How To Choose The Best Disney Vacation Cruise Packages

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Mar 16,2021

Are you ready to sail with some Disney Magic? We are here with the list of best tips on how to plan and choose the best Disney vacation cruise packages for you.

Cruising is a dream of every adventure-lover who has a craving for the thrill of sailing on the high sea. Moving from one place to another without the hassle of unpacking and repacking your luggage is a fascinating fact about cruising. You must make a note of this point too to have a mesmerizing Disney Vacation.


Proceed further, and read the top 12 ways to choose the Best Disney Vacation Cruise Packages.


1. Consider your On-board and Onshore Preferences



What do you want on your cruise? Choose the Disney vacation cruise package according to your Onboard and Onshore Preferences. Whether you want a floating hotel or the on-board offerings, or maybe the combination of both, you must decide beforehand to experience the best Disney vacation.


2. Choose your Home Port 



Choosing the best suited Home Port can make a great difference to the price and convenience of your Disney Vacation Cruise Package. If you prefer to drive, it will surely be contributing to the costing of your entire vacation budget.  


Some domestic home ports are : 

• Honolulu, Hawaii

• Miami, Florida

• New Orleans, Louisiana 

• Vancouver, Canada

• Port Canaveral, Florida

You can even consider adding a Disney theme visit to the park on your trip. Port Canaveral, Florida is just an hour's journey from Walt Disney World, so, you can easily opt for this in your Disney Vacation Cruise Package to experience the "most magical" place on the earth.


3. Consider Disney's Themed Days at the Sea



You should consider themed days at Sea before choosing any Disney vacation cruise package. Some sample themed days include:

• Marvel Day at Sea

• Star Wars Day at Sea

• Halloween on the High Sea

• Very Merrytime: the Bahamas and Western Caribbean cruise

This way, you will be aware of the popular cruise spots and include them for a joyful vacation.


4. Book Disney Deals



You can take the advantage of saving on Cruises by booking the Disney Vacation Cruise Package. Let me make you aware of the benefit. Suppose you have to book Disney Cruises Line 2022 sailings, and you opt for leisure today, you will save a hefty amount of onboard credit by booking the sailing in 2021.


5. Utilize the Kid's Clubs



Disney's onboard kid's club is quoted to be "game-changers". These themed spaces are staffed with a professional crew whose prior duty is to keep little kids happy and engaged. The kid's club is awesome across the entire fleet and so there is no wrong to utilize them in your Disney Vacation Cruise Package.


6. Get Castaway Cay



Make sure you picture out Castaway Cay on a proper scale. I will suggest you include Castaway Cay in your Disney Vacation Cruise Package because it includes: a pristine, white sand beach just steps away from the ship's deck with many chairs and umbrellas. Also, in Castaway Cay servers are ready to fetch you a cool tropical drink, life jackets (for kids), and a full lunch facility. Suppose you need any of these services, they will be available for you at just arm's reach.


7. Check Out the Port Adventures



Once you have picked an itinerary don't stop. Analyze whether you want to relax on the beach or swim with stingrays or trek across a glacier or go zip-lining or even have a beer party. If your answer is a Yes, make sure you review and select Port Adventures. You should be aware that Port Adventures sell out immediately, so book it right away in your Disney Vacation Cruise Package to avoid disappointment later.


8. Take a note of the Cruise Length



Before choosing the Disney vacation cruise package, take into consideration how many at-sea days versus in-port days a particular cruise sailing offers. I would recommend choosing the longest itinerary that exactly fits your budget and schedule. Some of the Disney Cruises line 2021 itineraries are as follows :


• New York City, New York to Bermuda / Canada

• San Diego, California to Baja, Mexico, the Mexican Riviera. 

• Vancouver, Canada to Alaska

For exploring a new and exotic vacation destination, you must take note of this point so that you choose the best Disney vacation cruise package.


9. Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream Ships



Disney Cruises Line ships include the two most amazing ships – Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream Ships. You should think about the Wonder and Magic effects offered by these two ships. Adding these two ships to your Disney Vacation Cruise Package will double the enjoyment. You can find Magical Portholes and storytelling vessels in Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream Ship. Here, you will be offered miniature golf, Goofy's Sports Deck, and other play opportunities. So, to have non-stop entertainment and Disney Themed Fantasy you must add this to your Disney Vacation Cruise Package.


10. Ideal Cruise Dates 



When is your ideal time to have a vacation cruise? Do you prefer to travel over the summer, when the kids are out of school? Or you want to escape the cold winter with the Disney cruise? Do you have a specific time of the year when you can take time off from your daily routine and go on a vacation cruise? Did you always dream about celebrating Christmas or Halloween on the high seas? Are you interested in immersing yourself in a Star Wars- or Marvel-themed cruise? 

Keep these questions in mind and only then choose the Disney vacation cruise package. 


11. Transportation 



If you are one with a desire to float on a cruise ship and immerse in the entertainment without any trouble, you need to find out where the transportation services provided by the Disney vacation cruise are located (drop off and pick up). Begin and end your day there. Check the maps before booking the Disney vacation cruise package so that you have a proper idea of where trams, buses, and boats that pick up are. This way you will save the previous time of your enjoyable vacation.


12. Cost-effective Disney Vacation Cruise Package



You should add on this point so that you get the affordable Disney vacation Cruise packages. The least expensive time to take a Disney cruise is in mid of January to early February or even early May. These months have lower-than-average prices. Later in the year, September, and early November are also good options. 




Disney Vacation Cruising is not just a traveling experience, it is a whole package of fun and entertainment, events, and activities as well as games and shows to catch up with. Hence, these steps must be taken note of to choose the best Disney vacation cruise package to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty.


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