Handpicked Top Destinations To Visit In 2020

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Nov 03,2020

With the festive and vacay season just tapping in, several people are on the lookout for vacation packages

What will the post-lockdown vacation be like? Are countries still under restrictions? Which are the nations that resumed travel and tourism? If you have all these questions, then fear not! Because yes, it’s time to make your travel dreams come true.

Now that we are almost on the verge of the year, what’s a better way to wind up y than a good refreshing holiday? This is the time to travel far and lavish. Check out the below destinations that await your arrival now!


Are you in need of some time out on a natural island? Zanzibar will suit your expectations! It is one of the latest destinations to reopen after about three months of lockdown. 

All you need is valid health and travel insurance. The Zanzibar government has denied imposing the 14-days quarantine on new travelers. Rather, all new tourists will be screened at the airport. Those who show symptoms will be taken to the isolation center, while those who don’t enjoy their good time in the islands. 

A bit of background you ask? Well, Zanzibar is where the African culture mingles with the Arabian traditions at best. The beaches offer vivid sports and activities to do such as snorkeling, surfing, and paragliding. Surrounded by hotels all around, Zanzibar is a tropical paradise. 


The Maldives joined the list of reopening countries in September 2020. International tourism and travel of all sorts to this country are allowed at the moment. However, tourists must submit their negative PCR test, which should have been taken within 96 hrs of commencement of travel. 

What makes the Maldives the best tourist destination is its fantastic underwater world. Best for celebrating the year-end frenzy, the bioluminescent plankton beaches, and the marvelous coral reefs will allure tourists throughout. 


Albania opened its borders for all international tourists on July 01st. There are no special quarantine protocols put in place. Thus, other than the screening at arrival, tourists do not have to abide by any other restrictions other than social distancing. Tests and quarantine will be advised to travelers who show possible symptoms. Also, don’t forget your health and travel insurance!

Situated in the Adriatic coastlines, Albania is a place of beautiful historical ruins and beaches. The rustic mountain towns pinch travelers’ curiosity a great deal and no wonder why. As of now, almost all the places in this country are opened to tourism. They include restaurants, cafés, beaches, museums, malls, and other shops. Tourists can choose from a wide variety of options for their vacation package


Travel to Portugal depends on the countries the tourists are from. Currently, tourists from the United Kingdom, Europe, and the Schengen nations and Rwanda, Uruguay, Tunisia, China, Japan, New Zealand, etc. are allowed to enter Portugal for tourism purposes.

Tourists do not have to submit their negative PCR test reports, although it is advised to do so. Mandatory screening at airports is ensured for the safety of travelers. The “Clean and Safe” initiative by Portugal has received a huge welcome from the tourists. It approves various destinations and activities that are safe for tourists, thus ensuring the safety of the vacation packages

The dramatic cliffs, lavish gastronomic scenes, historical monuments, and cobblestone streets are just what one sees at the surface in Portugal. This country is much more and worth a try! Don’t miss the carnivals and festivities which will glaze the entire country during December. 


Poland resumed international tourism in June. Though travel updates are bound to change at any moment, tourists need not self-isolate on arrival. Travel and health insurance is necessary.

Poland is an underrated nation that deserves all the attention. It is indeed quite a unique pick for holidays. It has a lot to offer regarding UNESCO World Heritage Sites, beaches, forests, mountain ranges, and natural landscapes. A Poland vacation package comes at an affordable price, and too many options to explore. 


From July 01, 2020, Egypt reopened its borders for international tourism owing to its declining economy. Tourists have to submit their negative PCR tests which should have been taken within 72 to 96 hrs of arrival. 

One of the friendliest nations in the Middle-East, Egypt is for adventure lovers. It is the land of exotic art and aesthete treasures, desert safaris, museums, historical ruins, hot air balloon rides, and last but not the least, the Nile which enchants the travelers. This country can be visited at any time of the year due to its favorable climate all year round. 


Canada is all set to reopen from November 2020. However, tourists will have to undergo quarantine or self-isolation based on the recommendations amended by the Canadian government. The country will remain closed to the U.S. till November 21st. 

The first thing that pops to the mind about Canada is the Rocky mountain ranges. But that’s surely not all! Toronto, the most vibrant city in the country, offers the best vacation spots to explore. Another significant attraction is the Aurora Borealis, i.e. the Northern Lights. Canada’s Yukon province puts up an otherworldly setting of matchless lights in the sky- an unforgettable experience for a lifetime! 

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