Green Leafy Vegetables - Solution For All Diseases

Imagine such faces when we are served with green leafy vegetables on our tables. Remember our groaning and moaning on how we made to eat by our moms. Well, Green leafy vegetables that we hate to eat could be an effective solution for curing various ailments that our body is going through these days. Given the recent lifestyle changes and coming of fast foods, our body has completely changed its course and given up on essentials required by it. Almost all the nutrients and components are completely missed by our body due to these developments. Well, the following table will surely enrich your knowledge about the riches these green leafy vegetables possess.


Enriched Components

Mustard Leaves

Vitamin C




Vitamin A

Pak Choi leaves




These leafy vegetables mentioned above are the powerhouse of energy which we need to keep our body’s momentum going on. We have forgotten our glorious past when these leafy vegetables used to be a part of our essential meals on our plates. Let us check out the benefits of these leafy vegetables –

Mustard Leaves for Vitamin C 

Mustard seeds are generally grown in the Winter months in all parts of the world. The energy containment of the Mustard seeds can be assessed by the fact that around 100 grams of it contains almost 60 mg of Vitamin C as per the Food Composition Tablet 2017. Vitamin C is a highly important micronutrient necessary for healing wounds and iron absorption. Also, Vitamin C is a main source of anti-oxidant. The requirement of Vitamin C for an adult ranges from 40 mg to 60 mg of it while Pregnant and Lactating women require around 60-80 mg of Vitamin C daily. So these statistics tell the tale of importance of Mustard Leaves as far as the consumption of it is concerned.

Spinach for Iron 

Spinach is one more leafy vegetable which a person must consume daily to keep themselves healthy and fit. Men require 17 mg of iron daily via foods while the women require around 21 mg per day. When it comes to the requirements of a pregnant woman, it even goes higher up to 35 mg per day. So, keeping these stats in mind, Spinach is a good option for this nutrition as 100 grams of spinach can produce up to 3 mg of Iron which is excellent when it comes to composition. Mildly boiled Spinach would give more nutrients to the consumer than a roughly boiled one. So, boil it mildly.

Drumstick for Vitamin A 

Vitamin A is one of the most important nutrients for the human body as it helps the body in growth, reproduce and immune to disease. It also helps the skin and mucous membranes repel bacteria and viruses more effectively as well as for a better vision. Drumsticks can be a healthy alternative for the same as 100 grams of Drumsticks can produce up to 6760 mg of Vitamin A essential to keep the body going. This leafy vegetable will promote tissue growth in the adults and pregnant women, protect the eyesight and reduce chances of night blindness and has a role in promoting hair growth. 

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