits around the road and how to conjure them up for the visitors to witness. However, you must know how to proceed at your own risk. 


The haunted road is a true Halloween drive-thru experience. The story of the experience centers around Rapunzel, who has escaped her tower and is looking around the entire area for her prince, William. Along the way, she meets with multiple creatures and characters straight out of fairy tales. Of course, some of these creatures were good, friendly, and cheerful; others, however, were not. How can we forget about the twisted Hansel and Gretel this Halloween Day 2022. 


How does it work?



There are plenty of different scenes at the Haunted Road. You get to drive from one scene to another and spend a few minutes at each of them. You can tune into a specific radio station at every scene to listen to what exactly is going on. There are also various roaming characters who can randomly come to your car window to scare you. So, if I were you, I would definitely leave the car windows up. 


Also, whenever you arrive at a scene, you should completely turn your headlights off and put your car in parking mode. At the end of every scene, you will be told to drive and move to the other scene. The entire experience will probably take about an hour from your starting point. 


Who is this Haunted Road meant for?


The experience is meant for adults. However, children, adolescents, and teenagers can also enter and experience the haunted road this Halloween Day. Ages 3 and up will require a ticket. However, it is recommended that children do not drive up the haunted road experience as it can negatively impact their cognitive abilities. 


You can drive up the Haunted Road if:


You have a valid driver’s license.


Your vehicle is insured. This is important since only drivers are responsible for the damages/injuries to the car occurring due to the fault of the driver, any staff, performers, or anyone else along the haunted road. 


Things to know


When you purchase a ticket for the experience, you will be given some time to enter the Haunted Road. It is crucial that you enter at your designated time. This helps the experience not overwhelm you with multiple cars around you at the same time. 


You will have to switch to the radio stations for every scene while making sure you are also closely looking for signs through the stations. If you miss certain signs, you can obviously roll down the windows of your car and hear the scene, just not as well as you can listen to it from the car radio. 


The roads here are pretty dark, extremely twisty, and bumpy, so you should be comfortable driving in such an environment. Moreover, you should preferably have a regular car/SUV. Limos, scooters, motorcycles, bicycles, monster trucks, and other oversized vehicles will not be allowed inside. 


When can you visit?



The regular version of this Haunted Road experience runs every Wednesday through Saturday, finally coming to closure on October 31, this Halloween Day 2022. However, there is also another gorier version of the same road, which is meant only for adults, the Haunted Road Unrestricted. The dates for this experience are November 5-7. 



The ticket price for the Haunted Road starts at $15 and can go up to $30 per person, depending on the date you are choosing. Tickets to this event can be pre-purchased online on the official website. 


You can also upgrade your tickets to the “Beyond The Road” experience for an additional $79 per car to get more spookiness and horrifying experiences. Every person will require a ticket to enter. Only one vehicle can enter for every transaction. If your group has more than one vehicle, you will be required to place separate orders. 


After The Haunted Road 


The night experience of all this fun does not have to end at the Haunted Road. You can go further and enjoy the Barnyard as well. 


At the Barnyard, you will find:


Ol’ Watering Hole 


You can simply grab your favorite alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages in the dark and spooky taverns established here in 1812. Half-dead creatures are regular visitors here and can even share a drink or two with you! 


Haunt Market 


You can purchase something from the local vendors here in the market. Everything they sell is creepy and spooky. This Halloween Day 2022, get your hands on some Halloween goodies, dark arts, and other ghostly items at the Haunt market. Just grab a souvenir and support local artists. 


Abandoned Butcher Barn 


The abandoned butcher barn is a walk-in haunted experience. The popular butcher business was established first in the late 1800s. Locals here slowly started noticing that the butcher’s products did not look typical, and it was later revealed that the butcher was selling more than just animal meat. We dare you to enter this barn and attempt to awaken the spirit of the Butcher. 


NOTE - In 2020, it is said that the performers were struggling to pull it together and act in this particular area since they were all too scared to stand alone in the barn. 


Smoked BBQ


Get your hands at some delicious smoked BBQ provided by the dead butcher while you are in the Barnyard. Get a taste of the non-traditional meats and other body parts that will be served with a choice of your favorite beans, corn on the cob, or everyone’s favorite tater tots. There is also something in store for vegans! 


Can you get lost on the Haunted Road?



Some drivers have in the past reported momentary blackouts or a certain, heavy unexplainable feeling of being lost on the Haunted Road. The Haunted Road is actually just a one-way road; you can travel from start to end, so chances of you being lost on the way are extremely low. Experience the road for yourself this Halloween Day 2022.


How long is the entire experience?


The Haunted Road will take approximately 40-45 minutes for you to drive from start to finish. In some cases, though, it can vary. 


Final Words

Indulge in some spookiness this Halloween Day 2022 at the Haunted Road. The Haunted Road experience takes place at 15239 Lake Pickett Road in East Orlando. Be sure to bring your loved ones along, brace yourselves, and be spooked out! 


Happy Halloween to you! 



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