Reviewing Adventures By Disney Cruises - Vacations, Cost, & Benefits

Author: Saumya Khanduja on Dec 28,2021

Adventures by Disney cruises is an end-to-end Disney travel option that reduces your frustration from planning the perfect family vacation. It is a turn-key tour guide company by Disney itself that serves various travel destinations across the globe. 


Adventures by Disney cruises are known for their reputable, carefully curated trips across Asia, Africa, Central America and South America, Europe, North America, Iceland, Australia, and New Zealand. 


In addition to their land-based travel options, Adventures by Disney cruises also host various river cruises across several rivers like Rhine, Danube, and Seine. They also host eccentric expedition cruises to the Galapagos Islands, Antarctica, and Patagonia. 


Adventures by Disney operate all-round the year, with various seasonal trips to different locations. For example, their tours to the Canadian Rockies run through June-September, while their tours to Egypt, Costa Rica, and Italy run all-around the year. Some of their Asian trips, including Japan, are offered from mid-April through October. 


Adventures by Disney cruises was founded first in 2005, part of their Disney signature experience. What started slowly grew into a trusted domestic adventure providing company, further increasing across six continents. Their river cruising options are relatively new, beginning in 2016.




Adventures by Disney cruises offer an authentic experience to their travelers, tailored according to their age groups. 


Family adventures are loaded with activities for children and adults alike, like the rickshaw tours in Kyoto, Japan, or horseback riding in Big Sky Montana, which is also one of their best excursions as a part of their Montana experience. 


You can have all the fun you can while traveling to different locations with Adventures by Disney. Still, there will always be other educational elements as well. As a traveler, you will get a nuanced understanding and sense of the location you are visiting. One day you will be traveling; the next, you will be learning how to make chocolates in Costa Rican rainforests. And the very next day, you might find yourself in the middle of South Africa on a three-day safari tour. 


Who can go on Adventures by Disney cruises?


Vacations by Adventures are for travelers looking forward to spending a hassle-free time in luxurious hotels, indulging in some exciting excursions, and munching on some delicious snacks and feasts. 


Even though their target demographic is families, various trip options are reserved only for adults aged 18 and above. These trips are specifically designed for adults, giving you exceptional itineraries to take you on an adventurous pub crawl in Budapest to truffle hunting in Provence. However, these trips can be a bit expensive, so if you are a traveler with a lower budget, you might have a hard time finding one for yourself. 


How much will it cost you?



Adventures by Disney cruises are not cheap. Their prices start at approximately $3,800 per person for Adventures by Disney cruises, Disneyland resort, and Southern California vacation. The family vacation includes six days, with 14 different sites to explore and 11 meals. 


A mid-range Germany trip starts at around $5,800, spans nine days, with 25 sites to explore and 19 meals. Their top trips option includes a trip to Japan, which starts roughly around $10,000 which spans ten days, including 26 sites to explore and 19 meals. 


For people looking for budgeted options, Adventures by Disney cruises offers Escapes that span 2-5 days long, starting approximately from $2,000 for four days. In addition to this, there are also Private Adventure options starting around $3,800 per person for seven days in Costa Rica and approximately $9,100 for nine days of fun in South Africa. These Private Adventures allow you to travel with your friends and families in smaller groups with a maximum of 12 people in a group. 


Trip Inclusions 


Adventures by Disney cruises offer all-inclusive vacation packages. This means that your food, accommodations, transportation, excursions, tours with local experts, and entertainment are all taken care of during your vacation. 


Usually, an average trip offers you 15-20 meals to enjoy, hosted by Adventures by Disney. In addition to this, your Adventure guides will accompany you throughout your journey. 


The prime thing that is not included in your fare would be tips and gratuities for Adventure guides and alcoholic beverages apart from those provided to you in organized tastings. It also excludes meals, activities, and transportation outside of your planned itinerary. 




Airfare is also not included in Adventures by Disney. However, you can purchase your air tickets from Adventures by Disney too and from your local airport. But this is only valid for flights to and from the United States. 


Barring this, there are a few Adventures that do offer you airfare as well. For example, their trips to Australia and South Africa offer airfare and flights in their itinerary. 


Hotels and lodging 


Accommodation options from Adventures by Disney cruises are usually pretty luxurious. They are selected for their quality, service, and their cleanliness. There are various hotel options like a rich, seaside hotel in Santorini or a historic countryside hotel in Scotland. Other luxurious options include Belmond La Residence Phou Vao in Laos or the Gran Meliá Rome Hotel in Italy. 


Hotels can vary depending on the theme and the location, like the wonderful Under Canvas Yellowstone, which only has two stars and is still very posh. You get to stay in two or three different hotels during your entire vacation by Adventures by Disney. Usually, everyone stays in the same hotel and the same class of hotel. 


