7 Natural Foods to beat Indigestion

Digestion is one of the most important parts of one’s metabolism process. A healthy and proper digestive system is helpful for overall health and well-being of anyone. You must have felt that urgent need to stand up, walk and get relaxed while working in order to get some relief from indigestion. In the present time, over-reliance on fast food, less sleep, and more anxiety has made Indigestion a problem to worry for. Some of the healthy habits such as sticking to a proper diet plan, having good sleep and less eating outside can be some of the ways to improve indigestion but most likely than not, this will get cramped up and then we would require some more means for the proper digestive system.

In this case, it is often advisable to take foods which have digestive enzymes, helpful bacteria that improve digestion or some fibers which improve the rate of digestion in the stomach. Here are ten such foods which can help in improving digestion.


Image result for Papaya

Papaya is one of the best fruits yet highly underrated one when it comes to digestion. It contains an enzyme called papain which helps in breaking down and digestion of the proteins intake. It is important that the protein break up happens inside the body or else it can produce LDL cholesterol at some time as well. Apart from this property, Papaya is also a huge source of vitamins and Minerals important for our body. It can be consumed using various ways like with a little lime juice squeezed over it or as a topping for rice pudding. You can also use Papaya with other fruits to make a fruit salad.


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One of the few dairy products that Americans use more comfortably and this does make huge contributions to the functioning of the body and metabolism in particular. It is evident that Romans used fermented milk products to treat the diseases caused by the digestive tract. It contains the good Bacteria or probiotics which helps our digestive system a lot and these probiotics can break down the fat and protein and can improve the digestion and absorption of the nutrients. It can also improve the functioning of the immune system in order to build up digestion.


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It has long been proved that Banana is one handy fruit which has the power to make the digestion right. It is a fiber-rich food which also contains insulin and can and hence can promote the growth of the Probiotics in the body. It can also improve the production of mucus that can protect your stomach lining from gastric acid which can irritate and cause heartburn or an upset tummy.


Image result for Ginger

Ginger has those unique qualities that can improve intestinal movements which can help digestion. Sometimes indigestion can also be caused due to less sleep time which indirectly results in less time for metabolism. According to a research, a ginger before the meal can improve and trigger the emptying of the stomach thereby improving the digestion also.

Leafy Green Vegetables

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Green vegetables and particularly the leafy ones like Kale and Spinach have some powerful nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and folate. Not only these nutrients but also they contain insulin which helps promote the growth of probiotic bacteria. This, in turn, helps in the digestion process for everyone. So, these leafy green vegetables should be a must have with your foods.


Image result for Coconut

Don’t you feel it important that your stomach is taken care of properly? Then you must try out the coconut oil because it is completely stressing free. The saturated fats present in the coconut oil are mostly medium-chain Triglycerides which are processed more efficiently by your body and don’t strain your gallbladder. The coconut oil also contains Lauric Acid which helps in fighting harmful bacteria and keeps the gut healthy. Some of the Animal studies suggest that medium chain fatty acids found in the coconut oil actually promote the digestion of fat by enhancing enzyme activities associated with fat metabolism.


Image result for Turmeric

Having a good quantity of Turmeric not only helps in keeping the High Blood Pressure at bay but also triggers the production of bile by the gallbladder and which in turns increases the digestion as well. Some researchers have shown that turmeric has that unique capability to reduce gas and bloating and thus reduce the chances of indigestion. 

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