Some Protein Myths that People Must Not Believe Now

Proteins are good for health and often end up making us lean and strong. For the growth of muscles, we must need protein in our diet but those who are vegan do not get enough protein from the vegan diet. But there are so many related myths that people have tapered in the history like Men should not eat soy or consume dairy because those are unhealthy. Let us check out the myths and set the record straight for the final time –

Myth 1: The Main Job of Protein is Muscle Building

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Protein remains as one of the most important building blocks of the body and can be found as an essential nutrient in the form of Amino Acids. It is not justified to say that Proteins are only helpful in bone management, apart from this Proteins have an essential contribution towards bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, hair, antibodies, hormones, enzymes and LDL and HDL cholesterol. Besides these, it also plays an active role in supporting the immune system thereby also regulating the blood glucose in the body nutrient composition. So, apart from the bone building, it has a super role in other things also.

Myth 2: Less Protein for Weight Loss

Sometimes, a myth is also flouted that protein consumption leads to fat storage and thereby the weight increase happens. So, it is partly a correct opinion yet not generalized because protein helps in keeping up the body metabolism thereby making it hard to lose weight. So, if you persist to weight loss programs, it might be that you are losing parts of muscles and not fat. And then there will be fatigue, weakness, swelling of the leg and loosening the immune system thereby making you weak. Hence don’t go for weight loss without leaving the proteins.

Myth 3: Protein Causes Kidney Problems

This is a serious myth considering it letting people be devoid of the very nutrient it needs the most. Enough of protein certainly hurts the kidney but only if the kidneys have underlying disease. The healthy kidneys have excellent property of expelling out the excess nitrogen formed due to the eating of food products such as steak, eggs, and beans. Some researchers have also suggested extra protein to be weakening the bones because enough of it causes too much pee and hence the calcium gets flushed out of the body. Not that you should lessen the protein intake but you must vary the source of it like the Animal and plant proteins. A strict no-no to the supplement is necessary if you have underlying kidney or liver disease.

Myth 4: Not Enough Plant-Based Protein containing diet

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This is completely false as there are lots of protein coming out from a plant-based diet. Though the plant-based diets do not have as much protein as the animal-based have certainly they have enough for those going completely vegan. The person can diet such as lentils or rice to fulfill the dietary demands of the body. You must have enough of protein diet every 24 hour period for complete body strength.

Myth 5: Everyone Must Take Protein Supplement

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It would not be difficult for anyone to get protein by intaking enriched food and without the supplements as well. As per the recommended dietary allowance, 0.4 grams of protein per pound of body weight is a must for men. Hence, it can directly come from the food sources and not necessarily from a supplement. Hence it is recommended to let heavily depend on the supplement and rather on plant and animal-based proteins.

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