How You Should Travel After Lockdown? Roadtrip or Flight

Covid-19 pandemic is the worst thing that happened to our civilization. It affects every factor in our day-to-day life. Travel and tourism are some of them. Coronavirus came and stopped the whole travel and tourism culture in the world. In India, approximately six months was not permitted to travel to other countries and other cities. Also, many countries closed their borders for tourists. The government has announced a lockdown from April, and people are stuck in their homes. At some point, you might feel like there is nothing to do in a home and are willing to stretch your legs. 

Right now, coronavirus is getting under control. The government has permitted traveling, but still, it is risky to travel along with strangers. Everyone is taking precautions like maintaining social distance, sensitization, etc. but You never know who is the coronavirus carrier. 

The mediums of traveling are partially started. You have to show the medical certificate to the travel agencies; otherwise, they won't allow you to travel. If you are traveling to another village, villagers will quarantine you for some days. 

There is no other option for people who are planning for long journeys or traveling abroad than flight. It might be a risky way to travel because you will travel with many people out there. May airlines take the precautions, but some cases won't detect the positive patients, and afterward might be a reason for who is on that flight to cause an unhealthy life. 

Here are some names of countries you can visit them 

The Bahamas: 

The Bahamas is reopened for tourism from Oct 2020. You can visit the Bahamas for a holiday trip. They are accepting tourists from the globe. 


For tourism, Brazil has opened its borders in July 2020. International flights have started in Rio and Sao Paulo. Brazil needs travel insurance which covers covid from tourists.


Germany has officially opened for locals from June 2020. Also, Foreigners can visit Germany in July 2020.

UAE (Dubai): 

The best place to visit in the world is Dubai. Covid-19 is almost gone from the UAE. That's why the UAE is open to tourism from July 2020.

Here are some names of countries still you can't visit them -


France has opened for locals from June 2020. Also, Foreigners can visit France in July 2020. But the president of France has announced a second lockdown for four weeks. Due to that, tourism is stopped in France.


In India, tourism has partially started. But the second wave of covid-19 has begun. There are chances to stop the day-to-day life again. 


Denmark has tightened the lockdown after increasing the number of cases of covid-19. They will shut the tourism culture in the future for a few months.

As you can see, the coronavirus is not getting in control. The risk is still there for humanity. We need to be patient until the vaccine comes into the picture. If your travel destination is safe or there is no restriction to travel, you can go on a holiday trip.

However, if you plan for nearby cities, road trips would be a better and safer option. Traveling in your vehicle, which is a car, would also be a safe option. Don't have a vehicle to travel to? You can rent a car at affordable prices by checking it online. Just make sure that the driver does not have any health issues. In India, the government has given some rules for public transport as well as local transportation. For those who plan for a road trip, make sure that you have gone from those rules and regulations.

Here are some road trip places you can visit them in India -

For holidays:

If you are planning for a holiday vacation, you can visit Goa. Goa is the first corona free state in India and opened fully. You can go to Goa by road. No need to worry about covid-19 regulations. Also, there are many places like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Pondicherry, etc. 


In Maharashtra, The department of forestry has permitted trekking. Now you can visit forts nearby your location in Maharashtra.


Due to the increasing number of Covid-19 patients, the government has not permitted visiting temples yet. But 1-2 month government will reopen the temples.


In Maharashtra, beaches are not opened yet because of the uncontrolled number of Covid-19. In other states like Goa, it is permitted to visit the beach without any rules.  


The Indian government has permitted open resorts and hotels with maintaining social distancing and taking appropriate precautions. You can visit the resort.

Final Words:

Planning for a holiday vacation or road trip might be a risky choice in a pandemic. If you are going to visit public places, you can get more chances of infection. The unlock process has begun across the world. Waiting for a few months would be a better option. Anyhow, you are planning to travel for your reasons. Take appropriate precautions like maintaining social distance, don't touch any new thing, wear your mask always, take a bath after returning to the home, sanitize yourself every time. Wherever you are traveling, do not visit a crowded place or where the number of covid-19 patients is too high. A better option is to wait for a few months after the vaccine comes. You are free to travel. If you're not patient enough, then you can visit a nearby location. 

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