A Complete Guide To Mexican Cuisine For US Travelers

leisure  Guide To Mexican Cuisine For US Travelers


Mexican cuisine is one of the world's most popular and flavorful cuisines. This cuisine is evidence of Mexico's diverse culture. The colors and delicious aroma of the food itself will charm your tongues and stomach. It is known for its spices, and therefore it comes under the category of one of the spiciest cuisines in the world. 

This is not all, but you can find the imprints left behind by different countries on Mexican cuisine as well. The Spanish added their ingredients to Mexican recipes, such as olive oil, rice, garlic, cinnamon, etc. There was an influence of French cuisine as well on Mexican cuisine. 

Mexican cuisine is connected with a vibrant historical background. Mexican food doesn't only taste good, but it also looks good. Many bright colors like red, yellow, green, and orange are used while preparing the food. Mexican cuisine is not ordinary but unique, flavorful, colorful, and delightful. One more notable thing about Mexican cuisine is that it doesn't use any complex ingredients. But the ingredients used in Mexican cuisine are very ordinary and can be found in almost all parts of the world. Ingredients like tomatoes, chile, corn, coriander, and lime are primarily used to prepare Mexican cuisine. So, let us tell you in more detail what kind of foods you will get to taste in Mexican Cuisine. 



Breakfast is an important meal of the day, and breakfast is essential in Mexico. Therefore the options for breakfast in Mexico never run out. In the end, breakfast is something you cannot miss because it's the meal that keeps you energized for the whole day. A fresh and healthy breakfast in the morning can help you start your date on a good note and keep you happy the whole day. So, let us tell you what Mexican Cuisine offers for breakfast. 


Tetelas Oaxaca

This breakfast is your savior when you have less time to prepare your breakfast. This breakfast only takes 30 minutes to get prepared. This savory breakfast is fulfilling in every way, and guess what? If you have kids, this is the best breakfast to serve them because even kids love it because of its triangle shape. Tetelas Oaxaca is stuffed with refried black beans and then topped with crumbled cheese and salsa. But you are allowed to experiment with the toppings. 


Huevos Rancheros

It will be unjust if we keep talking about Mexican breakfast and forget to mention Huevos Rancheros. It's a very well-known and liked breakfast in Mexico. The breakfast recipe is quite simple to follow. But the taste may shock you with its fresh flavors. 

The ingredients are simple, and you can even find them in your fridge. Eggs, beans, tortillas, cheese, and fresh vegetables are used in preparing Huevos Rancheros. It is healthy yet easy to make breakfast and is rich in protein. Hence people who are conscious about their health can try this breakfast. Another great thing about this breakfast is that you can prepare it according to your needs and requirements. 



Tamales are a breakfast option when you do not want to eat something heavy for breakfast. Tamales are a type of breakfast that does not compromise on flavors. It is prepared from corn masa and steamed in a corn husk. They are typically served with cups of atole. Sometimes, tamales are served on a leaf. 



Chilaquiles are prepared using fried tortillas and salsa verde. This dish is spicy, but at the same time, it is so flavorful that one cannot resist tasting it, and that's why it is known as a popular breakfast in Mexico. 


Gordita de Harina

If you think Mexico only has spicy food, then Gordita de Harina is here to prove you wrong. This breakfast is sweet and can save you if you are tired of eating the spices and want to relish something sweet. The flavors of this dish are subject to creativity and may change. Therefore you can enjoy its different flavors. 



Hunger in the middle of the day should only be treated with a delicious meal that does not only fill your stomach but your heart too. Only then will you be able to feel motivated to complete your daily chores. Let us take a glance at Mexican cuisine for such mouth-watering foods. 



It is a dish for those who love to have good meat. This dish is a symbol of the feast; that is why it is mostly served at family reunions in Mexico. Several ingredients are used during the preparation of this dish, such as sausage, chorizo, ground meat, ham, bacon, lard, jalapeño pepper, and onion, and then it is seasoned with thyme, celery, cumin, oregano, bay leaf, black pepper, black sauces, salt, rosemary, a bit of dark beer, etc. 



Burrito is made up of a tortilla that is rolled and is filled with the ingredients that you can choose yourself. You can make it vegan or fill it with meat, which is more popular on the northern side of Mexico. It is a wholesome meal that is popular all across the globe because of the fulfilling ingredients used.


Cochinita Pibil

This dish is loved in the south of Mexico. The meat is marinated first and then used in the stew. The process taken to cook this dish is slow. And the dish is wrapped in the banana leaves after it's marinated in achiote, orange juice, onion, and vinegar. Marinated onions and habanero are served with this dish. And you will love this dish for sure once you taste it. 



Dinner is important because it's the meal you end your day with. Therefore, it becomes important to choose the right type of food for dinner. Dinner is also linked with good sleep, and you should dive into options when you are trying to make yourself something. Let us find the best dinner for ourselves from Mexican cuisine.



Tacos are one of the dishes that comes first to mind when you think of Mexican food or Mexico in general. It is not only popular in Mexico but also around the world as well. Tacos are yellow corn pancakes with meat stuffing and other ingredients such as chilies, red onions, and tomatoes. Beef or chicken, you can select the meat, or you can even turn the tacos vegan by using boiled potatoes marinated in spices. 



Those who love cheese will love this dish, and therefore it will be enjoyed by children because usually, children like cheese a lot. To keep quesadillas in the wrap, they are covered with another pancake and made on a grill with a lot of cheese and other ingredients. 



Let us end our journey to know Mexican cuisine with some yummy snacks. 



This is a dish that changes its name in different regions of Mexico. It looks like a disc, and it is made up of a thick disc of corn dough. And it is usually served with a topping made up of beans, meat, and cheese. 


Chile Relleno

It is a stuffed pepper dish. The peppers are stuffed with various ingredients such as diced meat, eggs, cinnamon, and nuts. Then the peppers are dipped in eggs and flour and put in the oil to get deep-fried. 



Elote is the name of a popular Mexican corn dish. It's way too easy to make and will be loved by children for sure. Mayonnaise and lime juice are coated upon the corn with chili powder, and then the corn is slathered with cotija cheese. It would be best to hold it by hand or the stalk while eating it hot. 



The right ingredients and spices are needed to make the right dish that suits your taste. And the taste you like only matters in the same way the rich type of facts and tips are needed when you are in a foreign country. The right type of fact and tip can help you learn a lot through your trip and gives you a wider opportunity to explore a certain culture and get intimate with the culture you wanted to search about. Therefore for all these types of mind-blowing facts and tips, visit Leisure.com. Here, you will get all your doubts cleared. 

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