The Crisis of Corona: Guide to surviving self-quarantine!

Since when this “Crisis of Corona” came into our lives, you must be looking for a comprehensive guide to surviving self-quarantine. So, here it is! 


We understand that we are social animals and living alone in the confines of the home is quite a tough task. Therefore, there has to be a way out to fight this Crisis of Corona and more so being quarantined. 


You know what! Actually you can make this period of quarantine a memory of lifetime by doing things that would have never been done. Do something that when you walk around in a corona-free-world you can share the story of your quarantine with your friends & colleagues. 


So, to help you on this journey of designing your customized guide to surviving self-quarantine, we have come up with some ideas that will keep you healthy & peaceful. Read the full article to find. Here we go:


Stretch Your Body - Exercise

You have so much so that you do not have to go anywhere to stretch your body. Exercising is essentially a part of healthy and peaceful living. And, not just when you are quarantined and confined in your homes, this has been suggested as a tool to keep your mind & healthy & happy. 


Stretching your body is always suggested for a soulful living. While in the usual days, you have always complained about the lack of time, you cannot give that excuse now. You can even use the time you used to spend commuting for exercising & stretching your body in any form. 


If you want to be specific with what you are doing then you can get the required help from various free & paid online sources. You can go for a Fitness channel subscription or buy a subscription on a fitness app. Exercising is going to keep your mind and body healthy & happy.


Calm your Mind - Meditate

Many of you may not really know the importance of meditating, probably because you have never got the time and opportunity & time to work out a plan for meditation. So, when you have enough time to invest in doing things that you have never been able to do. 


This is the time when you can discover a different side of you and know things thoroughly that you have always wanted to know. Get on to a journey of self discovery. Nothing is better than meditation to discover the path to peace and mindfulness. 


You can sit back and watch out what are the things involved with meditation. There are spiritual channels that most entertainment service providers offer. So either you can make it a habit to listen to it everyday. Or you may also find an app or a book that helps people learn the art of meditation. So, this is the time when you can acquire all that knowledge which you can boast about to have done during quarantine, when again we will walk freely in a corona-free-world.


Keep your Mind Occupied - Optimism

When there is something very unusual, the only thing that can keep you peaceful is an optimistic attitude. And, optimism is evident if you are keeping it occupied with constructive things. In this unforeseen situation that haunts us every night, it is very important for all of us that we are keeping optimistic and of the positive frame of mind. 


For this, you are anyone - a businessman, working professional, homemaker, or a student, you can keep yourself at peace by learning to learn new things. You can think of restarting hobbies and interests that you have not worked on for a long period of time because of the lack of time. This will not keep you at bay from the negativities, uncertainties & unsure of the future.


Do something Creative - Innovation

Art, creativity, and Innovations are all different sides of the same coin! So, every single person has something very unique, innovative and artistic about them. This is the time when you can try your hands with that kind of thing.


There must be an art or a hobby that you liked doing during your childhood, but as time passed, you could not go forward with that. So, you have got this amazing time, which has not happened in the past, that you can sit quietly at home, without any distractions and do whatever you want to do.


If there is anything in any corner of your heart - singing, dancing, painting, photography or anything, just grab this opportunity to relearn & practice it. This will enrich the innovative & creative skills inside of you.


Do your Job with Concentration - Productivity

One important thing you can do in this part of the day is being more productive than ever before. So, there are no distractions around, no colleagues, no office boy, nothing. You can start learning about deep work and that will help in the long run. 


When the economies are at stake, and we have no other option to sit at home and work through our days, we have to find ways to contribute to gradually lift it up. One thing we can do right now is work with way more efficiency, more dedication, and more concentration. This will ensure that, even if anything bad happens to the economy, your contribution (whatever area of work you belong) will at least give an inch of boost.


Multiplying on your productivity, in this crisis of Corona will not only help you build confidence in your boss, but this will also help your organization from declining to any level. This will consequently help the country’s economy. It’s all a full circle that makes us all stronger and happier.


Stay home, Stay Safe! 


Keep repeating Positive & winning affirmations - We have already won this battle against the invisible enemy @corona!!

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