Best Luxury Hotels - What $24,000 A Night In Burj Al Arab Feels Like

The world's first seven stars luxury hotel Burj Al Arab

One of the best luxury hotels globally, Dubais Burj Al Arab is a paradise for the ultra-rich!


When it comes to luxurious vacations, they are incomplete without ultra-posh, fancy and glimmering hotels. The best luxury hotels can take your vacation to a whole new level. Speaking of the best luxury hotels, the Burj Al Arab has a unique approach, being the only 7-star hotel globally. At a bewildering price of $24,000 a night, we will be taking a sneak peek into what spending a night at this hotel feels like. 


What sets Burj Al Arab apart from other best luxury hotels in the world is not just the fact that it is a 7-star hotel. It is located on its very own, artificial private island. The Burj Al Arab looks brilliant, something extraordinarily striking and out of this world on the outside. The ship-sail design is something that you first notice about the hotel. The hotel offers a breathtaking, picturesque view of all the 220 rooms over the stunning Arabian Gulf. The exteriors of this luxury hotel are something out of the ordinary. There is practically nothing you can bat an eye at; the same goes for the interiors. 


The Icon of Dubai 


 Burj Al Arab built on an artificial island


Burj Al Arab is also known as the icon of Dubai since this 7-star is more significant than the Eiffel Tower and is fully equipped with its own personal helipad. The construction of the hotel began in 1993 by architect Tom Wright. The hotel opened up in 1999. 


What sets this hotel apart from other best luxury hotels in the world is that the Burj Al Arab is built on its very own man-made island. The island took over two years to be created and is a spectacular marvel to just look at. Any visitors who are fortunate enough to be spending a night at the Burj Al Arab are rewarded with awe-inspiring views of the crystal clear ocean and the white sandy beaches. People who love spending their time at the beach and love the feel of sand between their toes can spend the day at Umm Suqeim Beach, also known as Sunset Beach. 


Record-breaking hotel


The Burj Al Arab is known for breaking multiple records since its construction and opening. Being an outrageously luxurious hotel, it does come with quite a few feathers on its hat! The hotel is the tallest all-suite hotel in the world. It also serves one of the most expensive cocktails in the world. The cocktail is valued at a startling price of 27,321 AED (USD 7,438.36), breaking the Guinness World Record. 


The hotel also broke another record for the worlds largest tin of caviar in 2016. The tin can contains 17kgs of Empress caviar, which is the only fully-certified organic caviar globally. The caviar comes from the native-raised sturgeon. 


Peek on the inside 


 Interior Architecture Of Burj Al Arab


So, what does spending $24,000 really feel like at the Burj Al Arab? What does it look like on the inside? It definitely does live up to all the expectations you might have. When you first walk into this best luxury hotels lobby, you will be blown away by the 24-carat gold embellishments all around you. The interiors are also equipped with statuary marble, the same marble used by Michaelangelo to create the statue of David. 


And if this is not enough, you will be able to view the spectacular ceiling adorned with over 21,000 Swarovski crystals in the Japanese restaurant. Indeed a breathtaking view. The atrium, which is 600 feet high, boasts of being the largest in any hotel in the world. If you are looking to book a room at the reception, 220 suites are waiting for you. Yes! The only rooms here are suites, nothing else! 


Vacationing inside the best luxury hotels 


When you arrive in Dubai, you will be offered the option to be picked up from the international airport in a luxurious Rolls Royce Phantom. Your vacation literally starts right at the arrival gate! You can also arrive at the Burj Al Arab in a helicopter by paying a little over $1,000, landing right at the hotels very own helipad. 


After you arrive at one of the best luxury hotels in the world, you get to check in for the opportunity of having the best time of your life. You will be offered a complimentary drink, after which you will be guided to your luxurious suite. For only $1,000 a night, you get to stay in a one-bedroom luxury suite featuring elegant views, a king-size bed, with your very own jacuzzi. And if you are traveling with your entire clan, you can even opt for a family suite for $5,000 a night, which can accommodate up to six people. 


If you are looking for more luxury during your stay at one of the best luxury hotels in the world, you can look forward to the Presidential Suite at a whopping $15,000 price tag. The Presidential suite is fully equipped with two bedrooms, a gigantic library, a jacuzzi, a bar, and a private lounge area with a spectacular view. 


