Know These Important Facts About the Vegan Lifestyle

There was a time when the idea of a vegan Lifestyle was considered quite vague and impractical. Vegan Lifestyle basically includes eating food and products which are not made or related to animal products. It is quite different from the vegetarian diet. One can't even have dairy products because they are extracted from animals. It may sound quite difficult but interestingly it is now a way of living for many celebrities and the millennials. There are many successful vegan chefs and restaurants abroad. In fact, there is wider availability of these products in the market. Even advertisers are promoting the sale of soybean milk, almond milk, and much more. Even President Bill Clinton adopted a vegan lifestyle. All the celebrities and the people who are into a vegan Lifestyle claim it to be a healthier version of the life. They believe that their skin has started showing results and their body is now healthier. However, there are certain disadvantages too. Let's discuss the advantages and disadvantages /.of a vegan diet so that one can decide it better:

Advantages of Vegan:

A powerhouse of Nutrition-

One can get plenty of nutrients if they are on a vegan lifestyle. If you replace your non-vegetarian foods with the vegan ones you can start observing many positive changes in it. A non-vegetarian diet doesn't help in absorbing the required nutrients completely. Whereas a vegan diet helps to absorb the nutrients in a better way. In a vegan diet, one starts eating fruits and vegetables instead of animal foods. Fruits and vegetables have been the basis of our life since the beginning. In a vegan lifestyle, a person tends to eat more of the nuts and Beans. The common misconception about a vegan lifestyle is that people start losing out nutrients. However, this is not the case. In a vegan lifestyle, a person might have to take a substitute for vitamin B12 and protein but rest all the kinds of nutrients are provided in the food they intake. With a vegan Lifestyle, one can start the intake of protein powders, so that they get the essential nutrients. However, consult your doctor before intaking any kind of supplements.

Lowers the risk of blood sugar-

The normal Western diet that one takes is not helpful in lowering your blood sugar level. In fact, the lifestyle that we have been imparting in our day to day life has made the population suffer from type 2 Diabetes. The vegan lifestyle is the solution to the same issue. Diabetes can be cured with proper eating habits. According to studies it has been proven that people who are going vegan are suffering less from Diabetes. Also, this lifestyle has helped them to lower down their sugar levels. It can help lower down your sugar level up to 50- 78%. Also, your chances to gain back the same disease again also get decreased. The benefits can easily be seen in your body and your hormones. This usually happens because most of the refined sugar and dairy products are induced in our diet due to animal products. Hence, when we skip the animal products we automatically start consuming a healthy version of this food.

Helps in losing weight-

The biggest contributor to weight increasing is dairy products. When the people who are overweight stop eating animal products they start avoiding food which is higher in fats. Since they are avoiding dairy products and other fatty foods that are consumed from animals they start cutting on their high calories. Hence people who are on a vegan diet consume more plant-based food and eventually start losing weight. It is easier to lose at least 8 LBS or more than that in 18 weeks with a vegan diet. In fact, the people who opt for a vegan diet are on a healthy scale when it comes to weight. This is the reason why most of the celebrities use a vegan diet. It doesn't mean that you are eating a calorie deficit diet instead you are on a calorie-restricted diet. The people who eat fatty products like meat or lots of lactic products eventually start gaining weight. However, when you simply avoid these foods which are high on fat and less on nutrients your weight automatically starts coming to a Healthy scale. This also helps in increasing your physical fitness levels. Try involving some physical activity like yoga as there are some “Amazing Health Benefits of Yoga That Everyone Must Know

Disadvantages of Vegan:

Extreme change-

Going vegan can be a very drastic change for your body. It does not just cause hormonal imbalance but sometimes may even cause nutrition deficiency. However, there are few people that are allergic to certain ingredients like soy. But in the vegan diet soy is the most important source for your protein. Hence if you stop intake soy and animal products like egg or any such food due to vegan Lifestyle one may feel many changes in their body. Instead of going complete vegan at the same time try taking it slow. This extreme change can also interfere with your existing medical conditions. If a person is suffering from diabetes then going vegan without the consultation of your doctor or physician can be really tough. Before implementing a vegan diet plan try talking out to your dietitian. They might suggest a better option for a diet that will not interfere with your current medicines and condition.

Loss of essential Minerals and vitamins-

When a person changes their lifestyle to a vegan diet they tend to lose essential nutrients. Most of the products that vegans eat are fortified foods. They are majorly not rich in B12. Vitamin B12 is very important for our body and bones. The normal diet we take includes calcium and Vitamin D but when it comes to vegan they have to be very truly into the source of their nutrients. Hence, one must talk it out with their doctor so that they can be given supplements for the same. Also, a vegan diet sometimes makes you set unrealistic expectations. A person might believe that a vegan Lifestyle can give them a healthy approach to their life. But there has been no proven data in which one can be sure about being completely healthy in a vegan diet. A person can be equally healthy in the other diet forms with an active lifestyle. Hence for being healthy one has to make a proper balance of diet exercise and some dietary changes.


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