Different Ways To Enjoy Halloween At Home

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Nov 04,2020

The season is Halloween and everyone needs to have their share of a scare! Well yes, the pandemic might have been scary enough. But who said Halloween cannot be done well at home?

From spellbound ideas to spine-tingling activities to do, choose your way of trick or treat from below!

Jack-o'-lantern contest:

It’s the time when pumpkins sell the best. The veggie surely needs to be treated right, doesn’t it? A jack-o’-lantern is a carved pumpkin. Hollow holes are cut in the vegetable to make it look spooky. And don’t forget to light it up with a bulb!

Families and friends can hold a pumpkin carving contest during Halloween. Creativity and funny ideas can be portrayed on a pumpkin or a pineapple. The spookiest one wins!

Dress up!

Dressing up during quarantine might not sound fun, but it is indeed! It does not have to cost you hefty; just your creativity. Spurt some fake blood and get your hair done strangely. The best costume ideas include dressing up as Harley Quinn, Joker, Cruella DeVil, Ursula, Harry Potter, and whatnot! Ideas are galore! 

Zoom spooky party:

The pandemic might have tossed the usual Halloween trick or treat event. This year, it has to be taken on the virtual platform. Fret not, because it can be still interesting and crazy as ever! 

Be it Zoom, Google Meet, or WebEx, there are several ideas to spice up Halloween. They include virtual Halloween costume competitions, scavenger hunts, online haunted house tours, spooky online games, and much more. You can also choose a theme and ask your guests to dress up according to it. All you need is your friends’ or siblings to team up. So, schedule the meet and start the sesh!

Attempt ghosting:

Ghosting in the professional space is immoral. But ghosting during Halloween is quite fun! You maintain social distancing as well as let your close ones know that you care for them.

Collect gifts for your loved ones and acquaintances. Drop them at their homes with a secret note without letting your identity known. Let the receiver take that wild guess! 

Bake creepy cookies:

Halloween is the best opportunity for bakers to show their creativity at its best. You can choose a theme that matches Halloween delicacies. Make spooky cakes and pumpkin pies accompanied by evil-looking biscuits. It is the apt time to let your creative juices flow onto your baked goods! 

Watch horror movies all night:

Watching the horror genre at night with friends and family is a whole lotta different experience altogether! Be it “The Conjuring” or “Dracula”, let all the fantasy ghosts out of the cabin. Turn your home into a Halloween Theater.

Disclaimer: If children are going to be around, make sure you don’t give them nightmares! 

Create a customized Halloween playlist:

There’s a playlist for every mood and season. Halloween is no exception! 

Right from podcasts that raise your hair or two to wild songs, various music platforms will help you revamp the spooky feel. Our recommendations? They include Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Young Frankenstein, Trick or Treat, and Halloween Monster Jams. 

DIY Halloween masks:

So the story goes like this: All scary ghosts and souls returned to earth during Halloween. To avoid encountering them, people hid with masks, so that, they are seen as ghosts themselves! 

What’s Halloween if it’s not pretending what you aren’t? Masks are the best way to induce the feel of Halloween. 

Halloween journaling:

Halloween is a time of fun and festivity. If you are someone who loves to let the imagination go wild, then journaling might be your niche. People, especially kids, can be made to express their creativity artistically. Moreover, various Pinterest and Instagram based groups create a list of Halloween prompts every year. These prompts can be followed by people in telling vivid Halloween stories.

Play interesting Halloween games:

Bingo, tic tac toe, apple bobbing, or something as simple as Uno can make your Halloween go good! A Halloween treasure hunt can also be conducted with a dozen friends at home. There are various Halloween games and quizzes available online. To make it a bit more real, keep candies and sweets as gifts!

Paint your faces spooktacularly!

Face painting is yet another crazy idea to light up your Halloween. Be a talented make-up artist or a silly scribbler, a little paint and make-up will go a long way. You can either choose a character or paint your face the way you want. The Mask, Avatar, Haunted Mansion Bride, Maleficent are just some ideas to choose from. 

Conduct a puppet show:

Halloween craft will be innovative and easy when kids are around. By the way, who doesn’t love puppets? A puppet show can be conducted to scare away the eerie. To make it more beautiful, a play can be enacted in front of the audience. 

A Halloween themed dinner party: 

While some dress-up in scary Halloween dresses and some have candies, a Halloween themed dinner party will be great to spend time with your dearest ones. Interesting new dishes can be prepared and a food contest can be held. Whatever it is, make sure you enjoy the meal to your heart’s fullest. Why? Because Halloween comes only once in a year! 


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