Use Quarantine to Research Your Dream Vacations

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Apr 14,2020

With everything looking so messed up - fear, anxiety, hopelessness are common feelings. But, we can’t, at any cost, afford these feelings, particularly at this moment. We have to embrace happiness over sorrow, hopefulness over hopelessness, optimism over pessimism and so forth. 


During this worldwide pandemic, we need to resonate at a more sensible level. While quarantine, social distancing, work from home, and everything that has come along with COVID-19 has made our lives miserable, let's take this opportunity to research your dream vacations. 


To help you with this, we have created & curated this list of some of the dream vacations you can research in quarantine. This will keep you ready for the real vacation and you would be more confident while you go for this real & rare vacation in the future. 


Let’s find out what are those places, you must research in this period of quarantine that will make us ready for the real trip. Let’s gets started:


Japan’s Cherry Blossoms


Every year during the cherry blossom season, the Cherry blossom festivals are organized in different parts of the. It enables guests to enjoy the perfectly beautiful landscape of the cherry blossom, along with drinks & delicious food. Some of the best cherry blossom festivals help in Japan include Hirosaki Castle, Ueno Park, Meguro River, State Gongendo Park, Takada Castle, Odawara Castle, Izu Highland, and more. 


Due to COVID-19 most of these cherry blossoms have been canceled. Moreover, given quarantine and the fear of getting infected, you would not have gone for this trip anyway. So, when the world will restore to normal and you can think of this vacation. 


So, as to get yourself ready and prepared, you must research these pleasant cherry blossom festivals while you have enough time in quarantine. The Japan Rail Pass website is the best place to get this information in detail.


African Safari


While in Quarantine, prepare yourself for a more specific and unique Africa safari. Human life is all about setting limits beyond limits. Research everything on how it is about discovering the not so much discovered places like Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Discover everything about how you can safari here via Zambia’s Liuwa Plain or canoe. You can find everything over the internet. However, the best place to find out about traveling to Africa is African Parks is a 16-park nonprofit organization. You will find all the required information about visiting each of these places & parks. 


So, while you are quarantined waiting for the world to restore to normal, pray & prepare yourself for your future dream-vacations.


Island Hopping in Greece


With your brain all packed with information on traveling, you cannot rest on your laurels. Every moment has opportunities if you can think of. With this period of quarantine, you can make yourself even more productive. With all the time, just research your dream vacations. 


Island hopping in Greece is one of the most favorites of all travelers. This year, it seems, this trip is going to happen because of the COVID-19 pandemic and because of the destruction that it has caused. With all the time you have got, you can research and find out which all are the islands that suit your requirements & taste. 


However, from the  Ionian Islands of the north to the remote North Aegean and the famous Cyclades: hard-partying Mykonos and picturesque Santorini, every part of Greece are beautiful. But, you can segregate as per your choice. The best way to research about these islands is by visiting Greece's guide where you will get almost every little information.


Prepare Yourself for New Zealand Road Trip


So whether you are familiar with or not with the South Island & North Island of New Zealand, you always have this time to explore & know more. With enough time during the time, you can explore the geography, history, and everything about the place. You must not be aware, but if the right route is taken, you can travel through most parts of this beautiful land in two weeks. From hikes to other plenty of halts, this will definitely keep you engaged.


Penguins in Antarctica


And, if you really want to keep the travel bug going, you have amazing options. Meeting the amazingly unique creatures of Antarctica, Penguin is almost on everyone's travel wishlist. For sure, you belong to that list. So, if you have been complaining about enough time to explore this far-flung place and these beautiful creatures, you have no excuse to say NO now. You have all the resources, the most important one’s time & access to the internet (where you can search for everything about this beautiful place). You can sit down to watch documentaries based on penguins & Antarctica and that will enrich your information in terms of this voyage to the most beautiful continent of the south & the penguins. 


So, these are some of the most amazing destinations you must research while you are in quarantine. This will not only keep you engaged and beat the blues of COVID-19 but will also familiarize you completely with your next vacations to come. 


Be positive, Keep Going…… We will Definitely Win this Battle against this Invisible enemy @COVID-19!

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