The 8 Best Things to Do on Your Punta Cana Vacations

You may feel the requirement to go to a tropical heaven. Then Punta Cana vacations are the solution for you. It is situated in the Dominican Republic. On your Punta Cana vacations, you will find a sunshine-filled tropical climate, excellent golf courses, and beautiful beaches such as Bavaro and Cortecito. You can also laze around on the beach. Tourists can bask in the sun the whole day or have a very active trip. That is the attraction of Punta Cana vacations. 


1. When to Plan Your Punta Cana Vacations



The best time to visit the place would be around late spring. This means from March to May. This is when you will get little rain and warm temperatures. There are no chances of hurricanes too. There can be tropical storms anytime from June to December. The peak season is from January to April. This is when throngs of tourists come to the beaches to soak in the winter sun.


2. How to Get to Your Punta Cana Vacations


The international airport has a wide range of carriers. These include airlines such as American Airlines and Jet Blue. Thus, getting the right flight will not be very tough. The airport is situated outside the city itself. So, if you need to go to resorts located on the coast, find out if shuttle buses are an option. Many significant resorts will give you transportation from the airport.


Some tourists may opt to fly to other airports in the Dominican Republic. Then you can rent a car and go to the city. You can put up in Santo Domingo and go eastwards in your rental car. This does not pose many challenges. This is because of the newly built highway which links up the road between the two cities. You can also take the bus from Santo Domingo. The Expreso Bavaro covers the whole distance between the two cities in just under four hours.


3. Where to Stay During Your Punta Cana Vacations



Tourists have a lot of options to choose from when trying to select their accommodations in the city. The city has numerous pools, gyms, beaches, golf courses, spas, and resorts. There are some incredible five-star resorts. There are also many intimate hotels like the Punta Cana Guesthouse. This is quite useful to stay for some days after you arrive in the city. The Casino and the Hard Rock Resort are the places that give a complete resort experience. It has a golf course developed by Jack Nicklaus and numerous pools.


4. Popular Neighborhoods in Punta Cana


Bavaro is one of the most tourist-friendly areas in the city. It is situated around a tropical lagoon. The lagoon is popular for swimming and watersports. The area has some of the top golf courses and resorts in the city. It has everything a golf fan or a beach bum could need. Uvero Alto is situated some distance away from the city. It is also a very big attraction. The beach gets fewer crowds than the ones in the south. So, you can get some space to relax easily, even when it is the peak tourist season. There are palm trees scattered throughout, and the waters are calm and safe to swim in. So, it is great as a family vacation spot. El Cortecito is in the south. It has a sandier and bigger beach. It is also more vibrant as it has several bars in its vicinity. This is the location if you want to have some cold ones and laze around on the beach.


5. How to Get Around During Your Punta Cana Vacations



Rental cars and cabs are better options than using public transit. But you can take one of the mini-buses if you want to take in the local experience and save some money in the process. The fares are very low, and they give a swift way to go around from beach to beach. There are many cabs in the area. But they tend to be quite pricey. The fares from hotels to the airport can be pretty costly. It is much more than rental cars or mini-buses. Getting a rental car is very easy in the city. Many major companies are present at the airport. The cost to hire them is also pretty low. They are much more pocket-friendly than cabs. Remember, local drivers can be aggressive at times. The country also has a high rate of accidents. Most tourists do not hire a car for this reason. They pay the extra charges of the cabs if required.


6. The Cost of Living For Your Punta Cana Vacations


The city does not have many shopping malls. But there are several souvenir stores on the oceanfront of all the resort areas. These places can give you some exciting items. There is an artisan cigar store in Bavaro. There are also small shopping plazas that contain upscale boutiques and western restaurants. Many hotels in the city have supermarkets that are aimed at both tourists and locals. Bavaro has the most supermarkets. But most hotels will be situated near a grocery store. The cost of items is much less than in the USA.


7. Where to Eat During Your Punta Cana Vacations



Eating in the city can be an interesting adventure if you choose a good hotel. There are many skilled chefs from all over the world working here. There are numerous wonderful independent eateries. You will get the best lobster at Captain Cook in Cortecito. Mathilda will give you traditional Dominican dishes. You can get great meals for a very reasonable price.


8. What to do on Your Punta Cana Vacations


The city is like a beach resort. Be sure to take along your swimming apparel and towels. Take your position on one of the top beaches in the Caribbean. Everywhere you see, you will find yourself surrounded by great beaches. The city has great marine life. It has sharks, stingrays, and corals. There are nurse sharks present here which are very gentle. You can easily swim next to them at the Marinarium near the Bavaro Lagoon. The city also has some incredible mountain scenery. There are rivers where you can do rafting and water canoeing courses. There are expert guides that will help you get the adrenaline rush that you want.


The waters of the city are not for the adventurers alone. They contain many big game fish, such as the marlin. This attracts thousands of pastime fishing fans annually. You can contact boat operators to get a guide and help you go fishing on these water bodies. Finally, you can go for a trip to the historic Santo Domingo. It is the oldest European city here in the Americas and used to be the epicenter of Spain’s empire in the Caribbean.



Your Punta Cana vacations will help you to dive with stingrays and laze underneath the palm trees. Soak in the cocktails while enjoying the serenity of sunsets beneath the horizon. You can plan to do many things. It is one of the best locations in the Caribbean Islands.


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