February 3 Is National Carrot Cake Day - All You Need To Know

Author: Megha Agarwal on Feb 01,2022

National Carrot Cake Day is a non-official holiday observed every year on February 3. The day honors one of the favorite desserts of America – Carrot Cake. It is celebrated to encourage everyone to treat their taste buds with a wonderful, sweet, and nutritious carrot cake. This day is simply a reminder and a significant opportunity for all carrot enthusiasts to enjoy the delicacy and natural sweetness. Apart from relishing an extra slice of the cake, this day allows people to learn more about the carrot cake and its recipes and bake one on their own. Since carrot is a popular vegetable, extremely healthy, and beneficial in multiple ways, it deserves a national day on its own. Right?


So, take out your calendar and markers to highlight the date – February 3. Get yourself a cake and give it the respect that it deserves!


History Of National Carrot Cake Day


Carrot cake is a delightful delicacy that emerged from the Medieval treat carrot pudding. At that time, people were using vegetables like carrots to sweeten the desserts because sugar was either unavailable or incredibly expensive to get. This practice, in fact, was around even during World War II. During that horrific time across the world, particularly in Europe, the government of the United Kingdom was forced to restrict food and luxury commodities, and hence, they encouraged people to try a range of dishes that included carrots as a sweetener. This generated taste of carrot cakes, carrot puddings, and carrot-filled pies among the masses. From there on, people started believing that carrot-sweetened desserts were more nutritious and healthier. This is how they started consuming it on a regular basis.


Besides Europe, the United States of America also has a history with carrot cakes. There are records that show President George Washington enjoying this delightful dessert when he went to Fraunces Tavern before becoming the president. Also, a cookbook was created to preserve and commemorate early American dishes, adding validity to this idea. During World War II, in the U.S., a merchant named George C. Page engaged his master bakers to find consumers for cans of carrots, and he marketed the notion of carrot cake to generate a demand for the product. This is how carrot became a popular ingredient and carrot cake a popular dessert in every household. And this popularity gave birth to the National Carrot Cake Day celebration.


Fun Ways To Observe National Carrot Cake Day


Host a National Carrot Cake Day Party: One of the best ways of celebrating National Carrot Cake Day is by organizing a party or a baking session with your friends and families. It will help you get into the spirit of the celebration. At the party, you can serve carrot cake or carrot-themed food items. You can also share your favorite recipe, facts about carrots, auction a cake, or more. 


Discover A Recipe And Bake A Carrot Cake: Discovering your old-family recipe or baking a cake is another great way of observing the national day. You can ask your family members and take a trip down memory lane to learn the recipe. To make it more fun, you can call your family members to the kitchen and make baking a family affair.


Send Your Loved Ones The Cake: If you are unable to meet your family members, friends, or loved ones on this national day, you can still celebrate by sending them a cake. Look for a bakery nearby and send a cake as well as order one for yourself and make the most of the day. 


Grow Carrots In Your Garden: On the occasion of National Carrot Cake Day, one of the activities you can perform is to grow carrots in your garden. Carrots are quite easy to grow. All you need to do is plant the seeds deep in the ground and wait for a few weeks. You will surely get your carrots ready for your cake. 


Best Places To Have Carrot Cake In The U.S.



1. Doughnut Plant


If you are in New York or planning to visit the city on the occasion of National Carrot Cake Day, make sure you stop by the Doughnut Plant. This eatery is well-known for preparing delicious food with authentic ingredients and methods. One such item that you must try is Carrot Cake. They prepare this traditional cake with fresh carrots, walnuts, raisins, and some spices. Later, they fill these cake donuts with cream cheese and vanilla glaze and top them off with some carrot and walnut.


Website: Doughnut Plant

Address: 379 Grand St, New York, NY 10002, United States.


2. Beachhouse at the Moana


If you are a carrot cake lover, then Beachhouse at the Moana is a place that you must visit. It is a beautiful restaurant where you can indulge in Moana Carrot Cake which is a rich, dense cake with cream cheese frosting, lavender Anglaise, caramelized mac nuts, and fresh berries. This cake is incredible for those who want to broaden their palette without stretching beyond a modern classic. So, visit this place on National Carrot Cake Day, book a table on the beachside, and make the most of your day with a cake and a surreal view. 


Website: Beachhouse at the Moana

Address: 2365 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815, United States


3. Kona Grill - Denver


Kona Grill is well known for serving one of the best carrot cakes in Denver. This restaurant serves three-layer carrot cake prepared by hands, right from the grated carrots to whipped batter and caramel sauce. They bake their cake at 3600, which offers it an incredible softness. The Kona Grill serves their cake with cream cheese frosting, toasted walnut, and a lot of caramel sauce which adds to the flavor. If your tastebuds are eager to enjoy a carrot cake, then this is a place that you must eat at least once in your lifetime.


Website: Kona Grill 

Address: Mall, 3000 E 1st Ave #184, Denver, CO 80206, United States


4. Truluck's


National Carrot Cake Day is around the corner, so visiting Truluck’s and trying their cake is one of the best choices you can ever make. They are highly regarded for their carrot cake which is rich and moist. The Truluck’s prepare this toothsome dessert with fresh carrots, pecans, and crushed pineapple. They also add a pinch of cinnamon to enhance its taste. Now, to complete the cake, they put layers of sweet cream cheese icing. Without a doubt, it is a perfect dish to end your dinner on a great note. 


Website: Truluck's

Address: 777 Brickell Ave. Miami, Florida, United States 33131


5. Dessert Gallery Bakery & Café


In Houston, Texas, Dessert Gallery is a top-notch bakery renowned for serving lip-smacking desserts. One such dessert that you are highly recommended to try is a carrot cake. The cake is exquisite, elegant, and mouthwatering. They prepare this spectacular cake with home-grown carrots, lots of cinnamon, pecans, and pineapples. While serving, they combine the cake with yogurt mousse and saffron cremeux, which enhances its flavors to the next level. They are scrumptious and a total win. 


Website: Dessert Gallery Bakery & Café

Address: 3600 Kirby Dr # D, Houston, TX 77098, United States


Final Words

Without a doubt, cakes are a mainstay in life. Be it a birthday, wedding, graduation, or any celebration, there’s a cake for every occasion. Apart from celebrating happiness, cakes also play an important role when we are sad, angry, or terrified. There’s literally nothing that a slice of appetizing, warm cake can’t fix. 


Give this outstanding delicacy the love and honor that it deserves on the occasion of National Carrot Cake Day. If you have not mastered the art of baking a cake, then you must get yourself a gooey, large, and warm slice of carrot cake from the aforementioned eateries. 


Well, we're not sure about you, but we're eagerly waiting to celebrate National Carrot Cake Day on February 3. If you too are as excited as we are, then don’t forget to indulge in this cake on the special day. 


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