Countries That Will Keep Their Borders Closed For Tourism

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Oct 26,2020

In the view of the global pandemic the Travel and Tourism industry came to a halt. The coronavirus arrived and changed the way we live and the way we travel. To bring the situation under control and to go back to normal, various steps have been taken by the government worldwide. The process of unlocking has already begun and as we see people are stepping out of their homes for their activities, work, etc. But what everyone is following is health precautions i.e. use of masks and sanitizers, and keeping social distance while speaking to each other, and maintaining cleanliness everywhere.

As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, many countries and regions have imposed quarantines, entry bans, and other restrictions for citizens of or recent travelers to the most affected areas. Other countries and regions have imposed global restrictions that apply to all foreign countries and territories or prevent their citizens from traveling overseas or within the country.

Pressure over this issue is building up very vigorously especially in those countries that depend on tourists and foreign talent. For them, the way of earning source has been closed and this is resulting in some serious life-threatening issues like some people are dying just because of no food to eat.

While many of the countries have lifted the ban or are willing to lift an international ban on tourism, on the other hand, many other countries are not yet ready for this step as they are still furious about the weather this would lead them to some more danger.

Some countries which are dependent upon tourism are in favor of lifting the international ban and traveling within the state for the earnings purpose, while some countries are still keeping their borders closed for tourism. 

The Countries that lifted the ban from international travel have set up a protocol of quarantine measures to deal with the pandemic. This protocol of quarantine period varies from state to state and nation to nation depending upon their health ministry advisory.

It looks a hectic option from a tourist/traveler point of view as he/she has to stay quarantined for a longer duration before traveling and going to their willing destination. At a stage, this can be also a boring one because everyone has got now familiar with the situation where everyone is surrounded by their loved ones during the lockdown. So, this can be heavy on you but to keep you and society safe this would be an important step. This practice will keep you safe from getting infected. 

If there won't be restrictions like a quarantine period or something like that this leads to a lot of problems as the traveler may or may not be infected with corona or might be an asymptomatic carrier of the virus, and whatnot.

Many European countries and continents are willing to open their borders for tourism, as their economy is dependent on their tourism business while Asian countries still keep their borders closed for tourists.

Here are some Asian countries that still have a ban on International tourism.


Borders are effectively closed as coronavirus cases have surged to over 950,000 India said this week it will take a call on resuming International flights as soon as countries’ boundaries get open. But as of now other than the 'Vande Bharatam' scheme International traveling is at a full stop. While you can travel interstate by following the norms which are kept by respective states and health ministry. 

Since March month is at complete rest in India for International travel, whereas, it is likely to be expected that international boundaries to travelers may resume in October month with some restrictions while traveling like using masks compulsory. You won't be able to see the same number of seats in airplanes from now onward until and unless we don't get rid of this virus.

Hong Kong:

One of the simultaneous regions besides China is Hong Kong. Hong Kong kept its international boundaries closed due to the COVID pandemic from the 25th of March 2020 with an increasing number of patient restrictions becoming tighter. But as now restrictions are lifting to some extent they are planning to reopen their International boundaries for tourists’ purpose with required precautions.


Apart from India and Hong Kong, Japan is yet to reopen its international boundaries for tourists. Japan enforced the lockdown by closing International boundaries from the 1st of April 2020. With all the requirements like medical tests, COVID tests, and needful quarantine Pero Japan may also start their international traveling soon. With the unlock process in the middle, we can now expect them to lift the restrictions soon.

Final Words:

Despite the unlock process having begun across the World, the number of COVID-19 patients isn't decreasing which is a real cause of concern. But to stay alive we have to work and earn the money and that's the reason unlock has begun so taking extra precautions while stepping out of home or traveling anywhere is necessary. If you feel a little illness in yourself consulting the doctors will not only but also your loved one will get saved from getting this virus.

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