Best Tips To Pack Your Travel Bag During Pandemic

The year 2020 has turned out to be a disaster with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. With more than 17 million cases recorded worldwide and over 646 thousand deaths, most countries were forced to impose a travel ban and advise citizens to stay indoors. The imposed lockdown in all countries implies severe precautions against spreading the virus. 

So when one gets stuck at home throughout summer, all that one could do was drool over pretty pictures of travel destinations over Instagram. But over the recent few weeks, as certain countries’ vacation packages like New Zealand have successfully tackled the Corona Virus situation, they have come up with ways to lift the lockdown in various phases. Dubai has opened its doors back again for the tourists across the globe. 

Although the tourism industry is slowly returning to its original state with their vacation packages, we can all agree that traveling and tourism might not be the same even after the pandemic. For those individuals who are planning to travel amid the epidemic, there are absolute essentials you should be carrying at all costs. One shouldn’t forget to keep their health in check while drooling in wanderlust.

  1. Essential Medicines and Personal Hygiene Kits

Amid this pandemic, one of the most important things to keep in check is your hygiene with doctors and medical experts worldwide, emphasizing the need to maintain your hygiene levels at an optimum level at all times to avoid any infection. Therefore, it is advised for all those who would be traveling that they take additional care of their hygiene and make sure that their immunity levels are elevated to avoid any contagion. Thus, you must have a personal hygiene kit by your side at all times. 

Right now, that should serve as the first step you take in preventing any viral fever or infection. To understand why hygiene is given the top priority at the moment, one needs to know how the virus attacks our system. Any form of the disease, whether it be dental or bacterial, will eventually break down and weaken your body’s immune system. This makes us more susceptible to all other viruses. Hence, brushing your teeth and sanitizing your things regularly is necessary. 

Besides your hygiene products, doctors also advise you to keep some essential medicines with you at all times. Painkillers, Vitamins, and Nausea medicines are a must to carry with you because one can never know what might happen, and hence being prepared is the best approach.

  1. Clothes and Goods that are actually needed

We must understand the people traveling amid this situation are usually because of their profession, which includes doctors, government officials, military personnel, and others. Therefore, we must refrain from over-packing our luggage bags with clothes and shoes which we might never use on the trip. We cannot treat traveling at this period, similar to any summer trip to the beaches. Essential clothing items like a suit, a pair of jeans, towels, aviation shirts, and two pairs of shoes will do just fine. In the case of shoes, rather than carrying numerous pairs to match with your outfits, choose the ones that will help you get through your day comfortably. 

  1. Tissue Wipes and Hand Sanitizers

We all have heard the experts over the news and internet emphasize the need for keeping a hand sanitizer with you at all times. Although they can be considered part of your hygiene kit, it isn’t something people usually carry with them while going on trips following the vacation package. According to WHO, one should regularly wash and scrub their hands for at least 20 seconds if they come in contact with any foreign object. But in the absence of soap, hand sanitizers act as the best substitute. 

Therefore, during this period, it is advised that you carry it with you at all times to keep your hands clean and prevent any potential forms of infection. It is also worth mentioning that over the period, hand sanitizers and tissue wipes have become a scarcity over the globe because of the sudden surge in its demand. Therefore, we must realize that the place of your visit might not have enough supply of these products. You must carry one with yourself to avoid any risks. Disinfection of objects such as doorknobs and handles are also necessary as they are more prone to touch and, therefore, spread the disease.

  1. Gadgets

The pandemic period has made out gadgets an essential part of our lifestyle now. So to imagine traveling without our tablets or laptops would be a nightmare. Therefore, it is necessary to carry your laptops and phones while also taking a power bank. We never know what the situation might be when you reach your place of visit. There can be a power outage; therefore, to keep your phones charged while traveling is crucial. Since many locations might witness a sudden surge in the number of cases, there might be delays in your flights, trains, etc. We must stay in touch with our family and friends during this period.

It might take a while before the regular forms of traveling are back. Until then, we must play our part in avoiding the spread of any infection while keeping out health and well-being in check. Various vacation packages expose you to a more significant risk of infection, and therefore one must take additional care to prevent any diseases.

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