Best and Effective Diet Plan for Weight Loss

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Gaining and losing weight depends primarily on individual discipline. Some people are genetically predisposed to weight gain while others may unconsciously lose control of their appetites. Either way, putting on extra pounds can affect nearly every aspect of overall health, fitness, and self-esteem. Shedding excess weight usually involves proper diet and exercise, yet the issue may be more complex than just losing a few pounds. Clinical research and extensive studies indicate that most people react differently to caloric intake, natural sugars, processed sugars, trans fats, saturated fats, and carbohydrates. Finding the right dietary plan and adhering to its guidelines is paramount to attaining optimum results. In search of the Effective Diet Plan for weight loss, we took down onto some exceptional diet regimes.

Effective Diet Plan for Weight Loss - The Atkins Diet Plan

This weight loss program has its pros and its cons. The beginning phase of the Atkins Diet involves a high protein, high fat intake, and low carbohydrate ingestion (20 grams per day). Carbohydrates, or "carbs," are a high source of caloric energy contained in flour, milk, white rice, white bread, different types of pasta, and other foods as well. The Atkins Diet stresses the consumption of high fat and protein-rich foods, such as meats i.e. pork, beef, and poultry, cheese, and eggs. By doing so, the body begins to metabolize already existing fat cells and uses them to produce burnable energy. The fat cells thus begin to shrink as the body sheds unwanted weight. The clinical name for this process is called "ketosis." According to the Atkins plan, the body will return to normal metabolic function over time. Vitamin supplements are highly recommended to take the place of the nutrients contained in fruits and vegetables.

Things to Eat under The Atkins Diet Plan

Also, in some cases, heavy exercise is recommended for the ketosis process to take effect. With this type of diet, certain health risks can occur. Carbohydrate consumption is a normal part of a balanced diet; without a steady intake of both carbohydrates and proteins, the body begins to adjust improperly, perhaps causing the initial stages of adult onset diabetes. Diets that are high in fat can produce high cholesterol levels (LDL) while also increasing the risk of heart disease. All in all, the Atkins Diet has been proven to be effective from a weight loss standpoint; however, many medical experts either dismiss the diet altogether for health reasons or suggest that more research needs to be done to reach an informed prognosis.

Effective Diet Plan for Weight Loss - Weight Watchers Diet Plan

The Weight Watchers program has been around for 45 years, and they take a different approach as to how the body actually processes food. Their formulas are based on and carried out through years of scientific research, which includes smarter eating habits and healthier eating in general. Weight Watchers also promotes a steady diet of exercise and continued support from their team of leaders. They also offer meal plans, workout plans, and members can share healthy recipes while attending scheduled Weight Watchers meetings. These meetings are designed to help both women and men lose weight without having to suffer, and the support comes from leaders and other members as well. For starters, leaders attempt to help members reach realistic goals, one of which entails the modest goal of losing 5 % of the total body weight.

Things to Eat under Weight Watchers Diet Plan

Members also have a chance to become educated on nutritional value and eating habits; the staff at Weight Watchers either provides the meals and meal plans, or members can buy their own food. A point system exists in the program by which caloric intake is monitored. The program offers a book that indicates how many points are contained in certain foods and beverages. A maximum number of points are allowed each day; staying within and keeping track of the point system has proven to be an effective formula for many dieters. There are no known side effects to the Weight Watchers diet plan. A common drawback comes in the form of restrictive eating habits, which means that a dramatic change in lifestyle may be the hardest plateau to surpass. In terms of results, a mixed bag of reviews indicates that this diet plan does work, yet it may not be for everyone.

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