Snooze Better with These Sleep Inducing Foods

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In todays busy life, getting a good nights sleep has become a rarity. People of all ages be it an 18-year-old teen or 65 years old man, complain about not getting enough sleep leading to a stressful lifestyle. The remedies to get rid of sleepless are many but you will be surprised to know that most of them relate to the food that we eat. Yes, you heard it right. You can actually have a good nights sleep by adding or eliminating some foods into/from your lifestyle. What they are and how to deal with them has been covered in the content of this article. Lets learn about them in detail.

Sleep-Inducing Foods and the Right Time to Have Them

Here is a list of some foods that help you sleep better in the night. Have a look at them and include them in your diet.

Here we go!

Dairy Foods

Have you heard your mom saying that drinking a glass of warm milk at night help promoting sleep? Do you know why she says so? This is because of the sleep-promoting substance tryptophan which sends us off to dreamland effortlessly. Other dairy foods like seeds, bananas, honey, and eggs have the same ability to induce sleep if taken at the right time which is at least 1 hour before you go to the bed.

Snack before the bedtime

If you are suffering from Insomnia which is a condition of sleeplessness, then you might find this tip helpful. A little food in your stomach may be what your body is actually craving for. So, it is good to have a bowl of snack in the night if you find trouble in falling asleep. While doing so, make sure you take it in small portions. A heavy meal may disturb your digestive system and hence defeat the purpose.


Bowl of of honey

If you are in the middle of the night with your open and wondering how to go back to sleep, let honey play its role. You can go back to sleep in just a few minutes and its quite simple. All you need to do is put a teaspoon or two of honey in warm milk and have it while sitting in a relaxed position. The tiny bits of glucose will ask your brain to turn off orexin which is a neurotransmitter that has been linked to alertness. Less alertness means more calmness and more chances to get back to sleep.

Chamomile Tea

Herbal tea with fresh chamomile flowers

This is a tried and tested remedy for sleeplessness. Chamomile contains a flavonoid known as apigenin which helps in promoting sleep by binding to benzodiazepine receptors in your brain. So, if you are struggling to have a good nights sleep then get up and make a cup of chamomile tea by adding 23 teaspoons of dried chamomile in a cup of boiling water for around 1015 minutes.

Final Words

These are some of the sleep-inducing foods that will help you sleep better. While some of them will take only a few minutes in preparations, others may take some more time. But, all in all, all the aforementioned foods serve the same purpose of helping you sleep through the night. Hope this works for you.

Do let us know your thoughts on this. We would love to hear from you. 

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