Top Honeymoon Destinations To Explore For A Romantic Getaway

Author: Meenakshi

It is a season of love and weddings. Weddings are all fun and celebration until and unless you have to leave your home with a heavy heart and start a beautiful life with responsibilities and new opportunities. However, the most interesting part of a wedding is a honeymoon. It was originally followed by every couple earlier when there was a ritual of arranged marriages. Honeymoon used to be a way to get to know your partner and to explore the lifestyle of each other. With the change in time, most couples are getting married a little late in life and already know each other for, very long time and for those honeymoon becomes a way to rekindle their love. It's a way to bring that spark back between the couples and it becomes very important for your lady love because its a dream of every woman to travel along with their soulmate to a beautiful landscape and many adventurous activities.


Planning for a honeymoon can be exciting as well as a very stressful task because you need to plan out many things like what kind of person your partner is, are they a hill person or a beach person. Everyone has their set plans and fantasies about their honeymoon destinations and before planning out any trip you must ask your better half about it.


Many people plan their honeymoon during the off-season because it costs them less and it's a very clever trick but it can be unpredictable too. There are many things that you can experience about a place only when the season of traveling is there. We mean there is a reason people visit that place or country during season times. Well if you haven't thought of any getaway as of now then here is the possible list that you could explore on your honeymoon.



Not just a honeymoon destination but it has been the wedding destination of many big celebrities. Its rich history and mesmerizing beauty make it the perfect place for spending a few days with your loved ones. You can book private caves which have infinity pools and can overlook the Islands beautiful bay. You are surely going to love its cuisine and we suggest you take some time and explore the town on foot holding hands of your beloved. You can stop by for lunch at any of the local places and enjoy the romantic setup.



It has now become a synonym of honeymoon because of its beautiful parts and the Kohala Coast. You can visit the Big Island and spend a beautiful time with your partner. The beaches here are mesmerizing and you can also go on a flight scene with your partner, yes by flight we mean a helicopter ride at night. You can go snorkeling and stay near luxurious hotels. The beaches here set up for a perfect romantic getaway for your honeymoon. You can hold the hands of your partner and walk by the beautiful beaches near or sit at a local shack and have some amazing seafood. Also, watching the sunset at this Island is going to be one of a lifetime experience. You and your partner are surely going to enjoy staying here. This Island has a very romantic and relaxing feel and also offers you a variety of cuisine. If you visit here during the summer then you can also take a road trip towards the rainforest. The honeymoon cottages and hotels here are surely going to set up your mood.



Another perfect Getaway for the newly found romance is Italy. There's a place called Paglia which is not as famous but is as perfect as you can imagine. It is one of the Italian gems and the best part is you can visit here at any time of the year. It has a very luxurious and charming approach to it and has one of the finest beaches in Italy. The luxury resorts here are going to take your breath away and of your partner. You can also head towards the UNESCO World Heritage town with iconic buildings and whitewash stone huts. There are many reasons to be in Italy and also to shop here. Your partner is really going to love this area because it has the most amazing and mesmerizing beaches to it. Also, the best part of this beautiful city is that you can go on a long walk with your partner and shop a little more than you would have planned. 


How can we forget mentioning the Maldives when it comes to a honeymoon destination? Well, it is gaining a lot of popularity nowadays. It is located in the southwest of Sri Lanka and is a very small Island. It is tailor-made for couples who love oceans. Instead of going to the boring beaches that the world has already been visiting. You can give yourself an extra kick and plan a Maldives honeymoon. It is the most ideal Island that is surely going to melt your heart when you see the sunset here you can have a private Island to yourself and it won't even burn a hole in your pocket. However, don't set your expectations too low because you are surely going to love this place. Words can't do justice to the amazing landscape which is going to be offered to you at this luxurious property. Many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities have been spending their ideal holiday on this Island.

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