Palm Oil: A Powerhouse for Our Health

While we may never think before choosing the oil we cook our food in, but they have serious implications on the health of everyone in the family. Thus, choosing the cooking oil comes on the top priority for us. In the era when olive oil and coconut oil has been ruling the roost of selection, palm oil has suddenly gained popularity due to its powerhouse of resources in it. Palm oil is rich in antioxidants and can help protect against neurodegeneration, high blood pressure, and cancer. It has also the abilities to combat Vitamin A deficiency as well as in the prevention of stomach ulcer. It also moisturizes and softens skin and conditions the hair. This can also promote hair growth when consumed in regular quantities. You should try the red palm oil which has been found to be rich in tocopherols, carotenes, and tocotrienols. It is also rich in saturated fats and thus its consumption must be limited to 6% of your daily calorie intake.

The red or the orange fruits of the Palm trees are squashed and pulped to extract the beneficial palm oil which has so many beneficial elements in it. Its already been used in the cereals, pizzas, chocolates, bread, chewing gum, shampoo and even cleaning products. Some of the estimates also suggest that more than 33% of the products that we consume contain Palm oil in some form.

Some of the benefits arising out of the Palm oil have been listed here as:

Stops Free Radicals to Make Any Damage

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Some of the researchers have shown that the palm oil contains tocotrienols which is a kind of Vitamin E containing antioxidant properties. These Vitamins can block the effects of free radicals present in the pollutants faced by us as well as the foods taken during the entire day. They can damage your DNA as well as cells and can play a part in the aging process as well. They are also the propagator of diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart problems. But daily and regular usage of Palm oil can counter all these problems as one of the animal testings has found that Palm oil prevented the oxidative degradation of protein and fats to a large extent and inhibited liver damage.

Helps in Fighting Cancer

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Apart from saving us from the free radicals, it also helps us in fighting Cancer as well through the secretions of Tocopherols from it. Some researchers have suggested that a tocotrienol-rich fraction palm oil inhibited the spread of cancer cells and sped up the death of prostate cancer cells. They can also work against the spread of breast cancer cells while some doctors believe that its use with some medication can actually help in the treatment of breast cancer cells completely.

Protects Against Neurodegeneration

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Palm oil can also help in keeping the nervous system very intact. In one of the studies, researchers have supplemented volunteers with cardiovascular risk factors with 200mg of tocotrienols or a placebo for a period of 2 years. The group that took the placebo experienced a slight increase in white matter lesions in their brain while those that took tocotrienols stayed essentially unchanged.

Some of the animal studies have shown that the tocotrienols in the palm oil were able to fight damage to the brain’s white matter after an induced stroke. More than 50% of the brains have been formed with white matter and this is the area most affected by stroke. This trials also need to establish themselves on humans too for effectiveness.

Some of the other benefits from Palm oil also include – a reduction of High Blood Pressure, combats Vitamin A deficiency, protects stomach ulcers, moisturizes and softens skin, conditions hair and fights hair loss as well.


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