Things To Know Before Planning A Hungary Vacation Amidst COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, various countries closed their borders worldwide for international as well as domestic travel. Hungary is one such country that banned travel for an indefinite duration. For more than a year now, only Hungarian and non-Hungarian nationals were allowed to travel to the country. 


But now, with the given pandemic situation all across the world, Hungary has decided to bring into effect the new sets of rules for booking a Hungary vacation package. The Hungary travel advisory has also changed the risk level of the country from high risk to moderate. Earlier, the advisory has issued the Level 4 risk, which means “Do not travel” to the country because of rising cases. Now, with a bit of improvement in the COVID-19 situation, the advisory issued Level 3 risk, i.e., Reconsider Travel. Now, travelers can think of planning an excursion to Hungary, but only if they are eligible as per the country’s guidelines. 


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If you too are planning to book a Hungary vacation package, you must review this article. Here you will get all the information that you need to know before you plan a trip. Carefully read the whole article before booking a leisure tour and travel package to make a wise travel decision. 


Table Of Contents:

COVID Situation In Hungary: Quick Facts

Hungary Travel Restrictions At Glance 

General Regulations In Hungary Amidst COVID-19

Legal Rules And Regulations On Travel In Hungary


COVID Situation In Hungary: Quick Facts

(As of June 9, 2021)



Level Of COVID-19 Risk: Level 3 (Reconsider Travel)

Total Cases: 806,206

Total Recoveries: 7.19 L

Confirm Deaths: 29,883

Administered Vaccine Doses: 8,634,665


Hungary COVID-19 Restrictions At Glance 





- Entry of tourists in the country: Partially allowed

- Testing Requirements: Negative COVID-19 test 

- Quarantine Restrictions: Not compulsory, and if required, then the quarantine period will be of 10 days




- Lockdown Restrictions: Partial

- Catering: Outdoor only for people with immunity card

- Events: Allowed but with restrictions

- Transportation: Operational

- Bars and restaurants: Opened with restrictions


General Regulations In Hungary Amidst COVID-19


We all love to attend parties, festivals, go to clubs, enjoy cultural events, visit casinos, etc., on our vacation. But is it possible to do all of these things amidst COVID-19? Well, it is essential to know all about the destinations before booking the leisure tour and travel package. Especially during the coronavirus pandemic, you must know what you can do on your vacation. This will help you save yourself from the disappointment of staying indoors when you reach the country. 


If you are planning to book a Hungary vacation package, here are the general guidelines that you must know about. These regulations will make you learn what all you can do on your Hungary vacation package.


1. Curfew In Hungary



The country remains under curfew from midnight to 5 in the morning. So if you are looking forward to enjoying the nightlight on your Hungary vacation package, this is not the right time. During the curfew time, everyone is required to stay indoors. 


2. Sports Events or Cultural Activities



All the travelers who are immune to coronavirus and are allowed to travel to Hungary can attend sports events and cultural activities. However, only if the event is planned to finish by 11 p.m. can it be enjoyed on your Hungary vacation package. Complying with these requirements, people can attend the events without wearing masks. 


Note: Dance and music events are prohibited in the country.


3. Accommodation



If you are planning to book a Hungary vacation package, the first you will be looking for is accommodation. Well, it is one of the critical aspects of travel. But, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, there are certain restrictions on the housing of travelers. Nevertheless, the following are the people who are allowed to stay in an accommodation establishment on their vacation.


- Who has proof of immunity can stay at an accommodation establishment. 

- If a person is booking a Hungary vacation package for business purposes, education, or economic reasons, they can book accommodation.

- Guests who are either health workers, members of the Hungarian Armed Force, or a part of law enforcement authorities and planning to stay for official purposes are allowed.  


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Legal Rules And Regulations On Travel In Hungary



If a traveler plans to book a Hungary vacation package, they may enter the territory but only in certain circumstances. Police agencies will allow travelers to enter Hungary if they are traveling for any of the given purposes.

- If a person is traveling because of participation in Hungarian judicial or administrative procedures, he/she is allowed. However, such an individual is required to show the document provided by the Hungarian court or authority about the participation. 


- People can book a Hungary vacation package for medical purposes. In such a case, a receipt by the health institution should be provided by the traveler. 


- Business travel is allowed in Hungary. People can travel to and from the country for business purposes by showing a valid certificate that the employer issues. 


- Educational purposes are considered valid for traveling to Hungary. Therefore, a student can visit the country for studying or examination. For this, they have to show the certificate issued by the educational institution.


- Suppose a person is planning to book a leisure tour and travel package for participating in cargo-related passenger traffic. In that case, they will be allowed by the authorities after showing a certificate. 


- Other than the above-stated purposes, a person can book a Hungary vacation package for attending a wedding,  baptism, funeral, major religious event, international event, taking care of a relative, etc. 


If you are booking a leisure tour and travel package for any of these purposes, you have to submit an application in Hungarian or English by electronic means. With this, an original copy of the document is also needed to be submitted while entering the territory of Hungary. 


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Requirements Upon Arrival In Hungary:


Upon arrival in the country, the traveler will undergo a medical checkup. If a person gets examined with the infection, he/she will not be allowed to cross the borders. 


However, if the suspicion of infection does not exist in the traveler, they have to quarantine themselves for ten days. If travelers do not want to get quarantined on their Hungary vacation package, they have to submit a negative COVID-19 report no more than five days before their travel.


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