The best perk here is that you will not have to worry about your luggage. The Adventures team will make appropriate arrangements for you to move your things from one place to another. 


Number of people on a tour 


The average size of a group on tour for land trips is roughly 35-45 people. While on the trip, people usually start as strangers, but they develop a further bond and friendships considering the small number of people. At the same time, you travel together, dine together and experience adventurous excursions together. Some of these bonds usually last a lifetime. 


Latest in Adventures by Disney Cruises 



For the upcoming trips and adventures in 2022, Adventures by Disney has introduced a Private Adventure tour option designed for 1-12 guests. These options are fantastic, considering you do not have to share the ship with other strangers. You can travel with your trusted group of friends and family, especially in the difficult times of pandemic. Added to this, if you are traveling with your friends and family, you might as well be offered some relaxation and flexibility in terms of your vacation dates. 


The price difference, however, will vary. For example, the starting price for the private England trip per person would be roughly $6,500, unlike $5,999 on other trips. The Costa Rica vacation would cost you $3,800 approximately unlike $3,749 for the other trip. 


While these private options offer you something unique, they really do not have a lot to offer in terms of price. Private Adventures for 2021 and 2022 are planned for the following locations: Australia, England, France, Egypt, Costa Rica, Greece, Ireland, Peru, South Africa, Vietnam, Italy, New Zealand, Laos, and Cambodia. 


What sets Adventures by Disney apart from other guided travel options?


If you have ever set sail on a Disney cruise or been to a Disney park or resort, you would be familiar with the level of customer service, which is extremely friendly and thoughtful. Their brand is synonymous with the magic they sprinkle into everything. 


Guides directing your vacation on Adventures by Disney cruises are cast perfectly to reflect the famous Disney spirit, elevating your overall vacation experience. Unlike other guide travel options, Adventures offers you a full-fledged luxuriously five-star experience from start to end. 


Will you have the right amount of freedom? 


Yes, Disney does offer you the right amount of freedom to enjoy your vacation at your own pace. Once or twice a day, you can take a break to spend time alone without any social interactions and family time. If you want just to sit back and relax, you can even skip an excursion and sip on some vacation mimosas. The only catch here is that when a group travels to another destination, you will be required to be on the boat or on the bus to go along. 


So, is it all worth it?


Disney offers terrific customer service and runs exceptionally efficient and fun vacations where guests feel precious. In addition to this, Disney also arranges exclusive excursions and experiences like a Vatican City private tour, which makes you genuinely feel like a VIP. Disney offers mostly all-inclusive tours, which add a lot of value to your vacation. 


Perhaps, the best of it all is that Adventures by Disney cruises takes your worry away, the anxiety and frustration you feel when trying to plan a trip for your loved ones. You can be in the moment and experience everything, taking it all in with every breath you take. 


Adventures by Disney - Pros & Cons




1. You will enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience with Adventures by Disney cruises’ offerings.

2. High-end, luxurious vacations, treating you like a VIP

3. Great itineraries and all-inclusive vacations can include weekend getaways, land trips, river cruising, and everything else on your bucket list. 

4. Private, after-hours premium and exclusive tours to different destinations

5. The best Adventure guides in the industry

6. Age-appropriate adventures for you and your entire family 

7. You get a unique Disney pin - a Disney collectible, which you get at the end of an Adventures by Disney cruises vacation. Cherish that memory for a lifetime. 



1. You will not find your favorite Disney characters like Mickey & Minnie on these vacations.

2. You will not get much time for solo exploration since someone will always control a significant part of your itinerary.

3. Jam-packed vacation with loads of activities, giving you less opportunity to enjoy a laid-back, relaxing vacation.

4. Usually, vacations are during summers, when children are free from their schools. You will have to travel in hot summer to crowded destinations. 

5. Expensive vacation itineraries


Best year-round Adventures by Disney cruises trips


- Disneyland Resort and Southern California Escape - 4 Days, 6 Meals, and 9 Sites - $2,809

- Italy - 8 Days, 15 Meals, 31 Sites - $6,199

- Japan - 10 Days, 19 Meals, 25 Sites - $10,299

- Germany - 9 Days, 16 Meals, 25 Sites - $5,899

- Montana - 7 Days, 16 Meals, 15 Sites - $4,899

- South Africa - 10 Days, 23 Meals, 18 Sites - $8,999


Final Words

Whether you are looking to spend some extra time with your loved ones in destinations you have never seen before or looking for a quick getaway that offers you the best value for your money, Adventures by Disney cruises offers you the best vacation you could ever have. 



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