What Best Could Travelers Do During Coronavirus Lockdown?

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Apr 28,2020

Don't you feel depressed when you are homebound for months and you cannot feed your travel-hungry soul? In no way, can you step out of your homes to go to places, but places can come near you. Here is a list of how the travelers can use their free time amid the pandemic to experience the excitement of traveling just by lying on the couch:


Virtual Tours

You need to satiate your wanderlust soul then the best way is to take virtual tours across the globe so that our physical limitation does not become a barrier for traveling to our dream locations. All you have to do is simply choose a location to experience the 360 degrees tour. Once you indulge in the beautiful travel experience there is no coming back. Visit the blue lagoons of Mauritius, the white sand beaches of Bora Bora with the Bora Bora Vacation Packages, take a tour of the beautifully constructed temples at Sri Lanka with the SriLanka Vacation Package, visit the bird park in Singapore, capture the site of grandeur architecture of the palaces in Ukraine and feed your wanderlust soul with the tropical Fiji destinations with the Fiji Vacation Packages, once the lockdown comes to an end until then, you should take advantage of the advancement of technology and experience your personalized vacation across the world. Lie down on your couch and experience the best 360-degree experience to feel alive again. It's okay to give yourself rest from the negative news which keeps flashing on your new channel and do something that makes you happy. YouTube can act as your companion at such times. Give it a chance and explore the beautiful world just through a screen. The virtual tours are indeed nothing about tasting the delicious foods and smelling the aroma of pines in towns but it is much better than doing nothing at all.

Read travel blogs

There are several websites on the search engines which are flooded with the travel blogs. The globetrotters post inspirational content on their blogs which inspire the other travelers. And given the current situation, ideal travelers like you need inspiration. The blogs offer you well-knitted stories, experiences, and pictures to excite the travel bug in you. You can easily agree that the best way to travel in time is through reading. Travel blogs are also much more informative and personal than travel guides. 

Find your favorite destination on Instagram

Travelling has surely become a pipedream in the current situation until then you can look for your bucket-list destinations on Instagram to find the best-suited vacation packages. The social media platform is the place where you can explore places from close up. Instagram is not only flooded with pictures but even with videos to capture the beauty of the enchanting places. All you need to do is follow the appropriate hashtag and discover the places. There are even travel accounts on the media platform, but you must follow the accounts which put genuine and capturing content, the kind of posts that you inspire your soul to follow your fairytale-like dreams. The travel bloggers on social media have their handles to capture the essence of the beautiful places, crystal clean beaches, scrumptious food and wine, exotic cultures and so much more. Apart from just posting visuals on their handle they also draft long captions sharing their personal experiences with the followers. Such information is very useful if you are planning your vacation at the same location. And isn't it smart to read someone else's experience first and then plan your vacation with first-hand tips? We can find the major travel goals on Instagram, which reveal the fact that there is less information we are aware of. 

Organize travel pictures

Don’t you have thousands of pictures clicked from your dreamy destinations with your friends, your family, and your companions? Well, this is the time to organize your pictures into different folders and subfolders. While going through your pictures you will also find some pictures, which will have a funny story and will eventually remind you of the lovely times you spent with your pack. You can even collect some of your best pictures to post it on your social media handle. 

Edit your bucket list

We all have our bucket list with the dreamy vacation packages we want to visit, but when was the last time you updated it? It has been months since you would have last looked. Why not create a new one for the new version of you? Before creating a new list, consider aspects such as visa, flight schedule and prices, and accommodation. This will not only help you to understand your trip more clearly but also make you more realistic about your plans. Plan your future trips more wisely.

Plan your immediate destination

We have no clue as to when will this lockdown come to an end, hence you must choose your best vacation packages with the given time you have so that you can immediately reach your dream destination with your loved ones as soon as this gets over. Look for the accommodation details and flight tickets and pen them down in your travel diary. 

Create a vision board

A travel vision board will act as a visual reminder for you to save money and feel committed to your tip. You can either create an online vision board by searching for the most beautiful destinations you would like to visit or just print pictures, collect from magazines and newspapers. The latter is time and effort consuming hence this activity will keep you busier and will be attached with some sentimental value. 

Watch movies and series

Your free time to watch travel-related movies to feel stories knitted beautifully at different locations to feed your travel bug. Binge-watch shows which show glimpses of the countryside, beaches, road trips and mountains to maintain good mental health.

Travel the world virtually and feed your wanderlust soul to feel at peace amid the coronavirus pandemic.


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