Enjoy Quarantine Time Making Travel Plans

Bored in quarantine and all you can think of is your passport, yellow flip flops, floral summer dress, swimsuits, a bottle of sunscreen, and a jute hat? When it isn't a bad idea after all! You heard it right. Instead of lying restless on your bed and feeling bad about the canceled vacation, you can plan a new one and book the most ideal vacation packages and take the opportunity of time in hand.

  1. Make a list of places you want to visit: through virtual travel find out which are the places that excite you the most. Make a list of all the places that either calm you down or inject adrenaline rush in you. That is how you choose whether you want the Bali Vacation Packages that offer the crystal clear beach paradise and a calm stay on the white-sands, with the perfect view of the sunset from your balcony. You can even go for the Spain Vacation Packages that offer the most fun activities and enchanting sights. Making a list will help you figure out the places you wish to visit the most. 

  1. Decide a budget and start saving: Budget is probably the most important factor on which your entire vacation depends. Figure out the rough budget and always round off the figure. Think of ways that will help you to cut down your budget. For example, instead of taking a cab to different places make sure you rely on the public transportation system, this will help you several hundred dollars, which you can rather use for shopping. Making a rough budget will only help you to decide on how much you are supposed to save in the coming months. Plus, in the quarantine period since you are employed and have no extra purchases it will be easier to collect the desired amount in no time. If you are traveling alone there is no point in checking in a fancy hotel, just choose a dorm instead. The latter will ensure that you have enough money for other significant purchases. 

  1. Calculate the hidden costs: it is always good to be on the safer side. Even if you plan the most perfect budget, you still have several hidden costs that you will face only after reaching the destination. So it is better to assume which all spheres will require extra money. What if you plan on eating street food but encounter a fancy restaurant and decide to eat at the latter instead since you will not visit your dream location? What if you have an urgent parcel delivered to you, how will you pay for that? What if the hostel asks you to pay more for the last night since many people are wanting the same dorm? All of these will be enlisted under hidden costs. Thus, make sure that you have enough money to cater to emergencies. 

  1. Start with the bookings: you want the best deals so grab the early bird offers. There should be some advantage of planning your vacation this early right? The best advantage could be financial offers! Keep meticulous booking records. Make sure that along with the best vacation packages you choose other great deals too. 

  1. Buy travel insurance: it is very important, especially considering the situation that is going on now. With the spread of coronavirus, you cannot be so sure if you will be able to cancel the trip just in case you catch the virus and do not get recovered until then. You make sure that these things are taken care of by consulting an agent and finding out more about the same. 

  1. Check the legal documents: you do not want to make some amazing plans and end up canceling them only because your passport is not renewed. If you have planned for an international vacation with your loved ones then make sure to check the expiry dates of all the passports. Find about a few legal procedures because there are a few countries that demand more than six months to be left on your passport. Find out if you need a visa, in case you do then note down the procedures of when to apply and where to apply. This segment might seem easy but it is the most important part of planning any vacation. Make sure that no legalities are responsible for pushing your plan down the drain. 

  1. Draft a convenient itinerary: list down the tourist spots you will be visiting. From pristine beaches to historical museums make sure you have a list of every tourist spot. Make the list wisely since you might never visit the same place again. Find the major attractions, restaurants that serve sweet and savories both, a local street which caters best street food, fancy places with the best cuisine, places to feel at peace, places to have an adventurous time, places of worship, places to shop, gift shops that only sell souvenirs and places to do window shopping. Only once you are done listing all these places mentioned above, you are truly ready for a vacation. You just need to hold your horses until the lockdown comes to an end. However, if you chose to select one of the vacation packages, drafting an itinerary is not your headache.

  1. Pick your perfect dresses online: planning a vacation is rare; you must have realized the significance of one after the coronavirus pandemic created a ruckus all across the globe. Thus, you must purchase new clothes and accessories to have the excitement of traveling to a new destination. Even though the official websites of the stores are not delivering your orders, make sure that with all the time in the world you manage to fill your cart with your favorite items. Add the yellow printed skirt and white-ribbed off-shoulder top to your cart. Don't forget to add the yellow floral headband and summer flip flops. 

Make travel plans in the quarantine period. With all the time in the world, you can now choose your best Vacation package and consider all the other important elements! 

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