Do Not Cage Animals: Lesson We Must Learn from Quarantine

The term COVID-19 may have been born of some political conspiracy. It may be transferred to humans from bats. There are plenty of speculations going around about the birth of this disastrous virus. But, one thing that every single person in this world can feel today is “the power of the universe”. While we do not pay heed to what the universe could do to us if we are not abiding by the basic rules. 


We humans, by default, have the onus of taking care of other creatures on the earth. Because we are the most intelligent of all the creatures in the Universe. And, we are not using that intelligence intelligently. It is when the universe has no option but to set its system to a restoration process all over again. 


It is when we start mistreating nature & its creatures, the Universe has to set its system to the process of restoration all over again. It is when we forget about the basic human nature - compassion, love, and affection. Probably, this outbreak of coronavirus & everything that is happening around consequently is an indication that the universe has reached that stage. 


One such example of this forgotten human nature is not having even an inch of compassion for the animals around. There are millions of people around who for the sake of their personal happiness, cage animals and make them feel helpless. And, the best evidence to the fact, we can ever quote is the fact that “The coronavirus has caged humans and animals are freely wandering around the streets”. You must be now connecting, what message the universe is trying to convey. 


So, what lessons have you learned from quarantine? Will you have more compassion for these helpless creatures now? If you want to learn important lessons from quarantine, read the article. 


Lessons to Learn During Quarantine


Do not Cage Animals

The most important lesson that you must learn from this situation is that we should stop to cage them for our own happiness. The way we are feeling in the current situation, caged inside our homes, no way to meet the ones we love - these helpless animals do feel in a similar way. Actually, we should be more compassionate & kind to them, given the fact that they cannot speak, but we humans do? Can we even imagine their situation? It’s high time that we have made the habit of making these helpless creatures feel even more helpless. Now that nature itself is punishing for the sin we have been committing through years, we must understand and get back to who we were made. So, next time when you see them feel the love you want from your loved ones.


Be Compassionate with animals

These days, while it is quite fashionable to have a pet by our side, but when it comes to how we must treat a stray dog or a stray cat, we are completely different. Why we don’t treat the stray animals with as much love as our own pets? Because there is nothing fashionable about it. Because your pet is just like any other item of luxury or fashion. So, now that they are moving freely on the streets and we can just peek away from our respective windows, we have the realization that we have this onus to be compassionate to these beautiful creatures. They are not just an item of happiness for you. They can also breathe & feel like any other human. So, next time when you walk freely after corona, be compassionate to them. Make them feel comfortable, not available. 


Feed them when You can

Living in quarantine is all about learning scores of lessons. And, one of them is we can feed as much as we can including animals. No one knows, when this whole scenario will change and when the one who you have mistreated will be on your side & you will be on the other side. So, when the whole coronavirus ruckus goes off, just make sure that you are not ignoring them. Make sure that you are feeding one animal every day. Make that a thumb rule of your life. Probably that’s the indication of the universe that it is trying to convey. It’s trying to say, “there is something good for you if you are good to everything & everyone around including animals”

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