Is It Safe To Travel Post Lockdown? Here's What You Need To Know

As we have been locked up inside the house for nearly 8 months, the situation never seems to have a rebound effect any sooner. There has been an incessant upsurge of Covid-19 cases worldwide, and there is no recourse to solve the issue faster.  Although post-lockdown, we have seen some revival of the commercial sectors like retail, entertainment, and travel industries, there has not been a full-swing of actions flaring up as we expected. The one industry which has faced a massive blow-down would be travel. 

People from all around the world have restrained themselves from any kind of travel to safeguard their health. People who want to break the blues and enjoy an outing to settle their urge are few and far between. Even if we decide to grow our feathers and sneak a trip, it would not have the effect of a vacation, as fear is entrenched in everyone’s heart. The Pandemic crisis has left us with no choice of any travel dreams we could enjoy in complete peace.

While we are left with racking our brains to break the fence and breathe the fresh air, travel companies around the world have invested efforts in improving the safety standards to their potential. Social-distancing norms and slot ticketing firms have flared up ensuring people for safer travels. Even tourist spots from various countries have upgraded their facilities for visitors to enjoy an infection-less vacation. They promise to supply us with a safe environment along with all the comforts required.

Recent Implementations of air refreshing mechanisms in flight have received a good reception. Air travels have also come up with infrastructures to space our seating positions per social-distancing regulations. Even tourism departments have molded facilities to provide spacious and sanitized accommodations in various places. All this has invoked some hope to settle for travel plans.  

However, It is still very unclear, how safe and secure it could be to risk a trip to unprecedented situations like this. So many countries around the world have put a stop to tourism by blocking entry to their tourist spots. Can we be a little gutsy and find a way to sneak out? If we were to embark on that journey, few things need to be in control.

1. Masks and Sanitizers:

Wearing a mask has become universal in recent times. The moment we step out of our doors, we are compelled to wear it to guard us against catching the infection. Masks and sanitizers play a crucial lead to secure us from catching infections. Traveling to places require G95 and PPE masks covering your whole face and rendering a complete safety. Make sure you are equipped with sanitizers to constantly cleanse your hands to avoid any intrusion or virus attack.

2. Choose your destination carefully:

If you wish to go on a vacation, choose a spot that is wary of Covid-19 restrictions. Even the travel mediums and accommodations that you will book should be facilitated with spacious and sanitized environments. Make sure the destinations you plan are flexible enough to follow the conventions of social-distancing norms, where any human contact is minimized to the maximum extent possible. Prepare yourself to quarantine yourself in your respective destinations for 14 days after your arrival.

3. Carry tissue and keep cleaning:

Have tissue and clean every place you access. Clean every time you come in contact with anything even if it looks a little paranoid. Do not compromise or slacken a little in maintaining your safety standards to avoid getting infected. Seats and holders in flights should be cleaned regularly to keep you protected.

4. Carry disinfectants and tissues for toilets:

Flights have ensured sanitized environments, but no one can be certain about the toilet and the labor room’s sanity. Carry wet wipes and disinfectants to clean the toilet seats before you use it. 

5. Pack your meals and avoid any contact:

Avoiding any social contact and distancing yourself from meeting people is very important. To refrain from coming in contact with anybody, pack stuff including your meals for the travel so that you are self-sufficient and fully equipped to handle things on your own. 

6. Do not touch:

Be wary of your hands coming in contact with anything. Do not mix hands with neighbors, and also refrain from touching your face throughout your journey.

These are safety regulations one has to adhere to maintain safer travel commitments. Self-driven transportation seems to be a safer medium in situations like this as you are bound to your vehicles without any outsider’s contact. All this summarizes various hurdles one has to put up while embarking on a trip. So many rules give us a roundabout theory that specifies travel should be done only if it is a necessity.


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