World Wildlife Day 2020: Travel to Spread Awareness on Wildlife Preservation

Wildlife is not so wild! Its been rightly said that We dont own the planet Earth, we belong to it & we must share it with the wildlife. 

Flora & fauna is an amazing gift of nature to mankind. Wildlife contributes to a healthy human living as much as humans themselves do. 

Wildlife 2020 will be celebrated on the 3rd of March! This is yet another opportunity to showcase a little of humanity. No wonder whatever can breathe will need LOVE, COMPASSION & SYMPATHY. 

For the sustainable development & well-being of humans, its important to celebrate each and every life nature has created. Every living that exists in the Universe contributes to the social, ecological, scientific, cultural, aesthetic & recreational aspects of the universe. 

If you are a traveler, you can take this opportunity to celebrate World Wildlife Day in your own way. You can travel across the globe where wildlife is in abundance and raise awareness about the myriad of benefits that conservation of wildlife can provide to their lives. You can take charge and initiate the crusade against wildlife crime. 


Heres a list of top countries where you can travel as a part of playing your part in the crusade against wildlife crimes & the World wildlife Day 2020 celebration.


Nantucket National Wildlife Refuge, United States

This part of your vacation can work perfectly with your wildlife photography. You can capture a couple of beautiful pictures, which can play an important part in your crusade against wildlife crime. 

Wildlife photographers from across the globe come here to capture beautiful flight mode pictures of birds. Nantucket National Wildlife in the United States is most popularly known for having witnessed the national migratory bird management program in the year 1975. 

The refugee park is all laden with thousands of beautiful harbor seals and migratory birds. You will also get to capture some stunning pictures with a number of gull species. With the help of these pictures & on the basis of your research, you can create articles explaining the importance of wildlife for Sustaining all life on Earth as the theme for World Wildlife 2020.


Pantanal, Brazil

In addition to the abundance of wildlife that you are going to discover in Pantanal, Brazil, there is much more thats amazing. On your vacation, you can just focus on the hidden gem with respect to wildlife. You will be surprised to discover that it is the largest wetland in the world located in the heart of South America covering an area of around 210,000 sq km. 

With this trip, you will realize how these beautiful creatures have made this earth a beautiful place to live. The unique Amazon rain forest consisting of vast numbers of alligators & jaguars will get you some really amazing pictures for your article. And, that raw scent of nature as you breathe in the tropical air is going to fill you with energy to make people realize, why they should be fighting against all the cruel acts of man against wildlife?


Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

For any wildlife lover, Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya is an important part of your dream vacation. With World Wildlife 2020, you have another important motive to plan a vacation to this part of the Earth ~ to celebrate the existence of a wide variety of amazing wild flora & fauna. The Masai Mara National Reserve is one of the most exciting & the biggest wildlife reserves in the country. If you have not heard about the Great Migration or the Wild Beast Migration, you definitely should add this destination on your bucket list. Some amazing wildlife creatures like Thomsons gazelle, African leopards, Masai Lions & more will make your vacation amazing one.


Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

For wildlife lovers, the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador has to be a part of the bucket list. Across the 29 islands, the colorfully vibrant marine life will win your heart for sure. Particularly with World wildlife day 2020, a few days away (on 3rd March), you have a valid reason to plan this wildlife vacation. You can get deeply involved with this place, picking out ideas of spreading awareness about protecting the rich wildlife for sustainable life on earth. For everything that nature has gifted to this place, it also is referred to as living museum and showcase of evolution. The plenty of seismic processes & the volcanic activities, Galapagos Islands flourishes in terms of marine life. Its definitely a must-have destination in your list of wildlife exploration destinations.


Jim Corbett National Park, India

Another important destination you should not miss if you are planning to explore wildlife across the world ahead of the World Wildlife Day 2020. Jim Corbett National Park in India is one of the most popular wildlife destinations. Its popularly known for its endangered Bengal Tiger ~ this crusade of conservation has gained the park popularity throughout the world. For travelers/explorers/writers/crusaders of change, the park gives unimaginably great scope for photography and exploration. 

The Jim Corbett National Park, India is one of the most popular and the oldest national parks to have come under the tiger Project. The wildlife sanctuary encourages people from across the globe to travel to this place. Visit this national park to feel motivated & for motivating people around about supporting wildlife. This part of your vacation is going to be extraordinarily enriching in terms of wildlife preservation.

Denali National Park Preserve, Alaska

If you are looking for something with amazing options of the magnificent landscape then Denali National Park Preserve, Alaska is a must look for the thing. This is another wonderful spot for capturing a couple of beautiful pictures alongside the snowy granite summit featuring the Denali National Park. Preserved beautifully amongst the wonderful sights of the Nort American skyline, this place is a must-visit if you really want to experience the real magic of nature & how it all thrives wildlife beautifully. This has bee n home to a wide variety of mammals, plants, and other beautiful variety of birds. That perfect taiga & the dense forest areas have created amazing space for these lives to thrive. This will help you with your crusade towards fighting the crime against wildlife & animals. 

So, these are the top places to visit to celebrate World Wildlife Day 2020. With this, you can collect plenty of pictures and spread awareness on the preservation of wildlife as a means of Sustaining all life on Earth. 

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