Apricot and Its Health Benefits

Apricot, resemble to peaches, is a beautiful yellow to orange color drupe or stone fruit which is 1.5 – 2.5 cm in diameter and often tinged in red color on the side which is exposed to sun. The flesh is usually firm and not very juicy with a taste range from sweet to tart. It is full of fibre and beta-carotene. Dried and canned apricots are available throughout the year and a fresh apricot contains plenty of Vitamin C found in North America from May through August. In winter apricots are imported from South America. Apricot is originally from China and arrived in Europe via Armenia that is why scientific name is Prunus Armenaica. In United States apricot are grown primarily in the sunny orchards of California.

Health Benefits of Apricot

Apricot is a good source of dietary fiber and rich in many plant antioxidants. It is useful in treating illness like constipation. Fiber stimulates the gastric and digestive juices that help to absorb the nutrients and break down the fatty acid and regulates the digestion. As apricot have moderate amount of calcium, phosphorous, manganese, Iron, and copper which are necessary for the bone growth. Therefore eating apricot ensures the growth and development of bones as well as helps in preventing age related conditions like Osteoporosis. The high amount of Vitamin C, potassium, and dietary fiber all contributed to good cardiovascular health. Potassium lower blood pressure by relaxing the tension of blood vessels and arteries while dietary fiber all scrape the excess cholesterol from the lining of the vessels and arteries thereby reducing the strain on the heart. As apricot has good amount of potassium and sodium which in turn helps to maintain the fluid level and the electrolytes balance in the body so eating apricot is helpful to get the enough energy and in proper distribution to the right muscles and organs.

Helps to get rid of Earache and Fever 

Apricot essential oil contains some antioxidant materials which helps a person to get rid of earache. So just put a few drops of oil into effected ear canal to get fast relief. Apricot juice is also beneficial in fever as it detoxifying various systems and organs. It contains anti-inflammatory substance which gives soothing effects and maintains the overall normal body temperature. It also helps to reduce inflammation in other parts of the body.

Helpful in Skin Disorder

Apricot oil is quickly absorbed by the skin pores and keeps the skin smooth and shiny. Due to the antioxidant compound found in the apricot, it helps to treat various skin diseases like Eczema, itching, scabies and related irritating conditions.

Helpful to Protect Eyesight from Age Related Damage

According to the research done apricots are rich in carotenoids and xanthophylls and helpful to protect eyesight from the age related damage. One of the nutrients (lutein) appears to be able to protect retina – which pick up the visual image from the environment – damage caused by the blue light. The seeds of the apricot help in the treatment of cancer Because of the antioxidant properties apricot seeds neutralize the effect of harmful compound or free radicals and thereby reducing the risk of cancer. Due to anti-asthmatic nature of apricot oil, helps to relieve pressure and stress on the lungs and respiratory system and prevents Asthmatic attack.

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