However, the priciest of all the suites, and the grandest of them all - the Royal suite is the one that will cost you $24,000. These are among the most expensive hotel rooms in the world. The room is an 8,395 square feet large luxurious space with its own private elevator. The room also features two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The bathrooms come with a walk-in closet, a lounge, a gigantic library, and your very own private theater. 


A super-luxurious 7-star hotel


The way Burj Al Arab gained its seven stars is somewhat unexpected. Back in 1999, a British journalist wrote in his publication about giving this luxurious hotel seven stars. It did not take much time for guests to feel the same way. Soon after the reviews and all the rave about the hotel globally, celebrities started spending their vacations here. The hotel has seen celebrities worldwide, including Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Selena Gomez, and others. So, if you ever get the chance to go all-out in Dubai, consider spending it all at one of the best luxury hotels in the world. Burj Al Arab will not disappoint you! 


Things to do in the Burj Al Arab 


The luxurious interior of hotel Burj al Arab


1. Talise Spa 

Spend your day at this luxurious spa, one of the best experiences you can get in the world. The Talise Spa offers special, separate enclosures for men and women, with an indoor pool, spa, jacuzzi, and plunge pools. The spa also enjoys serene lights, offering you a relaxed and calm environment. 


2. The Terrace 

The terrace at one of the best luxury hotels in the world is a vacation destination in itself. The terrace is home to luxury cabanas, beach sunbeds, freshwater pools, and 1120 sq meters of an artificial beach area to offer people a unique experience of being at the beach, about 321 meters above sea level. While you are here, indulge in some fantastic international cuisines at the Scape restaurant and bars. 


3. Gold on 27

The one bar at the Burj Al Arab that is bound to stun you with its magnificence is Gold on 27. The splendid interiors of this bar are done up in bright golden colors, serving award-winning signature cocktails. The rich Arabian culture inspires the drinks with indigenous ingredients like dates, traditional herbs, and spices. 


4. Hiring a private yacht 

Guests staying at one of the best luxury hotels in the world like this get to hire a private yacht service. The private yacht takes you on a relaxing cruise at sea with a hostess and a personal butler to ensure your comfort at all times on this luxurious yacht cum cruise. You can also get a spa therapist on board to accompany you on your particular cruise time to enjoy a luxurious treatment in the middle of the sea. 


Can you visit?


The Burj Al Arab is a private resort and is closed for non-guests. One of the best luxury hotels in the world can be visited if you either have a suite reservation or a dinner reservation at one of their restaurants. Afternoon tea is perhaps the best and the cheapest way to visit the Burj Al Arab. The Sky Tea is the only one that is served at the SkyView Lounge at the hotel. Moreover, you should never forget that alcohol will not be served during Ramadan. 


How to reach Burj Al Arab?


Burj Al Arab in the background


The hotel offers its guests a variety of chauffeur services, driving you to the hotel in luxury cars like Rolls Royce, BMW, or Chevrolet Tahoe. This offers you a private and comfortable way to be transported from the Dubai International Airport.  Other ways to reach the hotel are either by Uber or by traveling by the Metro. From the airport, taking the Metro might take you an hours time. At the same time, in an Uber or other private taxis, you can reach the hotel in approximately 20 minutes. 


Best time to visit Burj Al Arab


The best time to visit the Burj Al Arab hotel is during November and December. You can also visit the hotel during February and March. You will be welcomed with fewer tourists and fantastic weather conditions during the end of February and in March. However, the months from November through February make this place extra-crowded because of multiple festivals during this time. 


Summer months from April through August will be scorching and dry, so it is not recommended to visit this place during these months. 


Tips for your first time at Burj Al Arab 


If you are staying at the hotel, you should keep a tab on your suite booking amount, which you are paying at the time of your initial booking. There are plenty of instances where prices can go down during different booking periods. In such cases, do not hesitate to make a new booking and cancel your earlier one. 


Instead of traveling to the hotel in a luxurious vehicle provided by the hotel, you can opt to travel in one of the locally available taxis or Ubers. They can be easily availed and will cost you way less than a Rolls Royce. 


Ensure that breakfast is a part of your hotel booking as an add-on. If not, breakfast is going to cost you a lot. 


You can only get a peek inside this luxury hotel if you have a suite booking or a dining reservation. The hotel is not open to visitors for simply sightseeing. 


Final Words

Burj Al Arab has garnered multiple accolades for being one of the best luxury hotels in the world. The spectacularly stylish hotel in Dubai is every bit worth all the pennies you can spend here! Its luxurious and impeccable service will genuinely leave you spellbound. 



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