How To Choose The Perfect Travel Place During Pandemic?

The need to satiate the wanderlust within is more fierce now than it ever was. The pandemic put a barrier on travel and tourism for almost eight months. It continues to grapple many countries. But a few have come ahead to reopen their tourism sector after a stark hiatus. 

The idea of traveling now may sound like a challenge. If you are someone who can’t wait to set the bags rolling, then this will be the perfect guide for you. Create your post-pandemic vacation package with these safety tips.

Choosing a destination:

COVID-19 is still spreading in many places although a few have reported a dip in the curve of spreading. As a traveler, it is necessary to first analyze the rate of the pandemic in the region you live in. Next, you should know about the COVID-19 rate in the destination you choose to travel to. 

It is advised to maintain quarantine two weeks before your trip. Also, you can choose another destination if the virus is spreading faster there or wait till it subsides. 

Ideally, it is best to plan your vacation package flexibly. Rules and regulations are bound to change at any time with short or no notice. Governments of various destinations impose a sudden stringent lockdown at times. Thus, travelers need to be prepared beforehand to face such situations.

Check the travel advisory:

Now that you have decided to travel, the first thing you need to do is to read the guidelines and travel advisory issued by the government of your destination. It is necessary to read the local and state regulations thoroughly especially if you are planning a road trip. Once you get to know that the government has deemed it safe to travel, you should get acquainted with the travel advisory of the destination you are planning to travel to.  

Certain destinations ask travelers to maintain 14 days of strict quarantine. It is advised to know all these regulations before planning the vacation package. 

Book an Airbnb:

Airbnb or private vacation home rentals are far safer than resorts. They come in lesser contact with people. 

Reputed hotels do ensure to sanitize the rooms and lobby from time to time. But still, the risk of COVID-19 is not eliminated. Apart from the measures taken by the hotel staff, it also depends on how travelers behave themselves. Whereas, private properties are usually only owned by the owner and devoid of contact with too many people. 

Look out for the safety guidelines followed in the destination:

For many countries, travel and tourism is the backbone of their economies. Hence, many governments have given the nod to resume tourism despite the pandemic. However, several regulations and guidelines have been imposed for the safety of tourists.

Some significant initiatives taken by hotels and resorts include certification standards and training programs for the staff members. Countries such as Portugal have created the “Clean and Safe” initiative wherein hotels, resorts, and entertainment corners are given a seal if they comply with the said restrictions and safety guidelines. The seal helps tourists to sort their vacation package and choose destinations carefully. 

Thus, as a responsible tourist, you need to contact your travel agency or the resort staff to know what sort of guidelines they are following during the pandemic. 

Mode of transport: 

The mode of transport depends upon the destination you choose. However, due to the pandemic, 2020 might be considered as the year best suited for road trips. Many travel experts suggest that as compared to traveling in flight with a dozen passengers, it is better to go on a road trip. 

If you choose a road trip, then it is advised to pack sufficient hand sanitizer and tissues. Avoid stopping at too many places until necessary. Thus, travelers need to plan their road trips accurately well beforehand. Carry your snacks and food as much as possible. Or consider buying food from a drive-thru rather than eating in a restaurant. 

On the contrary, if you choose to travel by air, consider booking tickets on night flights. There will be a lesser crowd as compared to day-flights. Maintain strict social distancing in the airport and wear a mask all the time. 

Avoid crowded spaces: 

The times are not yet safe for an elaborate vacation package. But that said, the tourists can still include various other activities as well as maintain social distancing. 

Travelers should avoid visiting closed and public spaces such as clubs, bars, restaurants, museums, historical monuments, etc. These places might be unsafe as they come in contact with too many people. Rather, tourists can opt for adventurous activities in vast open spaces with a limited number of people. This is the best time to perform activities such as hiking, biking, mountain climbing, etc. 

Get yourself checked by the doctor before your trip: 

Travelers need to maintain quarantine before commencing their trip. It will be better to get yourself checked by the doctor and seek his advice before going. Travel experts suggest tourists take the COVID-19 PCR test for safety. Many destinations require tourists to get a set of vaccines. These vaccines will keep you safe from contracting other diseases. 

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