Explore The World From Home During Covid19

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Apr 20,2020

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the lockdown in several countries has started to act as a barrier for the wanderlust, for it has limited them from traveling the places listed on their bucket list.  The virtual reality headsets are coming at our rescue considering our dream vacations. The pristine beaches of Bora Bora, lush woodlands of Fiji, serene scuba diving in the deep Pacific Ocean, crystal clear lagoons at the Maldives and the Eiffel tower at Paris can be visited just by sitting on your couch. 

It is as true even if it sounds absurd! Yes, relaxed voyages in deep caves, blue oceans, and dreamy space are now possible with the technology to have taken a leap. The wanderlusts have the option of taking the trips virtually. Looking at the brighter side, the cobbled lanes at enchanting places are not overcrowded by tourists and you can simply visit your dream destination without any hustle.

The pandemic across the globe has forced us to stay at home to curb the spread of the deadly disease, however, the travel bug in us won’t just seem to go away and amidst all this the 360 degrees VR content is welcoming you with open arms. This is also a positive note for the tourism industries; instead of getting worried they should support and embrace the idea of virtual reality. The Chinese people are taking advantage of this advanced technology by offering virtual tours of attractive places amid the coronavirus pandemic. VR technology also saves environmental degradation and nourishes nature. On one hand, where the tourism industry is worried about the drop in tourism due to virtual tours, on the other hand, technology is going to shoot up and cater jobs to the masses involved in the latter field. 

Museums across the world are planning to adopt advanced VR technology to reach the masses at times like crises. In Jerusalem, a private company collaborated with a Canada based company to produce 360 degrees content of the Western Wall, Al-Aqsa Mosque and Church of the Holy Sepulcher so that the Christians, Jews, and Muslims can pay a virtual visit for the celebration of Easter, Passover, and Ramadan respectively. Doesn’t that sound like an innovative idea? The people could not reach their place of worship but the latter reached them, this is what the VR technology does. 

Virtual reality has enabled us to experience tailored experiences sitting on the couch while hogging food. This unique medium is also helping the travel industry grow since people are exploring the technology generated world and will definitely boost the number of tourists post coronavirus pandemic. The technology is offering us a try-before-you-buy offer which is not so bad after all.

Furthermore, undertaking journeys which were not possible earlier can be very easy now. With all the time in the world, you can visit that shopping street which you heard at the fancy party, you can visit the zoo which you couldn’t because your wife was pregnant, you can now sit in the first premium line of the dolphin show which you weren’t accessible to because the perfect seat would cost you quite affordable. All your dream destinations can be accessed with just one click. Traveling to such magical places will drive in emotions of positivity and at this moment is necessary given the global situation. It is important to feel travel again, it is important to feel happy again and the virtual reality is doing that for you.

Leave your stress back at your bucket list destination and enjoy the serene view to feel like wanderlust again. We cannot deny the fact that we are trapped in the four walls of our home and cannot physically be present at ideal locations, however; you need not worry much when VR has so much to offer. With all mixing up of negative emotions due to cancellation of plans, sit on the couch, play the 360 degrees VR content and relax by spreading your legs. It is definite that this virtual reality technology has enabled us to travel dreamy destinations during crises like situations. So instead of cribbing about how you cannot eat macaroons at your fancy restaurant under the Eiffel tower just cook a delicious cuisine and visit your favorite destination wearing your most comfy pajamas. Visit the world but sit at home!

With the advent of virtual reality, we all cannot be any happier where the technology has come at our rescue to keep feeding our travel bug. And if you ideally think about the situations, if you were physically traveling then would you like to stand in the one hour queue just to purchase ticket for your favorite ride, would you take a stroll in the zoo with the hot-sweltering sun or would you sit in the 20 hours flight with a paralyzed ass? Isn’t it much better where you can feel the same adventurous ride wearing your VR headset, watch your favorite animal in your air-conditioned room and sit in an airplane in the virtual world while in reality lying down on your cushiony comforter? These are the striking benefits of traveling from home! With the entire world being a treasure box of exotic places, click on your dream destination and reach the stunning place instantly. 

Take a tour of the exotic flora and fauna, calm beaches, pristine lakes, magnificent monuments, artistic corners and sparkling waters to feed your travel bug. Furthermore, traveling these places beforehand can give a sense of satisfaction when you actually in reality travel the place. You will be satisfied for you already took a look at the hotel you were going to check-in in, the business class flight you were going to excessively for, the swimming pool of the resort where you were going to sip your tropical cocktail and the cruise which was going to take you to your holiday destination. List all your dream destinations and visit them over a screen and then plan your leisure vacation with your package once the pandemic comes to an end!

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