Some Safety Tips For Traveling To Australia

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jul 16,2020

Australia is one of the best destinations for road trips. Not just roads, but every landscape of this country is impeccable. Be it a honeymoon vacation package or a family trip, Australia unveils itself according to the traveler’s forte. 

What does Australia have in store for tourists? You have the intrinsic Aborigine culture to explore, the Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney landmark, colossal bridges, beaches, rainforests, and whatnot! The world’s smallest continent and the largest island will give you the best adventures.

Laidback feels and wondrous sceneries to set foot in, create your Australian vacation package with these below tips.

  1. Things to carry without fail:

The first important thing to carry is sunscreen. Australia gets a good amount of sunshine which may sometimes be unbearable. With the sun so strong, it may cause rashes in your skin. Regions such as Adelaide, New South Wales, Port Macquarie, and Nowra are some hottest regions in Australia. Thus, an SPF 30+ sunscreen lotion will protect your skin from the heat. 

Travelers should also carry a hat, sunglasses, and water. Other things include light clothes, comfortable backpack, first aid kit, maps, extra reusable covers, maps, etc. 

  1. Things to keep in mind while road tripping:

Australia is synonymous with road trips. It has long roads that don’t take a turn for hours. A long drive in Australian roads may be intimidating, but it is to be noted that for hours on end you will get to see very few towns and settlements. Therefore, it is essential to take the necessary precautions. Here are a few tips to take care of:

  • If you are new to the country, foremost, you should get acquainted with the driving rules and road conditions. Note that you will be fined exorbitant by the police for breaking rules.       

  • The route from Perth to Ningaloo, and Cairns to Cape York may look short, but it is indeed too long! That means you should arrange supplies for a few days at least. Water and food are the most important. Since villages and towns are scattered, you should be well-prepared.    

  • Get the car fixed. Check if the tires are in good condition. A Stepney is necessary along with other spare tools.        

  • Australian highways are mostly single lane roads. You need to drive slow and steady. Overtaking is not advised.         

  • Watch out for cattle and animals such as kangaroos and wombats crossing your path.        

  • Pay attention to gas stations as much as you concentrate on food stops and sightseeing. The distance between gas stations is huge. It is advised to fill up when you come across one to be on the safer side.  

  • Get to know about the restricted items. While you are about to reach the interstate territory, make sure you get rid of the prohibited items. Australia’s custom rules are strict. Cars and vehicles are checked keenly for pests, fleas, and other infested items. There are dustbins to dispose of such stuff near every border.    

  • Last but not least, inform someone about your itinerary. With very few towns in between, if you get stuck in the middle of the road, you can stay assured that help will arrive. 

  1. Make use of a VPN:

Since most of your Australian vacation packages will include lots of road traveling, you may not get access to Wi-Fi all the time. If you want to stay online on a regular basis, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) will be useful. Australia’s public Wi-Fi networks are safe, but with a VPN, your data will be protected from potential hackers. 

ExpressVPN, NordVPN, CyberGhost, IPVanish, Hotspot Shield, and SurfShark are highly recommended VPN providers for Australia. 

  1. Important adventures not to skip:

There are countless adventures and places to explore in this continent. But, some experiences are unique to this country, which cannot be experienced anywhere else. Some such adventures to include in your vacation package are:

  • Explore the aborigine culture:

Australia’s aborigine culture is one of the oldest in the world. Tourists can gain first-hand experience and learn about them with walking tours. This tour is inclusive in all Australian vacation packages. Get enriching information about their art, music, attire, and way of life. 

  •  Sydney:

Sydney requires no introduction to the world. The landmarks of this destination are worth visiting, such as the renowned Opera House and the Harbor Bridge.

The Opera House is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A 1 hour guided tour is offered to people concerning its history and relevance. It has various auditoriums and galleries. Tourists can spend some time and dine in their restaurants. 

The Sydney Harbor Bridge is known as a “coat hanger” due to its resembling structure. This mammoth bridge is the largest steel bridge in the world. Tourists can climb it with a group of other peers. This spine-chilling adventure is necessary!

Other places to visit are the Queen Victoria Building, Tower eye, and George Street. 

  • The Great Barrier Reef:

Your Australia vacation package would be incomplete without experiencing the Great Barrier Reef. It is a one-stop destination that offers innumerable adventures such as diving, snorkeling, fishing, etc. 

This fragile ecosystem is home to vivid marine life and organisms. Dugong, sea turtles, surgeonfish, parrotfish, mollusks, sea slugs, whales, sharks, and dolphins are just some endangered marine life living in this reef.  

An aerial tour is an equally beguiling way to explore the reef. 

  • Melbourne:

Melbourne is a down to earth city that impresses people with its feel-good vibes. It is known for its artistic ventures. Tourists can visit various theaters, art museums, galleries, exhibitions, fests, and cafés. If you aren’t a penny-pinching traveler and are ready to spend more, this city’s luxurious places will be worth it! 

Federation Square is a unique structure that confidently stands in contrast to the Victorian architecture of Australia. 

The Melbourne Cricket Ground is the location that hosted the first test cricket match. Tourists who are interested in cricket and other sports will love this stadium. Guided tours are offered by vacation packages. Learn in brief about the history of sports, and various matches hosted in the stadium.

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