Top Tourist Destinations To Explore In Punta Cana

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Dec 28,2023
Girl wearing bikini and hat relaxing on the beach of Punta Cana

A tropical paradise like Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic will be the best vacation package you can ever enjoy. It is the land of the Caribbeans boastful coastline, sky-high palm trees, beachfront accommodations, luxurious spas, golf clubs, and bustling restaurants.


Punta Cana is where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean, offering tourists the ultimate chance to live a beachside dream. Surrounded by white sand and azure waters, you can either stay on the sand to get a tan while taking in the aura of the vicinity. Or dive deep into the sea to have a close look at marine life. But it is not just beaches and swimming. The destination offers several other mini adventures on the downside- shopping, nature trails, fine cuisine tasting, spas, and other expeditions.


Punta Cana has got the power to change its settings according to your expectations. Are you planning a destination wedding? Punta Cana will be the best location ever. If you want to stay away for a while from the whims of urban and modern lifestyle, a Punta Cana vacation package will guide you to the finest wellness centers. For a beach and adventure tour, Punta Cana has so many to explore, one step at a time.

Tourism has been spiraling in this town for the last few years. Now every year, almost 2 million passengers visit the location. Hence, Punta Cana has the Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ) for those who are traveling by air. The Marina Cap Cana receives cruise ships. There are also good roadways for those traveling from La Romana or other parts of the Caribbean to Punta Cana.

Some of the cardinal tourist destinations in this town are as given below:


Hoyo Azul:


Hoyo Azul in Punta Cana


A unique natural landscape, Hoyo Azul is also known as the Blue Hole. This natural cenote with pure water is surrounded by small cliffs around. Vacation packages offer this adventure to families or small groups. The trip starts from a half an hour hike to the cliff of El Farallon with licensed guides. After a short walk through the woods and an eco-friendly stair, you will be seeing a scenic natural pool.  An exhilarating dip will rejuvenate you in the midst of everything that is natural. One can also see cave paintings and learn about the Taino natives. If you crave a bit of adrenaline rush, the zipline is for you.

Hoyo Azul seems to be a private, natural swimming pool with a relaxing view.


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Baslica Catedral Nuestra Seora de la Altagracia:


Shrine of Our Lady of Altagracia Basilica Catedral


About 40 minutes away from Punta Cana is the Basilica de Nuestra Seora de la Altagracia en Higey. The cathedral is a strange fusion of holiness and modernity. This is one of the most revered churches in the Dominican Republic. A 16th-century painting of the Virgin Mary is the primary attraction. The cathedral is built from concrete with towering blunt triangles. The structure was designed by French artisans Pierre Dupr and Dovnoyer de Segonzac. Known to have miraculous powers, the church is visited by lakhs of tourists every year. Vacation packages also include fests and celebrations conducted as part of the cathedral to tourists.


Montana Redonda:


Woman swinging on swings over the green mountains with ocean, Montana Redonda


This spectacular mountaintop view is surrounded by lush greenery, beaches, lagoons, and the city of Punta Cana. This location was not meant for tourists but in the past few years, tourism has flourished immensely with a significant number of vacation packages offering half-day tours. The best spot for photography, Montaa Redonda offers many photo points in and around the mountain. What attracts the tourists is the swing which is 1000ft above the ground. It is a thrilling experience for the daring people.


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Altos de Chavon:



Located in La Romana, which is just an hour away from Punta Cana, is the small village of Altos de Chavon. Designed by Italian Jose Antonio, this village is timeless in its style and architecture. Some of the finest artists of the Dominican Republic live here and experiment with art, culture, traditions, and science. Tourists can purchase some of the pottery and other artifacts put up for sale by these artists.

The Altos de Chavon is also visited for its museums. Home to three museums showcasing archaeology, amber, and chocolate these destinations are informative and interesting for people of all ages. The Archaeology Museum offers tourists a glimpse of the country's history and archaeological developments. Amber jewelry and articles are stored in the Amber Museum. Last but not the least, the Chocolate Museum offers information about chocolate making. Tourists can attend a personalized session on how to make chocolates. Creative products made from chocolates are sold here.


Paradisus Palma Real:


Paradisus Palma Real offers the best culinary delight to tourists while you enjoy in Punta Cana. The famous chef Martin Berasategui provides a true gastronomic session with an unmatchable experience. Typical Dominican Republic dishes can be tasted by tourists. One of the magnificent restaurants in Bavaro Beach, the style of architecture is equally endearing.  Apart from food, some of the attractive features of the hotel are an oriental park, fitness facilities, magical nights, pools, shops, medical, and convention centers. The hotel is a recreational center too wherein adults can join salsa and bachata classes, golf courses, yoga, football, sushi, cocktails and candles workshops, piano, and jazz concerts.


Cueva de las Maravillas:


caves of Maravillas


Geography lovers need to visit the Cueva de las Maravillas caves. These caves are one of the most important petroglyphs in the Caribbean. These caves are embedded with various pictographs representing the Tainos. The Dominican Republic has renovated these sites for tourism and education. Immensely important to study the Tainos culture, the caves have been made perfect and comfortable for tourists with an elevator, walkways, and ramps. The intricate rocky formations of the cave attract numerous people from all over the world. Vacation packages offer tours to these rocky caves at an affordable rate.

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